[vid-5] Jang Keun Suk arrive in Taiwan Taoyuan Airport for Cri Show 2 (4 min HD)

Credit: Uploader

Note: The highlights on this video: (Timeline) by Sarah Ye
1.: 0:34 Mamajang in the picture.
Show off his Chinese:
2. 1:55 Am I very handsome? (of course, the answer is yes) I know that!
3. 2:05 Hello Taiwan, I…. (eh… SOS–>staff, here we go again):
2:10 Hello Taiwan, long time no see, I miss you a lot.
4. 2:23 Hangry! I’m hungry! (background suggestion: Want some beef noodles?
5. 2:30 Ding Tai Feng (A famous restaurant chain features Shanghai food, background suggestion: Xiaolongbao-Juicy steam bun), Suk: Delicious, delicious.
6: 2:56-2:58 Our ECI papahazzy running for life to catch Jang Keun Suk!!!


13 thoughts on “[vid-5] Jang Keun Suk arrive in Taiwan Taoyuan Airport for Cri Show 2 (4 min HD)”

  1. Must admit, Papahazzy caused more buzz in ECI than Sukkie that day lol!!!! Now I would like to interview our superstar kkkk!!

    Hazy, how do you feel being sandwiched in a particular picture???

    • Farina….i feel like i am in heaven…..even now….
      I need to watch these videos daily to remind myself that it was for real and not a dream…. i am still in the “post cri show withdrawal mode” now….no antidote can cure….

  2. Kyaaweeee….thank you thank you sis Sarah for sharing this Video. LOVE this video. This version is the clearest one….. and full of our prince handsome face.

    I saw our Papahazzy running to catch our Prince at the baggage claimed area. She was so lucky to be at the right time and moment. It’s a super Golden EEL Time!!!!! If I were there, I would totally ignore my baggage and running for my dear life after him, too….kekeke. Don’t want to miss the opportunity to be so close to my STAR. *I’m in dreaming mode, please don’t wake me up yet*

    • Kailey, I really wished time could freeze at that moment!!! but everything seems to be happening so fast…i really wished i had another pair of hands, one more to take video and the other to wave at prince! ^^

  3. Wow…this video super clear, super HD!
    Hazy, ECI paparazzi? I don’t understand? Can I be one of the paparazzi? I’m totally envies with those non-eels that around him at the same time…so near…and so long..
    Prince looks so charming in this whole suit, I love the color combination!

    • Casey, see the lady with grey sweater frozen in the same screen as Sukkie? She is our dear Hazy from ECI ^_^
      For those who know the ECI ladies.. there are a few there in the vid… lol!

    • We have the same idea and don’t forget to make a “Media I.D” just in case u need it,kekeke!! I’m sure no one will ever notice our disguise..lol!

  4. LOL! I think I waited for Hazy to appear in the vid more than Sukkie. Good job, Hazy! At least now u know u have another profession to fall back on :))) Anyways, what else can I say about our prince…so good looking as always, no doubt about that :)))


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