[23.08.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

As we’ve been looking for hospital since morning, the office was in an uproar. After every performance, he is applied a lot of compresses on his whole body. Where and how it hurts…? We don’t know what to do. All we can do is worry him… We’re ready to go straight (zikzin). Respond! 1987! T_T
아침부터 병원을 알아본다 사무실이 발칵 뒤집어졌다 공연 때마다 파스로 도배되는 몸 어디가 어떻게 아픈건지… 영문을 모르니 답답할 뿐 ㅡ 우리는 직진할 준비가 되있어요 응답하라! 1987! ㅠㅁ ㅠ

We believe you responded! We believe you’re OK! If not, I can’t live.. (sigh)
응답한거라 믿고! 괜찮은거라 믿고! 내가 못 살겠다 (한숨)

Every situation is really painful… Prince’s medicine (compress) placed on the table of the youngest manager… There are other cool compresses.. I wish he’ll become free of pain…
모든 상황이 참 아프다… 막내 매니져 책상에 놓여있던 프린스 약들… 저거말고도, 시원하게 하는 뭔가가 더 있던데.. 모두 아프지 않고 싶다..

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    • In my personal experience, while I’ve worked very hard in a tight schedule, I can’t even become sick because I’m too nervous to release the tension. On the other hand, when I take a break, I remember how tired I’ve been for a long time and get sick. I hope this symptom is one of side effects he’s now taking a rest. Taking good food and sleep will gradually recover his health. Pray for him, eels!

  1. lets all hope/ pray / wish hard.. that everything will be okay. there’s not much we can do afar besides praying and wishing for the best! the situation don’t seem good, but we all know that he gonna receive the best of the best treatment!! lets continue to cheer him on, be a good eel.. (not kabayaki!!! no BB!!!!) and look forward to this weekend @ busan! camping here for fan pics / update.. ZikZin!!!

  2. Pray pray pray!!! I just remember his pic to support Japan “Japan don’t give up!”…such words I’d like to say him//”Jang Keuun Suk – DON’T GIVE UP”…That’s just cuz of ur schedule and nervous cndition…I wish he’d spent his time just paying attention to his inner voice, health and do not bothering himself…xoxo

  3. OMG… Heartache… So many things happened to him recently.. I feel so sad knowing he’s sick T____T
    Hope he get well soon and have a good rest… He really need it…
    I’ll pray for him… Take care, Sukkie….

  4. oh .. my heart is so sad to hear he’s so sick .. take care prince, rest enough, we are all praying for you, please .. get well soon and keep happy!

  5. Let’s pray for Sukkie’s recovery.. hope he takes this time to rest his mind & body.. eels would give you the energy you need by praying for you…

  6. Do rest well & get well soon! Hv some jingseng & lots of nutrients. Bed rest is important, so don’t get up till you r better! Pray u hv a speedy recovery! Eels will give you strength!

  7. Dont be sad girls, remember he was very stressfull and that cause the muscles tense and pain. He will be fine soon, wait and pray.

  8. I can help JKS. I am a licensed therapist/clinician in Seattle US specialised in personal health coaching. Let me help! Email me and I can work on a holistic plan for him. I can provide my resume if you email me… Let me help please!

  9. Hi eels around the world^^ today is my first time writing a comment here. After 1 year visiting this site i finally got the courage to write here now because of jks…i’m feeling so sad lately to here he close his app messenger..now i’m feeling more sadder then ever to here that he is sick T____T….i love jks so much since i saw him in YAB… I definitely will pray for his recover;)….he’s a wonderful and great actor/singer which doesn’t deserved this T_T… eels from all over the world let’s stand-by and support him;)

  10. I’m worried for our prince! I look forward to hearing about his health … I love him and I do not want him to be in pain. He must remain forever happy. I cry for him now and I pray for him to be fine …

  11. Sukkie, please recovery fast!! Please become healthy bouncing giant bunny for eels again. EELs love you. EELs need you. EELs miss you.

    OMG…why I am crying hearing you’re not well…….T.T * crying river* (Sorry gals, I can’t help myself worrying about him… he is such a big part of my daily life…..aww)

    Please..…God, you blessed him with almost everything since he was born…please please, blessing him with healthy body, too. Praying hard for him to get well and pray everything will be alright!!

  12. I have been seeing on Twitter that he was taking a break and now it seems his health isn’t as good. Does anyone know what’s going on with him? What was the break about? Overworked? Very sad for such a young person in years…I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. Email me if you need my resume! He needs a personal health coach to work with him to keep him in shape physically, mentally, and psychologically. His problem is not just physical now, his symptoms now are psychosomatic. I can do something to change it and I am good at it… Give me a try. I want him to be successful as much as you all want him to be! However, something needs to be straightened up before he will be “fit” again. I speak Chinese and English only as a HK woman. I have no other intent but to make him successful in the long run. Please let me help!

    • Hi Wan Mei,

      Thanks for your concern, and everyone is equally concerned about his health.
      We are a fansite with no relationship to JKS’ company, Tree-J, hence we cannot help you at all in your request to offer health-related advice to JKS.
      I’m sure that if JKS wants, there are such health professionals in Seoul who are closer to him (in terms of distance).

      The only thing I can do is to provide you with Tree-J’s email address in a separate email.

  14. We can never be rid of Life’s twists and turns! Take a breather Prince and come back with tremendous determination to conquer your dreams!

