[article] Follow JKS on Filming Site 24 Hours Report from Cri-J2-2

Credit: Neineilove weibo
Chinese Translation by Neineilove
English Translation by Sarah Ye, Hazy Lee from ECI


In the article, the timelines are not mentioned are the times he was filming.

7am, the filming started again in the morning and remember Jang Keun Suk was filming till 4:20am earlier the day. He went back home took a shower, changed clothes, rushed back to the dressing room to do the hair.
His face and eyes were puffy. He took some meds. During make up time, he still didn’t forget to show off to the reporters the iPod cover that the fans made for him.

10am, They got to Hongdae, he dosed a little during waiting for the filming. He put a pill in the mouth and get ready to shoot.
During the time, he received the Japanese Text Book which he was featured in.

12pm Moon, Again waiting for the filming, he took a rest on the bed.

2pm afternoon, he was reading the script seriously. He changed the wardrobe again for shooting next scene. Keun Suk changed very fast. We asked him why, he said so that will short the time for staff to wait and also reduce their tiredness. “If I can do it fast, then it will help them.” But actually, his own tiredness was reaching the limit.

5pm, he said he needed to do photosynthesis so he went to balcony to drink water. During other people filming he waited in a tiny room.

7pm, for scene (Jun) argue with his mother, due to respect to senior actor, he wouldn’t allow any NG caused by him, so he maintain in the state of tense so it was stressful.

7:59pm, because of the fever he felt cold. He took a rest with a blanket on.

9pm, filming the scene at grocery store, Hongdae, Jang Keun Suk caused traffic jam. His condition is getting worse, he kept sweating.

10pm, even he is sick, he still didn’t forget to make funny faces for the reporter. He always dedicates himself for others.

10:30pm He put hands on his face, he was not satisfied for his acting, so he requested to do it again. Even the director had given “OK” for it. But he still insisted to redo it. He is perfectionist.

11:57pm finished filming at Hongdae, he changed clothes again and it was midnight.
After change, he waited for senior actor, in order to keep himself awake, he started to do push up on bed.

1am, in the morning, for not to have any NG with senior actor, again he was reading script carefully.

2am, he was hungry and ate a sandwich, he said he needed to get fresh air and to digest. He did some exercises, he even used “yelling” try to get rid of the tiredness.

3:13am, he posed gesture “come to me for a hug” to help to light up the atmosphere on site by making jokes.

3:15am continue filming, due to the sickness, he had to redo the make up on his face. There was no time even for his skin to take a break.

3:45am, dress smartly, the handsome Jang Keun Suk came back to the white garden to continue filming till 4:43am……
We were so touched by his acting spirit.

5:27am, the filming end!!!

and after 4 hours, the filming started again!!!

Original article translated in Chinese by neineilove

18 thoughts on “[article] Follow JKS on Filming Site 24 Hours Report from Cri-J2-2”

  1. Wow! I always admire his professionalism and dedication to his craft. No wonder he is always loved by the production team. I remembered reading an article when he visited the production team of the drama Protect The Boss,( same production of YAB) and all the staff seemed to miss him a lot.

  2. Aawww… What a dedicated and respectful actor, that’s why i love and adore him so much. Always put great and best effort in whatever he does…. Fighting Prince J

    Thanks sis Neineilove, sis Sarah n sis Hazy for the translations..

  3. This just reassures my admiration for this guy! Most of us wouldn’t last one week with a schedule like this one, let alone three months! You have to hand it to him and all the artists out there who put so much effort into their projects.

    On top of all this, JKS still works on his music, his businesses, and somehow finds the time to keep a close relationship with his eels who are as demanding and as time consuming as the girlfriend he doesn’t have!!!

    Thank you for all your efforts, hard work, and dedication, my dear Jang Keun Suk!! Please know that you are loved and admired very much by many, MANY people and that none of the things you do, go unnoticed.

    You are the man!! Zikzin!

  4. Amazing article and i am so touched even as i read it again.
    Prince truly inspire me to give my best in all that i do….

    How can we not love him??

    (ohh and not forgetting to mention, after the filming ends 527am, it will be another 4 hours before the filming will start again)

  5. Thanks sis Sarah Ye for translating this article. I feel like crying for him reading about his “killing” schedules. Sukkie works so hard to provide for all his family and employees….awww…how can I not loving him..? Sukkie, GoGo Zikzin!! Eels will support your forever!!!

    This article also reminded me of other article I read 2 years ago about his MMM drama filming…soo many problems with this drama. Added cold weather and killing schedules, I don’t know how did he endure all that….awww.

  6. we know how dedicated he is, filming movie/CF, show, shooting for magazine,etc.. and even as a boss in his own company. He’s a hard worker who is very perfectionist and very considerate to others, respect for older people/senior. how can we not love him. we are very proud of you, you really inspired us. stay healthy, and Jyo zikzin!

  7. wow! speechless…. but above all, we, eels, hoping his health and good condition despite his killing schedule. Just stay healthy, uri Prince…

  8. this article really shows JKS’s dedication and love for his work…what a perfectionist!! my admiration for you just gets deeper everyday…maybe other actors/actress would throw tantrums under this condition but our prince’s only concern is not himself even if he is sick but for the other staffs that’s why he is so dearly loved 🙂 thanks for sharing and translating keep it up!!!

  9. Since I became his eel I know his very perfectionist,profesional a hard working, but sometimes I am really worry about his health because she worked sick and always have stress,but thankfully he take mesures for that and rest,bu I think he needs more rest.

  10. our princess JKS and goddess Yoona are so profesionals ..omg!..hard working!
    really!…I’m so worry for them for their health.
    they worked sick…I love prince JKS and goddess Yoona.
    thankfully for this information…thanksU.
    HONESTLY THEY ARE THE BEST PROFESSIONAL!…wooow!.amazing profesionals!

  11. I have only one this to say ..love you much but pls take care of your self .pls if you love eels you must take care of your self too dearest .


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