[31.08.12] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

Paparazzi is being photographed by me kekeke
狗仔队在被我拍 哈哈哈
파파라치를 내가 찍고 있음 ㅋㅋㅋ

Can it be seen? ㅠㅠ
티나? ㅠㅠ

Escaped from the hotel with my bleeding chin uh huh huh
以下巴哗哗流血的状态 逃出了宾馆 으흐흐
턱에 피 철철 흐르는 상태로 호텔탈출 으흐흐

To the street market I’d gone last year, gogo!!!! So I haven’t been here for one year !!!!!
작년에 왔던 길거리 야시장으로 고고!!!! 1년만이구나!!!!!

oh yeah what to eat? what to eat? ah oh really happy!!
오예 뭐먹지? 뭐먹지? 아오 씬나!!

Jyo ~~~~~~ waiting for food jyo~~~~~
Jyo ~~~~~~等待食物中 Jo~~~~~
죠~~~~~~음식 기다리는중 죠~~~~~

Ah too excited and forgot to take a pic. After eating for a while, took a pic flusteredly .. delicious!!!!
啊 因为兴奋 所以忘记拍照片了 吃了一会 慌慌张张地拍的..好吃!!!!
앗 흥분해서 사진찍는거 까먹고 먹다가 황급히 찍음..하오츠!!!!

Those who want to compete with me come here!! can take pics —- North ZhongShan Road, Section 4, Number 1, Grand Hotel Taipei
나와 결투하고 싶은 자 이리오라!! 갤러리 가능!!中山北路4段1號圓山飯店聯誼社

ho ho ho aigoo dead tired~~
吼吼吼 哎一古 累得要死了~~
헉헉헉 아이고 죽겠다

17 thoughts on “[31.08.12] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

  1. omo..our prince sukkie is injured in his chin.what happened?….but its ok because he looks alright and ate many foods….our prince also looks cute and cool at the same time with his killer/serious eyes inviting people to play tennis with him..kekeke

  2. JKS enjoying himself in Taipei~! (despite the audience at dinner…?)
    going to a night market and tennis after dinner! 🙂

  3. Oohoo.. Prince ! Why in a hurry ? Careful dear see .. Injured yourself got a wound at your chin ! Thank god nothing seriou and now enjoying your dinner . Well you deserved one because you work so hard . Enjoy yourself Prince and take care !!

  4. i’m glad our prince enjoying Taiwan just like enjoying Japan…
    he could freely going to anywhere he wants and invite eels to play tennis with him…
    the bandage on him looks so cute..why does everything on him looks so cute?? *hug prince

  5. Just be carefull next time 🙁 ..can’t help it!!! that lips makes me wanna..grrrrrrrr!!!! enjoy your stay there..hope you can also come here and meet your filipino eels 😉 i’m very happy your back again with us 🙂


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