[20.09.2012] Tree-J staff & dancer twitter

Twitter updated again. The followers of Prince’s twitter reaches almost 500,000… I wish a successful performance today, too.
트위터 또 업뎃, 프린스 트위터 곧 50만,,, 오늘도 무사 공연
tenshi_akuma’s note: His followers now is over 500,000!

Before leaving for the venue, I heard people cheering “Keun-chan” here and there. Some waved their hands to even the roof of car carrying Keun-chan. Other passersby stopped and watched him go… At that moment, people around Nagoya station saw off Keun-chan’s car… Thank you…
공연장 출발전, 여기저기 근짱 소리에 나오니, 근짱이 탄 차의 꼭대기만 보고도 손을 흔들고, 길가다 멈춰서 쳐다보는 사람들… 순간 나고야역 일대, 사람들 모두 근짱차 배웅… 고맙습니다…

Prince has lost his voice… He seems to have lost half of his shoulder in a day T_T But he’s doing well… T_T Eels, please give him lots of cheering and support today as well!!!
목소리 안나온다는 프린스… 하루사이에 어깨가 반으로 줄어버린듯 ㅠ 그래도 잘하고 있어요… ㅠ 오늘도 장어분들 많은 환호 부탁해요!!!

Music Dad – Director Choi as Show Dad – Manager Lee are anxiously watching him. Prince always tries his best! Eels will give a lot of power to him today as well! You can do it~!!!
음악 아빠-최감독님 공연 아빠-이실장님 걱정스런 눈빛, 언제나 최선을 다하는 프린스! 오늘도 많은 기를 장어들이 줄거에요! 힘내요~!!!

Even he gets tired, he doesn’t say so. Even he is in trouble, he doesn’t say so. ㅡ He just does his best. It brought tears to my eyes. ㅡ
지쳤어도 지쳤다,하지 않는다 힘들어도 힘들다,하지 않는다 ㅡ 그저 열심히 한다 눈물이 나왔다 ㅡ

Eels in the venue today! Please sing the hook lines you know together! Something like “My precious~”, “Tomorrow Tomorrow” and “Bye Bye Bye”! ㅡ And also “The melody we made together”, thank you! ㅡ We need eels’ power!!
오늘 가이시 홀의 우나기! 아는 노래의 사비는 함께 해요! “My precious~” 라든가 “Tomarrow Tomarrow” 라든가 “Bye Bye Bye” 같은 것들! ㅡ 함께 만든 멜로디도 잘 부탁드립니다! ㅡ 장어의 힘이 필요해!!

Beautiful sky
하늘이쁘다 キレイな空
tenshi_akuma’s note: The sky I looked up at on this day is also like this, cirrocumulus.

Today is the second day of Nagoya. We want to hear louder eels’ voice than yesterday! The show will start soon~
오늘은 나고야 두번째날, 어제보다 더 크게 장어분들의 목소리가 듣고싶다! 공연 곧 시작~

CRI SHOW2 starts in 5 minutes!! Have fun running~~~!!!
크리쇼 5분전!! 신나게 달리자~~~!!!

Prince’s face is a bit swollen… his condition isn’t good, so I felt sorry to ask him to take a photo, but he accepted it for the prior photo of the show. I pray for the successful performance today today as well. Eels, pray together and sing loudly…
프린스 얼굴이 좀 부었다… 컨디션이 안좋아서, 사진 들이대기가 미안했는데, 그래도 시작전에 사진이라고 찍어준다. 오늘도 무사히 잘 공연할 수 있도록 기도. 장어분들도 함께 기도하고 소리지르자…

From opening video, everyone is calling “Keun-chan, Keun-chan!”
오프닝 영상부터 다들 근짱근짱!

He’s running as if nothing happened! T_T 
아무일이 없던듯 달린다! ㅠㅠ

Especially today, “Let me cry” gets to my heart more. T_T T_T
오늘따라 렛미크라이가 더 울리네 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Until morning/ afternoon, he lost his voice. The staff were worried and had a meeting. But he said, “I have eels. I’ll try as much as possible.” T_T
아침/ 점심까지 목소리가 안나왔다. 스텝들이 회의하고 걱정했다. 그러나, 내게 장어들이 있다. 갈때까지 해보겠다 라고 ㅠㅠ

Smiling even from a height, meeting eels’ eyes and giving flying kisses. Cool Prince.
높은곳에서도 웃어주고, 눈마주쳐주고, 나게키스하고, 멋쟁이프린스

It seems that eels already memorize the order. They know in advance where they can see Suk in black. They are standing forward the direction and cheering.
이제 장어들도 순서를 다 외우나보다. 블랙석이 어디서 나오는지 미리 딱 알고, 그 쪽을 향해 서서 환호

