[23.09.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

Gogogogo~~~~^^ Berlin~~~~^^

I’m leaving.

The place where I am now… kk I haven’t departed yet. The departure time is xx:35, but it almost 1 hour of delay.. I’m hungry T_T I want to eat Lotteria shrimp burger~
나의 현재위치…ㅋㅋ 아직 출발 못하고 이러고 있다. 35분 출발인데…거의 1시간 뒤에 출발하는구만.. 배고퐈ㅠㅠ 롯데리아 새우버거 먹고싶돠~

24:10 (00:10 Sep.24 in Korean local time)
The place where I am now… Moscow~~ From here 2 more hours to go T_T
지금 나의현재위치…모스크바~~ 여기서 비행기로 2시간 더가야된다ㅠㅠ

29:20 (05:20 Sep.24 in Korean local time)
Nice to meet you! German Eels!!!! Really surprised!
반가워요! 독일 장어들!!!! 정말 깜짝!

29:30 (05:30 Sep.24 in Korean local time)
Finally… arrived… It was a very tough flight -_-;
드디어… 왔다… 넘 힘든 비행이었음 -_-;

tenshi_akuma’s note: When I heard the news that Sukkie is going to Berlin for shooting next year’s calendar this weekend at Nagoya CRI SHOW2, I really wanted to share this with our eels in Europe and help them to welcome our Prince. Not only German but other countries’ eels such as Czech and Turkish eels started to prepare for Berlin trip to welcome him. Germany is a big country. Even Berlin is big enough. Plus, there are some international airports in Berlin. So we, international eels, cooperated tightly to realize their dream to meet our adorable Prince in person. We had only the information “this weekend”. Weekend means Saturday or Sunday. On Saturday, after seeing his tweet, we thought he was going to airport. But he didn’t. He enjoyed camping with friends. Saturday was over, then Sunday… There is no direct flight from Seoul to Berlin. So it’s very hard to find out his flight. But MJ’s tweets gave us clues! We presumed from his small hints. I felt as if I were a detective! I really hoped MJ’s clues are reliable. And after reading his tweet that he arrived in Moscow, I got relieved! Yay, I ascertained his flight. It means I ascertained his arriving airport! MJ, you’re awesome!!!! Eels were waiting for him from Friday in Berlin. If they had beeen waiting at the wrong airport, they couldn’t have met him! So I was so happy to assure them my info was right. Below is a quote of my guessing twitter. Finally, We really appreciate MJ, our adorable WATERMELON MAN!

According to MJ tweets, they seemed to fly to Berlin via Moscow. They’ll arrive in Berlin at 21:15 (4:15 in Korean local time) at Schoenefeld airport. Below is my personal research from flight schedule. Of course, not confirmed.

I checked the flight schedule with some clues.
1) scheduled departs time xx:35
2) delayed 1 hour to depart
3) no available flights arrives at 19:55 in Berlin from Incheon (via Luxembourg and Riga)….
* I still don’t know the number “19 55” on MJ’s ticket means…

We believe MJ didn’t trap us… it’s all based on MJ’s tweet!!! *praying
My research is all for eels waiting for him in Berlin. I really hope they can welcome Prince at the airport!!

13 thoughts on “[23.09.2012] Tree-J staff twitter”

  1. tenshi you’re really something…what would eels do without you? im just praying that he’ll visit my country too…big thanks to you ! ! !

  2. MJ is in trouble!!! when boss not tweeting, reading MJ tweet is like reading boss tweets.. so now we know who is leaking insider information to eels!!;) i love you MJ!!

  3. Salute to our detective Kaori chan who started this for our eel sisters in Europe.. really happy to see them with Sukkie.. remind me of Hazy’s experience in Taipei airport.. as though we were with them ^_^

  4. Words can’t describe enough how much we, eels, appreciate your great detective work!!! International eels are so lucky to have you Kaori-Chan!!!!

    My head bows to you for being so loyal, dedicated, caring and loving eel.
    Thanks a million again and again!!!

  5. Awesome job! I want to believe the MJ wouldn’t have been tweeting this information without knowledge from JKS and others. It is my minor theory that the reason MJ tweeted instead of our Prince was because if there were to be fans it would be only the most loyal and respectful of fans (proven by the Eels that greeted him in Berlin) instead of fly-by-night fans that only follow the big star. Sukkie’s staff happen to be some of the most loyal and dedicated people who always have his best interest at heart and always look out for his safety. I believe that there is nothing they would do to actively harm our Prince.

    Thanks Tenshi and crew for all your hard work on tracing his movements thru Europe (I just realized that Russia is one of those countries that is part of 2 continents!).

  6. Wonderful and amazing detective kid done for us Sis Tenshi .We were very excited watching all updated comments last night without a second of sleep to update to Berlin Eels .Ohh MJ is there any person behind you ?? Pls make more tweet next time and we will sure catch you in corner so that prince cannt run away .Thank you very much sis Tenshi again here in this blog.

  7. You are awesome.Sorry yeah couldn’t go.
    You know there is October Fest going on till 7th Oct at Munich. I am sure He will be there for BEER Festival!So keep ears and eyes open for that!
    Well if they want or he wants somebody to welcome him and show how famous he is.They should let everyone knows. Why so secretive!! I wondered. He sure would be on cloud 9 if he saw lots of EEls welcome him there.

  8. WOW!!! You’re such a great detective Tenshi_Akuma. I’m so amazed how you did it. I’m very happy for the Eels who got a chance to meet JKS, and that’s because of your detective skills. ZIKZIN, EELS !!! ^_^

  9. Dear Tenshi, I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts!! From tweeting to researching to updating, translating, double-checking, etc…
    You spared no efforts nor resources to make sure you had the right info on time for the German eels!! You are one awesome woman and an amazing eel!! Truly, thank you!!

    German eels, great job!! You have made our week!! Thank you very much!!

    I have to also send a shout out to MJ for his tweets!!! Without his clues, we might have not had a successful mission. Attaboy!!!! Keep those tweets coming!!

    Nothing happens at Tree-J without Sukkie knowing so I’m sure MJ is in charge of relaying the info Sukkie wants leaked to us.
    If Sukkie is trying to play hard-to-get, he should know that the ECI eels have taken the challenge full on!!! lol!! Mission Impossible? I don’t think so!! lol!!!


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