[vids] 20120902 Taiwan Media Report about JKS Cri Show 2 at Taipei Arena

Credit: uploaders / blog: http://blog.daum.net/bis6895/6826467

There are like over ten TV reports of his Taipei Cri Show. I only choose a few of them.
Summary of the report text: They are mostly the same contents, a few main points for the show:
This is 4th time of Jang Keun Suk come to Taiwan for concert. The first time he hold concert at Taipei Arena
There were 7000 Audiences
Jang Keun Suk’s parents were there too
Jang Keun Suk showed his magic world to the audiences
Jang Keun Suk showed off his cutest Chinese
Jang Keun Suk’s stage charm led the whole arena high!
The show was a high quality, rich, colorful and moving performance.

The Chinese he says in this video: Hello Taipei! I always think of you. Do you miss me? I put OK bandaid, I hope this will not fall off. (That last one is too cute.)

8 thoughts on “[vids] 20120902 Taiwan Media Report about JKS Cri Show 2 at Taipei Arena”

    • Kaori chan… same here, I just smile in whatever languages he speaks.. he is really CUTE!!! I was smiling & laughing throughout the concert though I was not feeling well..
      I saw a few Japanese ladies in front of me, some in groups and another who came alone.. the pretty Japanese lady in 20s or early 30s who came alone is so cute as she sings & dance with Sukkie (I can’t help to look at her as she seems to be like Alice in the wonderland really happy in her own world with Sukkie ^_^) and I must say I was quite touched to see this lady who looks like a little girl when she smiles & enjoying the show as though we are really in a magical land with Sukkie.. it is really a magical experience..

  1. I Like his dance
    i like his moves
    i like the way
    he holding this tube{the microphone}

    I like the way
    he speaks chinese
    he sound so hot
    call the ambulance,please.{for me}

    Sarah,are you crazy?{sorry for call you that,its only for the ryme}
    now i am so lazy
    i can’t stand up
    because your posted

    I liked all the videos
    i like his shine
    now i can’t sleep
    in all the night.{Here is midnight,i am going to sleep now,bye.

    This poem came to my mind when i finished saw the videos.Thanks,Sukkiefanncusa.

  2. Great job, Esther c. 😀 it seems that I’ve got trapped because of ur rhyme, kk ~~
    Still, if only I could watch the whole performance of our Prince ^^

  3. Another great poem Esther, I like it…
    Prince grooves really brought all the eels to move together
    QQ, yes the jap eels were totally living in the magic world. I even saw a group of them crying after the concert…I’m nearly going to ask them to share with me, no wonder Prince love Japan so much…

  4. Gonna have to catch the videos later 🙁 I haven’t been around much so want to look at all the posts while I can. Thanks for sharing.

  5. QQeyes,i hope you feel well soon, take care of your health,you are like Sukkie, going to the concert sick and he with the cut in his chin, he said his staff to treat the eels well in the airport and you said Tenshi good things about the japanese eels,so sweet, you are a good friend and Casey too.


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