[pics] TopStarNews Feactures JKS in Korea Bazaar October Issue

Credit: TopStarNews
Source article: http://topstarnews.net/n_news/news/view.html?no=15212#.UFnBy7KPXSl

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13 thoughts on “[pics] TopStarNews Feactures JKS in Korea Bazaar October Issue”

  1. Another thing that makes those photos amazing (besides our handsome prince) is I love those dark clouds. That first photo is just magnificent when you really look at it the dark clouds seem to be framing him. I don’t know if it was deliberate or the effect just happened that was from luck. I just know that I would love to have that photo without the TopStarNews logo LOL

    • he’s a rain man! i rmbr during his Europe trip, he did comment about the bad weather and almost everyday is raining while he was there. so the wet weather has work in favour of him this time!

  2. Faint!!! they are such a dear collection.. And not forgetting the master photographer behind these shots. She’s really AWESOME!! she one of those talents who are able to bring out only the best in him in such a weather condition.. Weather looking gloomy, but she has a way to work the shots out, with such nice contrast in scenery, with a man so full of soul in him!

  3. never let him roam around on the street alone.. he may be kidnapped anytime by any of the lucky eels.. that sounds so sick! blame these photos, that make him look so irresistible!!

  4. I take off my hat to the concept designer and the photographer of this project. Nevertheless, this should be published by the Glamour Magazine.

    1. Glamorous place – check
    2. Glamorous fashion – check
    3. Glamorous model – check

    …and me, here, swimming in a pool of blood, which is still gushing out of my nose!!!


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