27 thoughts on “[Vid-2] Fancam of JKS’ arrival in Taiwan_20120830”

  1. LOL, I think many of us in ECI were kabayakis yesterday – we were more excited to see our sister eel Hazy Lee than our Prince in the airport vids! I’m so happy for you, Hazy, you finally see him up close. Hope you have a good time at Crishow on Sat!

    • Kyaweee…our sis Hazy becomes eel superstar overnight. Sis Hazy, you have a perfect timing with your fight schedule, so lucky for you to be able to see Sukkie so close!! So envious and happy for you. Please enjoy your shinning moment and have fun at our Prince Concert.

      PS..Yeahhhhh…patiently waiting for your Fan-accounts….kekeke

  2. Wow! I saw Hazy in this video. I’m also very excited and happy for her. I’ll be waiting for her fan account next week. Hazy, Enjoy every moment with Sukkie……

  3. Which one is Hazy Lee,i don’t know her,but this is epic,i included her in my eels poem.This is the perfect part to write it.It had two or maybe tre parts. I hope you enjoy reading.The first part is dedicated to jangkeunsuk forever and ECI team work.

    The girls from this blog

    One day in the web
    i read this comment
    ‘visit our blog
    we will treat you well.
    note:{QQeyes wrote something similar}

    Iwas very courious,
    so i visited them
    it was Ken Suk blog
    i remember well.

    Since june of that year{2011}
    i became a regular
    its called JKS forever
    and i saw it clear.

    I never comment
    only saw and read
    i was very shy
    and innocent back them.

    The owner is Ivy
    nickname Aphrael{note:77
    seventy seven reasons
    for visit again.

    She had strong oppinion
    she speak very direct
    and for this two reasons
    she have my respects.

    Ialways try
    not to bother her
    i dont this lion
    out of his cave{sorry,its a joke}

    One name in particular
    captive my attention
    its was Tenshi Akuma
    from tecnology nation
    note:{tecnology nation is Japan}

    This girl translate
    all the Sukkie news
    twitters, weibos
    and the interviews.

    Farina is the leader
    of the ECI club
    this lady is awesome
    i laugh with her a lot.

    She always add spice
    to all his comments
    she desire Sukkie
    with all of his brain

    The other girl is QQeyes
    the one i mentioned first
    she gave us the links
    for Sukkie in the internet.
    note:{She is the queen of you tube}.


    • Love it, love it, love it!!! Mi adorada, Esther!! You have such a haw’s eye for people’s tendencies and personalities! I love what you’ve written about the girls! Right on! Keep going…I want to read more!!!

    • Esther,

      Thanks for your wonderful poem~! erm hm, yes I have strong opinions and I’m trying to tone them down 😀

      I tend to agree with most of what our eel sisters comment here ^^ and they are far more eloquent than me!

  4. Wow….great poem Esther , pls continue don’t let it stop! Really appreciate all of your hard work no matter you, farina, tenshi, ivy, qq and others. U guys are fun, can express so well in this blog. “geuraego, Thank you, Thank you”

  5. UPS,it have some grammatical errors,i was in hurry,in the part of Ivy,
    I dont want this lion
    out of his cave.
    In my part,innocent back then,not them.

  6. Lol!!!

    Esther my sweet dear
    You just made my day
    I smiled from ear to ear
    I’d like to meet you someday

    ECI evolved from this blog
    With only one simple hope
    To bring the friendship closer
    I never thought it will hit the globe

    So my darling Esther
    You have in me a friend
    I hope to see you enter
    Before this week will end…

    Im not a good poet but I hope it will do the trick kkkkk!!!! Im waiting……

    • My dear sweet Farina,
      I never had a clue
      that you had the talent
      to write poems too.

      It began with Esther,
      and it followed with you.
      The trend continues now with me
      joining the poem writing crew.

      This is one of the many reasons
      I love the JankKeunSukForever blog
      we can laugh, cry, and play together
      No longer am I the site-to-site leaping frog.

      I’ve found a home, sweet home in this site
      I’ve found so many friends
      Eels who share the same love for JKS
      and laughter that never ends.

      So I’m sending a big tight bear hug
      to all those who read these comments.
      Continue supporting our Prince,
      Join ECI and enjoy many more happy moments.

    • Charlotte, we wouldnt wanna scare her with my ‘other’ impromptu poem…. the genre of which will make ivy blacklist me here and Kaori will faint….

      • Farina, what a sweet poem~! I think you’re a budding poet~! (minus the Peely part ^^)

        ah, is it that infamous impromptu poem which you once shared in ECI? 😀
        I still remember it

      • Ivy, the one that you helped add your wisdom to? Youre not so bad in that genre yourself lol!!! So i wont b kicked out?? Lol!!

      • Farina, I love your impromptu comments…but JKSForever might not be ready for them just yet!
        You know, I never new what a Peel was – let alone that I was one of them! – until I “met” you! lol! You are one awesome Peel! I have a song for you: “She Wolf” By Shakira 🙂

        Hugs and kisses!

        I’m off to bed…it’s 4:14a.m. in L.A. and I have to be up in 2 1/2 hours. Nighty nite and good day to all of you!!

  7. Wow Farina,you surprise me,the poem is beautiful and better than mine,i liked so much,thank you, oh no, tears,stop,i dont want to cry now,send me the papers,please.

  8. I really enjoy all comments here!! Great jobs for Esther,Kley Kley and Farina for your “Impromptu poems” .. JKS does make us all forever happy^__^

  9. Wow!! I have seen other videos but this one is really great. I can feel Hazy’s excitement. So happy for you sis!!

  10. Oh my GOD,this is a blog or a art scool?,Kley kley your poem is beautiful too,Ivy ,you can make a great talent show here,all this girls are very talented like Sukkie.Ivy i am very happy read that you liked my poem,in the past i made some mistakes and you did not scold me{Tenshi did,hahaha,but she was very sweet}so i am very grateful to both of you for that and for gave me another chance,i will never forget that.TKANK YOU.


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