[11.09.2012] Tree-J and staff twitter

Boss Jang’s aura!!
장사장님 포스!!

Caffebene model, Actor Jang Keun Suk! He took a picture at caffebene we often drop at. Actor Jang is faithful as the model! Look forward to Caffebene’s Autumn CF pictures^^
카페베네 모델 배우 장근석! 평소에도 자주 들리는 카페베네에 오늘은 직접 사진을 찍어주었답니다. 모델에 충실하신 우리 장배우님! 이제 카페베네 가을사진으로 기대해볼게요^^

However, he is naughty now! ㅡ Tree-J staff has an enjoyable meal together on our rep’s birthday!
그러나 금방 장난꾸러기로! ㅡ 대표님 생일에 함께 식사하고 즐거운 트리제이!

We dropped at caffebene, had shaven ice, and took a picture. Then, Boss Jang asked to take group pictures! Beside him is Director Gun and Manager Yi. Please continue to stand up for our prince ^^!
카페베네 들려서 빙수에, 사진찍고, 풀샷으로 잡아서 찍으라고 하신 장사장님! 그리고, 양옆의 건이사님&이실장님! 우리 프린스 계속 잘 지켜주세요^^!

And we ate this shaved ice (Patbingsu) ㅡ Our actor is the best!
그리고, 이렇게 빙수도 먹었지요 ㅡ 우리 배우 짱!
tensi_akuma’s note: In Korea they call shaved ice Patbingsu. See the detail from Wiki.

Prince is teaching them how to dance! This handsome guy is doing this directly. k
춤을 전수해주시는 프린스! 잘생긴 사람이 이러다니 ㅋ

Comparison shot! Difference in body height~ Manager Yi, I’m sorry I can’t protect you T_T
비교샷! 기럭지차이~ 이실장님 지못미 ㅠ

14 thoughts on “[11.09.2012] Tree-J and staff twitter”

  1. He looks so awesome wearing suit, if he knew how attractive he looks with a good quality suit coordinated with the shoes, very elegant indeed

  2. Tenshi, thanks for ur info and I’m sure will order patbingsu in my next visit to cafe benne!
    Tenshi, do u happen to know where is this branch (in the photos) is? Wish to visit this one as prince visited ^^

  3. He’s back ladies and gentlemen!!!! Super love this side of him but what I love more than that is the fact that he is willing to share it with us!

    God bless you, Sukkie, for putting us out of our misery for not being able to see you for so long!!!

    I hope he stays with us forever!! …that way it can really be jangkeunsukforever…dot com! 🙂


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