2 thoughts on “[pics-2] JKS departs to Berlin_ 20120923”

  1. Thanks! Everyone looks so serious. I have to say there was a lot of excitement on figuring out the puzzle of his travel arrangements and having one of our own in Germany to greet him when he arrived in Berlin. Although I wasn’t actively following as events occurred the energy created was very intense and so happy one of our own was there. I was telling my mom about how the flights progressed and she was concerned asking me if it was like stalking (I told her no because no one was actually following him or causing harm) and she was also concerned about his family life and privacy. I told her that We as loyal Eels would never violate his private life and that the only ones that do are those crazy fans (saeunsung?) that don’t understand boundaries. 🙂 So happy I am with a group of Eels that know where the line is drawn and only greet him in public and let him be in his private time.

  2. Andrea, I agree. ECI eels are super respectful and always know to stay within the limits. We would never infringe on his private/personal affairs.
    In this case – his trip to Berlin – his staff gave out enough clues for the ECI detectives to fill in the blanks. Although he was tired after his long trip, Sukkie looked very happy (and super surprised) to have had such a warm welcoming by so many eels (more than even we expected!).

    I think that both sides (Sukkie and eels) are very happy with this successful mission! ^__^


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