When Prince winks, everyone collapse. kk
왕자가 윙크하니, 다들 넘어갑니다 ㅋㅋ

His singing is getting better these days. Listening to “Abracadabra”, I feel there’s magic.
요즘 점점 좋아지는 노래, 아브라카다브라, 뭔가 마법에 걸리는거 같아

Prince is taking care of all eels even in the top standing seats. T_T Like “Eels in standing seats are OK?” T_T
맨꼭대기 스탠딩석까지 챙기는 프린스 ㅠㅠ 스탠딩석 괜찮냐고 ㅠㅠ

I will fly~ In my dream~ T_T Singing together. T_T
아윌플라이 인마이드림 ㅠ 같이 노래한다 ㅠ

“Tomorrow” Clapping in rhythm to Keun-chan’s clapping
투마로우 근짱 손모양과 같이 박수

Today flower-patterned suits (>_<)
오늘 꽃수트(>_<) 20:52 @minzzangde
Encore~ Pa~PaPa~PaPa
앵콜~ 빠빠빠빠빠

Today Drummer is more funny. kk I’m happy Prince enjoys the encore.
오늘 드럼 더 재밌네 ㅋㅋ 프린스가 앵콜을 즐겨서 좋아

Band team performs their encore version a bit differently like him @.@ Very fun.
밴드팀들도 프린스닮아서 조금씩 앵콜버젼을 다르게 @.@ 완젼 신나

Every time he shows the best, but today’s encore was genuine T_T Prince bites eel’s doll T_T Eels in Nagoya were the best! Being impressed, he lengthen the encore and walked around the stage after singing. T_T If you magnify the photo, you’ll see a eel by his neck.
매번 최고를 보여주지만, 오늘의 앵콜은 진짜 ㅠㅠ 장어를 품은 남자 ㅠㅠ 나고야 장어들 최고! 그 감동을 받아, 앵콜을 더욱 길게길게 노래 끝나고 무대를 돌아다녔답니다 ㅠ 사진을 크게하면 목에 장어가 보일거에요

120920 NAGOYA ㅡ The opening video started at 6:35. The ending video finished at 9:16. ㅡ 2 hours and 41 minutes. I was moved to tears. *jerk jerk
120920 NAGOYA ㅡ 오프닝 영상 시작 6:35 엔딩 스크롤 끝 9:16 ㅡ 2시간 41분 감동의 눈물만 주룩주룩

Today’s show in Nagoya, eels’ cheering gave Prince a big power… Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Finished~~~!!! Wooooh~~~!!!
끝났다~~~!!! 쪼오오오~~~!!!

Eels’ power is superb! ㅡ I’ve been worried that he was sick, but GAISHI hall was 100% charged by eels’ power! A big chorus of “Tomorrow”. I was touched till the end. I can’t stop crying…
우나기 파워 최고! ㅡ 근짱 몸이 아파서 내내 걱정했는데 가이시홀 장어파워로 충전 100%! 투마로우 대합창 마지막까지 감동 눈물이 안 멈춰…

Thank you for all Nagoya. It was really hot T_T Being impressed by eels and Prince, I cried and cried T_T I can’t forget Nagoya T_T
정말 뜨거웠던 나고야 감사합니다 ㅠ 장어분들에게 감동받고, 프린스에게 감동받아 눈물이 너무 났다 ㅠㅠ 잊을수없다. 나고야 ㅠㅠ

The eel Keun-chan bit today!
오늘 근짱이 품은 장어!

And, clapping hands x3…. It’s my applause for your support…. Today’s star is eels!!
そして,パチパチパチ…. 私の応援の拍手です….今回の主人公はうなぎたち!!

Every time he shows drop into a 90-degree bend from the waist, and thanks to the staff… When Prince asks eels to salute the staff, eels do so forward the staff. T_T I can’t thank you eels enough T_T
매번 90도 인사, 매번 스텝에게 감사 인사,,, 스텝에게 인사라고 프린스가 말하면 장어분들이 스텝들을 보면서 인사도 해준다 ㅠ 정말 장어분들에게 감사감사 ㅠㅜ

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  1. nagoya eels are great…i salute you all ! ! ! and you’re the greatest my PRINCE…eels only exist because of you and only for you…thanks again and again for sharing

  2. Heartache when i see those pics after the show and during rehearsal, last night I watched ur Arena Tour 2011 in Japan, you always tried ur best even you are very tired. Love you more Prince. Everytime I see you on drip, it is breaking my heart. So please stay healthy OK ^^.
    P.S Does our Prince afraid of needle?(I.V injection)… I read abt this on one site but i can’t recall it ????


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