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English Translation: Sarah Ye
Jang Keun Suk who will have his Cri Show II concert tomorrow at Taipei arena held press conference early today. Let’s take a look what’s the content of it:

The beginning of the press conference, Jang Keun Suk, the perfectionist, when he was shaving this morning, he accidently hurt his face. This caused the press conference delayed for about 30 minutes. But Jang Keun Suk really know how to promote good atmosphere, after he appeared, he used his humor made the press conference very harmonious and brought lots of laughs.

At first Jang Keun Suk talked about his feeling come to Taiwan, he said: After 1 year and 4 months, I came back here, I feel very happy, everytime I come to Taiwan is raining, seems the weather is even waiting for me.

This concert, he involved in producing from the beginning to the end. He said when was preparing his new album, he has decided the theme of the concert, so the new album and the concert will have consistency. Also this year’s Cri Show is different from last year. Last year was did as fan meeting, so more care for the interactions with fans. but this year’s Cri Show, Jang Keun Suk put lots of thoughts on it, as an artist, the things he wants to show to people, the things he wants people to know, he will show them through this concert.


This Cri Show is at Taipei arena, is a bigger venue compare to previous concerts, Jang Keun Suk said, he felt honored, with eels’ support, he can have this achievement.

When was asked: Actor and singer, which one you prefer? He said: I think as a singer to sing on stage is also an acting, use your voice to express feelings. I was an actor at first, so I am more ambitious for acting, but singing can also express my feeling through acting, the two parts are related.

Jang Keun Suk can speak Japanese fluently, he is also studying Chinese! He thinks that he needs to go to Chinese speaking countries more to make friends there that’s the best way to learn the language. He immediately showed off some: “I’m Korean.” “call me”. Made lots of laugh on site.

There is one reporter from New York, Jang Keun Suk feels very interesting, he even uses English talk a little. He says even there are lots of Asian medias, but is seldom to see western face, he feels very happy about it.

Jang Keun Suk also mentions, he is planning for Chinese album next, as Team H, target to Chinese market, next year will have new concerts. He promise next time he won’t come to see everyone with blood.

He works out a lot recently, he expresses not only keep his figure fit, but also it is important to do self management. After he exercises, he feels easy when he sings, his body gets more healthier. The MC Wu Jian Heng asks if by any chance can see the result of his work out? he answered wittily and humorally:”My body is sacred, will let you see it but wait another 20 years.”

This year is the 20th anniversary after Jang Keun Suk’s debut. When talk about future plan, he expects he can be more worldwide than now, not only a Asia Prince, he wants to be a world artist, to have concerts at many places outside Asia. He thinks it is great to have dream, with dream he will has motivation for trying hard. If he become to world star, there will be reporters from all other countries at press conference. He thinks if that can happen that would be really fun.

Jang Keun Suk is very considerable, he brought Korean traditional food for Mid Autumn Festival to share with reporters at the conference. He says he will spend Mid Autumn Festival with his family. The host also prepared some moon cakes for Jang Keun Suk, Jang Keun Suk says he is hungry, so he ate quite a few of them. He likes moon cake and says is good to share this with family!

Note: If you want to learn about Mid Autumn Festival, here is wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mid-Autumn_Festival


After interviewed by the MC, there are also some questions:

Q: Early when he was in Shanghai, because some fans crazily chasing his car, this time no people following him, how he feels about it?
A: The most important is safety, if you keep it safe, even you follow me for the whole day I will still be happy. But for those who don’t care for safety, speeding on the road, cross yellow lines I can’t accept that. This time I come to Taiwan there was nobody follow me, I thought I’m not popular anymore, I was thinking to go back to Korea!

The MC Wu Janheng says because eels are following orders they have been asked not to follow his car, that’s why there was nobody. Jang Keun Suk is cute, he yells to eels: Come to follow me safely! He even said in Chinese: I’m sorry, I love you!

Q: Is there a possibility to open official fans club to Taiwan fans?
A: Besides Official Fan Club, if at Grand China area, every place has it own special fan club, that would be fun too! Or through internet to talk to fans, just like to be in love with fans, that’s good too.

Q: Last time you came with your toe hurt, this time, his face was hurt, don’t you feel there is always something happen?
A: I think, compare to perform under the perfect situation, even there is little hurt but still can perform perfectly, isn’t this is more dramatic? But I didn’t hurt myself on purpose. (in Chinese) Zhen de, zhen de! (It’s true, true).

Note: Last year when he came to Taiwan, he was shooting You’re My Pet, during shooting, when he was playing soccer with staff during break he hurt his toe. 🙂

Q: Last year you said you have no love experiences, this year do you want to be in love?
A: What is be in love? I don’t know (laugh), to talk to eels is also be in love… I think two people care for each other listen to each other, spend some good time together everyday is important for be in love. I’m too busy everyday, sometime I don’t even know which country I fly in. So I can’t help, there is no time for love. I feel to interact with eels is more interesting! I have girl friends in Taiwan, Korea and Japan! Conquer the world!

