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Before the press conference, it started to rain in Taiwan again.
기자회견을 앞두고 대만은 또 비가 온다

There are many reporters coming today.
오늘도 많은 취재진들이 오셨습니다.

Press conference for “2012 Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour The Cri Show 2 in Taiwan” has started.
<2012 장근석 아시아투어 더 크리쇼2 인 대만>기자회견 시작합니다.

When an artist is injured, it will affect some schedule. Today I saw a lot of blood… I wish there won’t leave any scars T_T Even though it hasn’t stopped bleeding yet, Professional Jang appeared on stage for the press conference! To fight against bloodshed, please forgive for the inconvenience and understand the situation…
아티스트가 다치면 정줄을 놓는다. 오늘 피 많이 봤다… 흉터 안남아야 하는데 ㅠ 지혈이 안되는 상황에서, 기자회견을 위해 나오는 장프로정신! 피투혼, 오타난거 잠시 이해부탁요…

A reporter came from New York. He asked the reporter, “Where ate you from?” The reporter answered “New York”. Then he thanked the answer in Chinese.
뉴욕에서도 취재하러 오셨음다. 웨어아유프롬? 이라고 질문하고, 뉴욕이라고 답하니, 씨에씨에라고 대답하는 장센스
tenshi_akuma’s note: Suukie said to the reporter, “谢谢 (Thank you)”.

He said about his future dream, “In 20 years I’ll make friends all over the world and become World Prince!” Let’s look forward to it!
앞으로 20년후에는 전세계의 친구를 만들겠다는 20년후의 꿈을 말한다. 그 꿈은 월드프린스! 기대합니다!

He introduced Korean cultural event, “chu-seok” and Korean sweets~
한국의 추석소개, 한과를 설명~ 중국어도 그 새 또 늘어서, 쩌거쩌거, 간단한것은 중국어로 말해주는/// 어찌 말리오
tenshi_akuma’s note: “Chu-seok” is natinal holiday in Korea. It’s like a Korean Thanksgiving day. For more details, check this site

He was kind enough to take a Korean sweet and passed it to his interpreter.
통역하는분에게 한과를 건네주는 친절함

While rating Chinese sweet (moon cake) and commented it was delicious again and again.
월병을 먹으면서, 맛있다고 연발

Fans (Eels) are very important for me. They give me the feeling that I’m in love every day! Meeting a lot of fans from all over the world makes me very happy! No one can love eels as much as I do.
팬들은 나에게 너무나 소중한존재, 매일매일 연애를 하는 기분! 각 지역의 여러팬들을 만나게 되는게 정말 좋다고! 정말 장어사랑은 누구든 따라갈 수 없다. 장어 = 장부심은 쩔어도 됩니다 ㅋㅋ 

While talking about Chu-seok at the press conference in Taiwan, Actor Jang gave  Songpyeon and Korean sweet to MC and his interpreter!
대만 기자회견에서 추석 이야기를 하며 준비한 송편과 한과를 MC와 통역 스엔에게 먹여주는 장배우!
tenshi_akuma’s note: Songpyeon is rice cake, one of the representative foods of Chuseok. 

“I’m not sure about love. kk” He is a pure boy who doesn’t know what love is. kk I hope our Prince doesn’t fall in love with eels only but also someone moderately. kk
연애는 무슨 물건일까 ㅋㅋ 연애는 무언지 모른다는 순진남 ㅋㅋ 장어랑만 연애하지말고, 우리 프린스 연애 좀 하세요 ㅋㅋ

He said, “I have girlfriends (eels) in Korea, Japan and China.They support me to conquer the world.” kk
한국에도, 일본에도, 중국에도 내 여친들이 있다(장어) 세계정복을 지지합니다 ㅋㅋ

His closing comment was “我愛你 (I love you)”! The press conference was over!
마지막은 워아이니로 마무리! 기자회견 끝!

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  1. When Jang Keun Suk said “what is love, I don’t know ?.
    Does he means that he is not interested in finding girlfriend
    and fall in love?
    Every drama he acted he will always says I fall in love
    with ………!!!!!!!!!
    He is willing to sacrifice his career for love?
    What a lonely man ?

  2. Thanks Tenshi for all the great translations…he was so cute as he mentioned will not put down the microphone for the whole press conference coz he would like to cover his scar. I believe u guys can see it from the YouTube


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