14 thoughts on “[fan-cam] JKS debut 20th anniversary event on Seoul Subway line 5”

  1. The melody we made together
    in the subway five line
    is proof of the love we find
    in this awesome korean gals.

    Thank you for this epic momment that you bring to Sukkie.Well done.

  2. Awwww….My heart so touched watching this video. This song is so fitting for this 20th Anniversary event. It’s so surreal thinking that eels have been with him throughout all those years.

    What’s a long bittersweet road…EELs growing up together with him,
    walking together with him, making melody together with him, and loving him beyond reasonable explanations!!!!

    Thank you Korean eels for standing by him all those long years. Awww…crying with gratitude and happiness!!!

  3. wow i am so touched with all the effort Cri-J have done for Prince, no other ad pasted on that train but all his., so amazing .. such a teary moment.

  4. Never has a subway looked so good! Korean Eels, you have outdone yourselves!! THANK YOU!!! Thank you for putting a smile on Sukkie’s face! He sure needs to smile more these days and you have made it happened with your demonstration of love. Sincerely, thank you!!

    This boy deserves this and more!!!

    Cri-J, Zikzin!!!

  5. A day worth to remember
    A special year to celebrate
    An anniversary to commemorate
    May you rejoice in this wonderful memories
    Eels love & support on board subway line 5
    This moment, this day!
    We love you World Prince!

  6. Oh….can the advertisement hold longer like till year end so that I able to feel the real moment in the train! So special, so touch! Prince, when will u visit?

  7. it holds such a deeper meaning for him, that homegrown eels are not loving / appreciating him any lesser.. as he move one step towards the world prince.. eels will walk with him, believe in him, rain or shine 😉

  8. by putting these adverts out, we hope it can reach out to more Koreans to learn how to appreciate this young fine man, a man full of wisdom and talent despite his age.. 20 years anniversary? is no kidding matter..


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