Q: You have said you would like to get married early, but you’re so busy, it is possible?
A: Maybe get married with fans.

Q: If suddenly you have a vacation, where you want to go?
A: This year on my birthday I wanted to travel, to an uninhabited island, really a place nobody is there. My manager gave me a birthday party, really interesting, it was good memory. But if I have the chance, I would like to go to a place with a lot women, because I don’t have any scandal, so, many people misunderstand that I like man, I love woman!


Jang Keun Suk always has good heart, his charity work also influenced his eels. His fans donated 1000kg rice in the name of Jang Keun Suk to Children’s Home Foundation subsidiary Xin Bei City Private Da Tong Children’s Care. At the end of press conference, the children’s care gave Jang Keun Suk a thank you letter to thank him and fan club’s good deeds.

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  1. just admit it eels. if he didn’t have a girlfriend. why would he be always talking about early marriage. don’t be saying you trust him because he said so haha

    • Hi peaches,

      True eels care for his happiness. Whether he has a girlfriend or not is beside the point; whether he admits it or not is beside the point. His dream is to become a father by the age of 33. How is he going to get married and have kids without having a girlfriend first? In fact, true eels will be happy if he has a girlfriend. We are happy as long as he is happy, because his dramas, his music and related news bring us much happiness. Why do we have to deny it?

    • Hi peaches,
      I will be one of the thousand eels who will be jumping up and down with joy if I know for sure JKS has a special lady in his life right now. As a true eel, I wish him to be happy with someone. I don’t want him to be a lonely man. When Sukkie is happy, eels are happy with him too.

      After reading your message again, it seems like you are questioning our TRUST in JKS more then whether if he has girlfriend or not. Well, it’s hard to explain our trust or bond with JKS to the outsiders…bcoz they probably don’t understand it anyways we explained it. Well, let’s just say that if JKS has girlfriend (GF) now and he is not disclosing it…… eels would just TRUST him that he has his good reasons, trust in him that he wish no harm to his eels and his lady love, for not telling the world about it now. When JKS said he doesn’t have a GF or don’t know LOVE yet…..hmmmm… eels did not think too deeply about it actually, some treat his confession as a JOKE, some take what’s he telling as a face value, he doesn’t have GF..it means he doesn’t have GF, simple as that.

      Well, will eels be MAD if he comes out later and tell us he has GF (or wife to be)?? NO!! True eels would not get MAD because eels know all along someday he must marry and has family of his own….that’s one of his wishes in life. Though, I presume some eels might feel a little bump out and shock upon hearing Suk is taken, especially the young girl eels…lol, but I am sure in the end, they will accept the truth and wish only for his happiness.

    • Sukkie’s eels would love him to have a happy life and hoping he could find his happiness soon.. reason is very simple, when you love someone like your own family, you wish for his happiness and not to have him with you all the time…. many eels play different role.. sometimes like a friend, sometimes like a sister or brother (we have male eel), sometimes like mum or even grandma…. many eels feel happy just seeing Sukkie smiles and many are inspired by him to pursue their own dream… when Sukkie is sad.. many would like to console & cheering him too.. that is how Sukkie’s eels feel while supporting him

  2. JKS has never disappointed me with his Interviews.. With his kind heart, sincerity, stong determination, talent, witty, etc..besides his being handsome, I totally agree with most of us here..he’ll achieve what he dreams…with his eels on his side!

  3. The never feel dislike and depress interview whenever I
    Read of his .He is really a lovely and kind hearted and a man full of humerous senses .His love for his eels is really sincere .We love you ever Geun Suk .Have a happy family by the time you have expected .We will be living both of you .Before you get married we are one of your girlfriends so far .kwikwi :))

  4. First of all, I‘d like to say, “Daebak Sis Kailey! Nice one! Very well said!”

    To Peaches… no offense but I think you think so little of us Eels. Whether he is talking seriously or joking or not disclosing anything is beside the point (just like what Sis Kailey said)… we trust him is what matters most. And yes, I will be one of the true eels who will celebrate with him on the day that he declares that he is in love or has been in love for some time or will be tieing the knot because when he is happy, we are too. He has never failed us on his interviews and his words always move us. He is on a roll in conquering the world and we will beside him when he does. Come…join us Peaches… so you’ll know what we’re talking about! lol ^__^

  5. IF you don’t find good philosopher teaching in the most prestigious campus,don’t worry, they are all here in jksforever,,girls,you are so smart, he is a man,he loves woman,so we as an eels have to accept that fact. Sukkie, December is a good month to be in love,try,kkkk.{I be in love for the firt and only one time in this month years ago}.

  6. Eels….u guys are bravo! “Jin jia” (means really in Korean) . We are true eels that love and trust Prince!
    Esther, indeed I learned a lot from this blog….


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