[pics] Codes Combine Fall/Winter 2012

Credit: yule.com

Source: http://news.yule.com.cn/html/201209/125024.html

Note: Codes Combine model Jang Keun Suk and Go Jun Hee recently did Fall and Winter Collection shooting. The work was done by photographer Ms. Zo Sun Hi, the theme is RUN WAY. RUN WAY use the dynamic that the models posing and walking on the run way to express the fashion of the clothes.


13 thoughts on “[pics] Codes Combine Fall/Winter 2012”

    • lol! I just noticed! I agree, Farina! Just how tall is he anyway? 5’11 or 6’ft? I read somewhere that he was actually 5’9 …not that his height matters…I’m barely 5’4 so even if he was 5’5 we’d still look good together (as long as I never wore anything but flat shoes) 😉 …but…I’d somehow like to know.

      • This model is very tall, 172cm. I think he did mention in one FM that his actual height is 180.4cm. So precise. 🙂

        Well, i think he is probably 178cm to 180.4cm. And recent years, he does not seem to stand very straight, and he said he has a little hunchback problem so sometimes he looks taller and sometimes shorter.

        Well, height isn’t important to me too since i am pretty short. haha.

      • Well, thanks, ladies!! He is taller than me for sure! lol!

        OMG, Missyleen, 11 inches!!! lol!! That is actually his shoe size!! lol!! …and you know what that means!! 🙂

      • ROFLLL…11 inches? Not that big for male shoes size….LOLL. Farina unnie, see our darling peel sisters are on the loose here…kekeke *Domangcho*

  1. Great look either way. Although with the model wearing 4 inch heels its hard to tell how tall she really is but doesn’t really matter. They do pair up well nicely for modeling together.


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