[02.09.2012] Singer JJ Lin posted picture on Weibo of him and JKS

Popular Singapore born singer JJ Lin is now following on weibo to Jang Keun Suk, so is the latter. JJ Lin also posted on weibo with a picture that he and Jang Keun Suk at backstage of his Cri Show 2 in Taipei Arena. He joked with JKS as people always says that he is the Rain God bringing rain to places whereever he goes.

If you want to know more about JJ Lin, you can click this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JJ_Lin

JJ Lin: Rain God @JangKeunSuk, hello! I’m the Son of the Sun! In the future let’s play finger guess game to decide the weather.
@林俊杰:雨神 @張根碩 你好!我是陽光之子! 以後每天的天氣咱們用猜拳來決定!

13 thoughts on “[02.09.2012] Singer JJ Lin posted picture on Weibo of him and JKS”

  1. Thanks sis Sarah for your posting.

    Yeah…I’m happy Sukkie is able to meet more local stars. Sukkie must be so happy to receive so many supports from another acclaimed super Stars.

  2. Wondering if JJ Lin could write mandarin songs for JKS if Prince gonna collect songs for his future album. JJ is a very talented music artist. Glad to know that they r friends. Do visit Singapore Prince! 新加坡非常想你!kkkk^_^

  3. JKS is the Rain God? but, his smile brings The Sun in my heart… haha ^^
    i should tweet this to sukkie ^__^

    anyway, i love JJ Lin song.. and happy that he make friends with suk.

  4. I read that JJ Lin is 31 years old!! Can you believe that! OMG! He has got some really good skin and/or genes!! He looks the same age as Sukkie, does he not?


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