[21.09.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

Credit Jang Keun Suk weibo/sukbar weibo

JKS: Chinese eels, thank you very much… cri…chozer chozer… Bazaar Bazaar
【120921张根硕微博翻译】中国的鳗鱼们非常感谢~~cri~~chozer chozer~~~芭莎芭莎(翻译:土土)PS:你又偷别人的图
@张根硕 : 중국장어들 레알 땡큐~~크리~~ 쵸져쵸져~~~ 바자바자


BTS: Jang Keun Suk must get this picture from a Chinese eel’s weibo, she is the one who lives in Korea and helps lots of Chinese to order Jang Keun Suk related merchandises in Korea. Many Chinese eels ordered Korea Bazaar Oct Issue from her, you can see there are a lot. According to her, so far all the copies have been ordered and she still waiting from the bookstore if there are more to come out.

Here is a picture from his weibo, she said it is really a hard work for her, since the magazine is so thick and heavy, she has to moved all these to her apartment and pack them, deliver them.

Credit: 高小蘑’s weibo


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  1. wow I admire her effort for doing that kind of stuff to our prince wish that someday I could do something beneficial to our prince also to show him how thankful I am for having him as inspiration in my life


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