"You're My Pet" Press Conference at Ibaraki Airport (Broadcast by Suk Baidu Bar)

Live Broadcast by Suk Baidu Bar on Sina

Admission ticket

Four eels from Sukbar have been very lucky to get the tickets to the press conference, which includes free two-way shuttle bus service and a free lunch that looks very nice. 3,000 eels will be congregating at this event.

Yummy lunch

Pictures of the venue as below show fine weather, although previously rain has been predicted. Ibaraki Airport looks quite deserted, but fans are lining up to enter the venue.

Our frontline eels have already arrived, and so have the reporters (including those from Fuji Television) and even JKS’ parents. Our eels managed to get a picture of his parents, which will probably be posted later today. Manager Kim has also turned up. The weather may look great but it is very cold.

Seat layout of venue

Side products on sale

At around 5 to 10 minutes before the conference started, a briefing was conducted to inform that videography is strictly forbidden (photography was allowed) but no one was allowed to stand on their chair to take a photo. Yesterday through his Japanese official website, Jang Keun Suk revealed that he initially wanted to make a grand entrance by driving a Ferrari in, but he could not find one to borrow, so he had to scrap his plans. Wonder how he’ll make his appearance? *wink*

The rows of chartered buses

Our eel correspondents who are reluctant to take their seats

JKS came in a convertible, waving and blowing kisses. On stage, he greeted the fans. He’s wearing a dark blue jacket with his black hair tied up, his fringe parting at the side. Looked so sexy! Japanese fan’s Twitter described that “He looks just a school teacher or gun sama”. He’s speaking in Japanese on the spot, and also made a mould of his hand – this time, he remembered to take off his ring before doing that! His handprint will be left at Ibaraki airport as a keep-sake. When the second male lead Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island leader) was making his handprint, JKS mischievously pressed his hand on top of Jong Hoon’s!

JKS also said a line that must have made all the eels swoon – “I wanna be your pet!”

JKS said that he had started the related practice and preparation for his character last year. After a long break, he started on his character again these 3 months, but the difficulty level is higher. JKS said that Jong Hoon has passion because he kept calling JKS to ask about many things.

The last round of greetings has ended, and it is time for the photograph-taking segment.

Fan-taken pics (not so clear). For clear pics, wait for media release.

Is JKS making a face?

Going off in their convertible

JKS is helping to push the car?! What a good youth …

【宠物情人发表会报道】图片上看上去天气不错,但是现场真的好冷啊~~~~辛苦各位了 富士电视台的记者们也已经到了(相当的隆重哦)
【宠物情人发表会报道】现场的注意事项出来了:(禁止录像,拍照不能站在椅子上—能拍照就算rp了 )停车张整齐的大巴
【宠物情人发表会报道】某人出现了。。。。(估计要坐着敞篷车环绕一下,虽然你不能从东京直接开过去,现场让你坐也是很拉风啦! )
【宠物情人发表会报道】今天某人的发型是3、7分,so sexy!外套夹克是深蓝色的,里面是水色的(估计是浅蓝 )他的头发颜色貌似回到了黑色,而且他现场说日语哦
【宠物情人发表会报道】推特上日饭对造型的描述:He looks just a school teacher or gun sama 刚出场有飛吻,也有揮手~現在就站一排,長官致詞中
【宠物情人发表会报道】发表会有photo time,所以现场的亲们要等拍照時間現場鰻魚才能拍照,所以我们只能乖乖等,期待媒体的照片也能快点更新
【宠物情人发表会报道】抽抽现场说了一句:i wanna be y’r pet(我想成为你的宠物 )
【宠物情人发表会报道】感谢前方的特别4人行动组!感谢yuri、Effie发来推特消息更新;推特、图片搜索:狗子、淮山、fly、jane 微薄直播:saary、贴吧更新:天堂 晚上期待他们带回来新图片以及后记!大家辛苦了! 感谢今天观看微薄直播的各位鳗鱼们! 媒体的照片我们会随时更新 直播顺利结束~

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  1. Dear Ivy!!
    If you don’t mind, May I post This pictures to our Jankeunsuk.net?
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  2. i rare watch or see press conferences event…WOW, is it the venue too big for Movie PC event?? they’re so famous in Japan. Good Luck for this Most Wanted Movie ^^

  3. Wow He’s so gorgeous!!!!!!! I love this look on him, I can’t see the rest of the cast very well, hope clearer pictures will come soon!! *can you tell I’m very very excited about you’re my pet????* lol

    Thanks Aphrael!!!

  4. Thank for the very quick update. I am so glad to see him looking so handsome. He is the tallest and most handsome of the cast, of course!! JKS rocks !!


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