[article] 20120901 JKS Cri Show 2 in Taipei Arena

Credit: The Liberty Time
Original article link: http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2012/new/sep/2/today-show18.htm

English Translation: Sarah Ye

Hallyu Star Jang Keun Suk had his Cri Show at Taipei Arena the other night, first time performed in Taipei Arena, he sang 19 songs. His singing ability really doesn’t lose to professional singers. 7000 audiences were crazy for his charms. As usual, he used his sweet mouth to electrified fans, he spoke Chinese and said loudly: “I always miss you, do you miss me?” He hurt his chin when he was shaving the day before, he put a bandaid on and joked: “I hope this won’t fall off.”

The stage became to a theme park, the magic show, at the beginning of the concert, the dancers dressed as clowns, magicians, the theme magic was through the whole concert. Jang Keun Suk was wearing a feather hat started to sing “200 mile” (Japanese song). The audiences gave screams, then he sang the “Take Care of My Bus” from the TV drama Mary Stayed All Night Out. Also Gotta Gecha etc.. Japanese and Korean songs.
It is 20th year since Jang Keun Suk debut, the biggest enemy he want to win is himself, 20 years, are the important times. Jang Keun Suk hopes that he can go forward for another 20 years with his fans together.
The fans have been queued since morning to buy his merchandises. Jang Keun Suk had sung 19 songs, and changed 6 outfits. His merchandises are also very hot to get. Since 10am in the morning there were fans queued outside arena to wait for buying the merchandises. The concert ticket had sold 70% and with the sale of merchandises. The total revenue is about 29 million NTD (970K USD)

Jang Keun Suk will leave Taiwan back to Korea on 2012-09-02 with flight OZ712 at 1:30pm.

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  1. Thanks sis Sarah for translation. Another good article!!!

    Yeahhhooo… I’m soooo happy knowing that Sukkie has a successful tour in Taiwan, attracted so many Medias’ attention,too; most of them were positive news in despite of his mischievous shaving nightmare…LOLL Sukkie is capable of turning any bad incident to become positive and humorous news. Sukkie is truly a prince of charming!!!!

    Sukkie is the only super STAR in this world who dares to wear brand-aid at his PressConf and Concert. Every thing he does is just too naturally adorable. Who can resist this man’s charm???

    Following Sukkie is like riding a roller coaster, you would never know what to expect from him. EELs, let’s just be prepared for our Prince’s spontaneous witty, crazy and unexpected actions at all time……and enjoy the ride of our eels’ life…LOLL. Let’s go Zikzin to the world with him!!!

  2. too bad, I’ve lost him a couple of days. I can not access the internet. This blog means so much to me. Maybe for some future time I might not be able to come to ECI because I can not access my fb. Thank you so much to all admin Sarah, Ivy, Tensi for your dedication, always publish anything about our prince and translate it. I will miss our amazing pond and all psycho eels there. but now I can’t do anything.


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