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As soon as the train given by eels as a present started running, Prince asked me to tell him the train operation schedule everyday! Prince said he must get on it before leaving for Japan and promised to reward their present! Like this, Prince’s subway diary has started.^^
장어들이 선물해준 열차가 시작되자마자, 시간표를 매일 알려달라던 프린스! 출장전에는 꼭 타고 가야한다며, 장어들의 선물에 보답해주고프다는 우리 프린스! 프린스의 지하철 다이어리는 그렇게 시작되었답니다.^^

Eel: He got on subways 1 year ago today!
Staff: September 12th should be a national holiday for Jang Keun Suk subway day. kkk

RT @yokooo8: 일본에서 지하철 탄 것은 1 년 전 오늘 이었어! ! http://twitpic.com/atq9uu  ㅡ 9월 12일은 장근석 지하철 국경일임ㅋㅋ
As soon as getting on the subway, Prince gave a quick glance at all the ad posters, and took pictures like crazy! He didn’t care at all even passengers were gazing at him strangely. “This is my subway train!” Prince took pictures with this pose.
지하철에 타자마자, 빠른 눈으로 여기저기 광고판을 모두 둘러보고, 미친듯이 사진을 찍는 프린스! 지하철안에 사람들이 신기한 눈으로 쳐다보건 말건, 프린스는 내 지하철이다! 이 포즈로 구경하고 사진찍는 프린스
Prince thought eels wouldn’t believe it, he took pictures with his mask pulling down secretly! He’s really our prince! You bet that Jang Keun Suk got on the real subway today!!! ^___^
장어들이 믿지 않을까봐, 마스크를 살짝 내려주고, 사진을 찍어주는 프린스! 진짜 우리 프린스! 그 장근석이 오늘 레알 지하철 탄 거 맞습니다요!!!^___^
Like this he got on the subway and he felt eels’ love with all his senses. Then, he stepped out into the world again. No one can dry up eels’ love.
그렇게 지하철을 타고, 장어들의 사랑을 온몸으로 체험한후에, 우리 프린스는 다시 세상밖으로 나갔습니다. 장어들사랑은 정말 그 누구도 못말립니다.
Staff: Our Prince wanted to get on the subway with Suni! After playing with her on the lawn, he tried to carry her with a pink bag, but she was bigger than we expected so we squeezed her into the bag T_T But Suni seems to be hard to breathe~ Prince regretted that he should have bought a buggy for pet carrier!
JKS: Pig..

“@minzzangde: 순이랑 잔디밭에서 놀고난후, 핑크색 가방에 넣어서 가기로 하였으나, 생각보다 커서 가방안에 꽈악ㅠ 간신히 넣었으나, 헥헥거리는 순이~ 유모차를 사야겠다고 프린스 아쉬워함! http://twitter.com/minzzangde/status/245796100362092544/photo/1”ㅡ돼지냔
And, not sure Suni was sad an disappointed at not being able to get on the subway together,,, soon after Brother (JKS) came, she slept next to him~
그리고, 순이는 지하철에 못간게 아쉬웠는지,,, 오빠가 오자마자, 오빠 옆에서 쿨쿨쿨~
She is sleeping on my desk again! Suni!
@minzzangde 또 내 자리에서 자냐고! 순이!
Hey, in fact, Prince should join the authentication event for taking pictures on the subway. kk Prince is also authenticated as an eel. kk We should give him a jackpot authentication kkk
엇? 그러고보니, 지하철 인증 이벵에프린스도 참여했음ㅋㅋ 프린스도 장어인증 ㅋㅋ 프린스에게 대박 인증 선물 줘야할듯ㅋㅋㅋ

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  1. Sukkie, why did U have to disguise in order to ride on the subway. U should be yourself and let the koreans know how proud u are with own accomplishments and ur eels.

  2. oh ur really our prince…eels will never get tired of showing how much you meant in our lives coz your giving back the love we had for you…an affection very well rewarded and recognized 🙂

  3. Such a grateful guy!! As well as he should!! He doubtlessly knows how lucky he is to have such faithful eels!! During his absence, I bet he was missing all the love he daily gets from them. I’m glad he’s back!!

    Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary in the Media!!! Here’s to another 100!! Cheers!!! Zikzin!!

  4. wow.. one of those rare moments to show how much he love suni!!!! else he’s always seems like a big bully when he tweets about Suni.. oppa, saranghae!!


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