8 thoughts on “[Pics] CRI SHOW2 in Osaka & Nagoya”

  1. black suit with flower prints? the prince looks good on it,nice! is that one of his latest costumes? did he wear the all whites attires in the concert again? If you have it please post. Full body please, thanks dear tenshi.

    • It’s latest, but he wore it only on the opening day of Osaka and the second day of Nagoya. He continues to wear white one. All photos shared by the media were already posted on the blog.

      • Wow! Thanks a lot Qqeyes007! I just checked it. WQow the photographer’s did a good job. Perfect shots. Prince Jang was soo gorgeous in that white clothes. A myhtical god indeed. Thank you thank you Qqeyes007! God bless you and good night!

      • Thanks so much, QQeyes, for the link~! I could feel Sukkie’s charisma through those beautiful photos. In that white outfit, he looks so handsome and beautiful like Adonis, the god of beauty and desire in Greek mythology LOL~!

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