[14.09.2012] Jang Keun Suk weibo + HD Screen Cuts from “Stay” MV

Credit: Jang Keun Suk weibo / jaylaqueen weibo

JKS: Kids, my new MV is out — the question is… is the story my real experience? yes? no/yes?, hahahha
@张根硕:Stay http://t.cn/zlPJpe3 얘들아 나 새 뮤직비디오 나왔쪄~~여기서 문제…이 내용이 나의 실제경험담일까 아닐까 큭큭큭

Share some HD screen cut made by Chinese eel (cri:jaylaqueen)



20 thoughts on “[14.09.2012] Jang Keun Suk weibo + HD Screen Cuts from “Stay” MV”

  1. I liked so much,started to cry, he asked is the video is personal experience of him or not,trying to tease us, my answer is yes . Personal opinion, the girl of the video looks like Gominan from YAB,the character,no the real girl.

  2. i love the video so much it hurts me just by watching it so i hope its not from personal experience i cant bear to think that my prince was hurt and still hurting just like in the music video…i want you to be always happy…

  3. I think it is his personal experience since he wrote the song himself. @Daryl, exactly my thoughts. It seems they were not in good terms when they parted. 🙂 If I’m not mistaken, it happened right before he did YAB, which is why I also think the songs Let Me Cry & Bye, Bye, Bye speaks of his feelings then. I have also seen about 2 or 3 of his interviews done a few years back wherein he spoke of his ex-gf’s, and as I understood it, the situation was always similar to this MV. He said that people will know him through his songs so I guess he will not choose songs that do not reflect who he is or what he has gone through (or still going through).

    • Hi! Its really convincing that its essence is coming from a real experience. I also remembered in an interview he spoke of the experience when they parted he stayed outside of the house for quite sometime and realizing everything was over, and he was so depressed
      for how many months and did not go out of the house. And his mom encourage him to go on a vacation abroad.

  4. I like this song/MV a lot..Its theme seems a reflection of JKS sadness..To me there is sadness in him amidst all the fame and fortune that he has..May he find the love that seems elusive for him and eventually settle down happily.

    • I agree with you. I also sense that in him. He never had a “normal” life and I guess it’s gonna be more elusive now as he pursues his dreams. Well, sometimes it’s the price to pay & the sacrifice to make when you’re in the industry he’s in. And with his stature now, it can really get lonely up there. So I completely understand him when he goes out to have fun. He actuslly needs it.

  5. In my view, he was sad and heartbroken at that moment but now there are just memories, bitter-sweet ones, but memories. There remains the question “what if” and through lines is visible his lingering for love…but we people are always looking for love. Wishing him to find that love he’s dreaming about.

  6. Even if it was a real love experience of Sukkie, it is over.
    I only wish that he will eventually find someone better than the previous gf who loves him for who he is and not becos of his fortune and fame.

  7. I think the MV and the song were based from his past painful experience when he and his girlfriend then, broke up because he was too busy with work that he did not find enough time to spend with her and left him broken.

  8. I do not understand the language but the great expressions speak volumes.
    One can feel the hurt he is feeling so i would say it is from personal experience.
    I follow everything about JKS everyday. I’m a grandma with a lot of experience but i can’t say if it is from a long past love or not too long ago love experience. I am left with a question mark over my head??? Can someone help me because i can feel the hurt too, why???
    From all the beautiful models, shapes and sizes JKS could choose, why did he choose someone that looks like GOminam!!! Does anyone think that way or is it just me? Help!!!


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