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  1. Wow,this are very good news,knowing that Sukkie staff and security people are very kind like him,the press impression is very important for an artist,Korea,you have a national treasure,please see it.The second part of the poem is here.

    The girls from this blog,part 2

    Sarah is the other girl
    i don’t know her very well
    because i don’t know her nickname{Sukkiefanncusa}
    i almost make a big mistake.note:{i think Sarah and Sukkiefanncusa are diferents girls,ha ha ha}

    Hazy Lee went to Taiwan
    and she got a big surprise
    she saw close the Sukkie face
    so will no had more disgrace
    because i saw her in news today.

    Also in this blog i meet
    two girls from USA
    they are Kailey and Kley kley
    both names begins with a key.

    I am feel close to Kley Kley
    she is very sweet to me
    even speak in spanish
    that very surprise me
    hey kley kley visit me.

    I am close to Kailey too
    i am sending her a big hug
    i am thanked her a lot
    for commenting on this blog.

    Jackie is a baby eel
    so she needs leaning some skills
    Lowtide gived to her
    and now they are good friends.

    Casey went to Taiwan too
    she is staying in the Sukkie hotel
    i am so jealous of her,
    but i wish she is doing well.

    Yasmin and Nerissa are
    very shy and innocent too
    they both of them are new
    in this rollercoaster club

    • Kyaaweeeee….Esther, you are soooo sweet lady. I’m soo happy, smiling from ear to ear reading your impromptu poem…lol Thank you thank you!!!!! *sending you kisses and hugs*

    • Thanks Ester,
      these poems are so fun kkkk, now I’m trying not to be shy and innocent, especially in a roller coaster I must be naughty and excited kkkk

    • Hoo hoo! Thanks Esther for mentioning me in such a lovely poem…goomapseumida!
      Thanks prince for always thinks of our and his staff safety first. This is extremely important coz things will get worst if no precaution takes. So eels, pls pls pls listen to prince…

    • OMG, Esther! Sorry for not replying before! I love your poem – me encanta! Me siento muy alagada porque mencionaste mi nombre con tanta dulzura que casi me hizo llorar!! Muchisimas gracias de todo corazon por tu nobleza y carino tan sincero! En serio, gracias!!

      I do want to go visit you!! You’re in the Caribbean, right? Puerto Rico? Cuba? Dominican Republic? Where from exactly? My sister is getting married to a Puerto Rican next year, I’ll have to visit there often 😉 If you’re around, maybe I will get to meet you!!

      Anyway, thanks for your sweet poem and your kind words! Really, we are all waiting for you at ECI…please, please, por favor, join!!

      Mientras tanto, te mando muchos abrazos de oso with a cherry on top! xoxo 🙂

    • awwww Esther, thanks for including me in your poem…it’s extra meaningful for me and once again a confirmation to me that it was for real and not a dream! ^^

  2. Thanks sis Ivy for translating.

    Omo…on the video, one of the poor fan got push down down so hard on the floor, ouchy!! I feel bad for her….ahhh.

    sis Ivy, I was laughing at your comment on BEAST’s video clip. Seriously…what’s type of expression on his face??? I don’t know how to call it…hmmm.. monkeyface, ignoring, boring, or plainly rude don’t care attitude. What?!!..LOLLL

    Upon watching this video….I’m so 1000000% glad, I’m JKS eel. Even though, Sukkie is not a PERFECT man; he has his faults, hot temper and bad moments…but Sukkie would never allow his guards or his staff to push down eels the way other stars guards did. In fact, Sukkie always stated “safety first”..and in some incidents, he won’t even leave until he knew for sure his eels were not hurting in any way. Seriously, who would not love this type of caring man?

    Sukkie, I love you the way you are~! So proud to be your eel.

    • Hi Kailey,

      Ya, that guy during the Beast portion seriously pissed me off. I don’t know who he is, but surely that stuck up and idiotic expression does not speak well of the character. And it’s not just me thinking this way, right? Even the TV programme could not stand him.

  3. The sincereness of Prince allow people to love him
    More and moor.it’s happy to see he can freely go whever he wants with his bodyguard .Thanks to the Taiwan eels not letting him down by cheating him all the way long.Thanks for sharing this video sis.:))

  4. Oh,Kley kley, so sweet,i am crying reading your comment,i am from Puerto Rico,so i will meet you ,but I am older than you,so maybe I treat you like a daughter,but be sure we can enjoy because my heart and my mind are in the twenties,hahaha.why you speak spanish,you are latin too? Ivy,you read? You created a big good monster blog,be proud .kkkk.I will answer the question and fill the aplication when Ivy send to me, she helped me a lot,good girl.bye,i am going to work.bye.

    • 🙂 You’re not dumb at all, Esther! I’m SO SUPER HAPPY that you have joined ECI!!! I’m thrilled to have you there!! I speak Spanish because I was born in Guatemala and lived there for the first 12 years of my life – Spanish is my first language – then, my family and I moved to the U.S.

      Yes, my sister is dating a Puerto Rican and their wedding should be some time next year. The wedding will be here in L.A. but I’m sure they’ll visit PR often…and I’ll tag along! PR is after all “La Isla del Encanto,” right? 😉

      If and when I’m in town, I will let you know so that we can hang out! I’ll thrilled at the possibility of meeting you! lol! I’m not that young, Esther, I’m sure I cannot be your daughter! …but we can definitely be sisters…in fact, we already are!! lol!

      Welcome to ECI, my dear friend! “Read” you around! xoxo

  5. Thank you Kley kley,so happy to know a litle of your biography,you are welcome to my home and my life. I am very excited to join the club, I did not used FB a lot,so I am litle lost. Ivy put the red carpet for me and Tenshi wrote a welcome words for me, but where is Farina? Knowing her ,maybe she followed Sukkie to korea,hahaha.


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