  15. Aduuhh… Pada lebay deh…
    However,Jang Keun Suk is just a Human!His same with us. His not God. Why u all worry about him extra over? Did he know about u? which someone of u got a reply (twitter or anything else) from JKS?
    U can be a fans,but not adorer!

    • Dear She,
      please dont be so rude to all sister eels in this blog, i know some of them doesnt understand of your sentence ” Aduh pada lebay deh”, i think you should not said that. All the comments in this page are just the way for some eels to express their feeling to Keun Suk. We’re all here love Keun Suk not only as his fan but also as his brother/son/bestfriend that’s why we all worry bout him. Even though Suk doen’t know us personally but we’re all here can feel his love to all his eels, that’s why eels give their love back to Keun Suk.

    • It doesn’t matter if JKS knows or not even knows anyone in this blog who cares so much for him. I would like to ask you something. If someone you don’t know cares and loves you, does that mean you are GOD to that person and not human at all? Are you well aware of the fact that JKS is an artist? And for that reason alone, it’s enough that many people care and love him because he also gave that to those people in return without necessarily knowing them one by one. It’s best to say that nobody must see JKS as GOD because he definitely is not, but it’s worst saying why people worry and care for him. He, of all people in this world, i say people and not GOD, deserves this love and care showered upon him.

  16. Our immune systems get weakened when we overwork ourselves:

    1. When the body doesn’t get the necessary rest to replenish itself.
    2. When we don’t intake the right nutrients
    3. When we neglect to listen to what our body tells us

    Bottom line – and this is nothing but my personal opinion – our Prince is probably just exhausted and a bit malnourished. Nothing a good hearty home-cooked meal and proper rest can’t cure.

    Nevertheless, in order to recover, his mind should be at peace too. If he thinks too hard and worries too much to the point of becoming stressed out – that could have a negative effect on his health too.

    In addition to praying for his health, let’s also pray for God to give him peace of heart and mind. Let’s pray so that he takes things a little more lightly.

    Eels, don’t worry too much! Worry only hurts us but doesn’t help one bit. Think positively and pray faithfully believing that God is listening to our prayers and restoring our Prince’s health back to normal.

    Remember this about the power of agreement: “…If two of you agree on earth concerning
    anything that they ask [pray], it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” Mat.18:19

    …and there are WAY MORE than just two of us agreeing in prayer for JKS’ health. I’m sure our Sukkie will feel 100% in no time.


    • Kley-kley,
      I think you are right. Most likely it is just exhaustion with a bit of a virus on top of that.

      I have been observing this kid with a thought “how long can he play supermen”? What I mean, that he works himself way too hard most of the time. I admire and respect his zest, his dreams, and his hard work, but at the same time, he does need to slow down from time to time…I do understand why he wants to do all he can while he is in peak popularity, but at the same time he is human and his body has natural limitations which have to be respected.
      One part of growing up and maturing is to learn about our personal physical and emotional limitations. To learn not only how to work hard, but to work smart. A lot of people depend on him, so naturally he feels responsible, and would want to keep working.
      Still, hope he can prioritize and allow himself enough rest, good food, physical activity and fresh air to strengthen his body. Everybody emotional state is so closely related to physical, that once he rests he would feel better emotionally and will be able to just laugh most things off.
      Emotional conditioning is another part of maturing,which he might not have had a chance to do as a regular person. I.e. most of us develop pretty thick skin in the first years of kindergarden or school. This kid (said in a kind and respectful way) sometimes has his nerves way too exposed. Which is a natural part of being such an excellent actor,but may be somewhat inconvenient for everyday life. I hope he learn not to take criticism too emotionally, as it is an inevitable part of life of EVERY creative person. Everyone is criticized for this and that, and you can not please everybody. Being true to oneself and one’s ideals is what counts the most.

      Once again, apologies for a long post. Just had to “park” those loose thought somewhere.

      • Sorry for so many questions, lol but I am honestly interested. I thought he was a normal joyful boy, is he suffering or suffered before? He looks fun but we dont know how people feels inside, right? Did someone hurt him? do you guys know how is his personality, any of you have met him personally? I thought he was like me, Playful and with high selfesteem, open. I heard actors and artists are more emotional than normal people, is he like that?

      • Lowtide,

        So true! Knowing ones limitations is key. Sadly, this is something each one of us has to find out for ourselves.
        JKS too will have to figure out on his own what’s best for him. I hope he will slow down a little for his own sake and the sake of the people that, like you said, depend on him (and this includes us too, somehow).

        All we can do is pray and be supportive. Give him all the TLC he needs right now.

        If he went to the hospital (or is going to a hospital), he is already in good hands. Let’s hope we hear some good news soon!

        Love and Peace, Eels! Zikzin!

  17. Oh very interesting what you wrote Lowtide, I just knew recently about him so I have no idea of many things about him, why do you say he is in his peak of popularity? he was not this popular before? Why does he have to work so hard?

    Why he could not grow like a regular person? or why he takes criticism too emotionally? if someone criticizes him, he feels sick?

  18. For try to calm myself and no think about Sukkie health,i listened all his songs,then i wrote this with his songs or his dramas and movie songs,,i hope help you too, girls.The title of the songs are in capital letters:

    OH MY DARLING i am saying HELLO,HELLO to you,CAN YOU HEAR ME?I hope you have a LOVELY DAY and STILL healthy every day.WHAT SHOULD I DO IF i dont see you? Today i only see you IN MY DREAMS because you are 200 MILES away from me, HEY BOY{intead of HEY GIRL}i wanna be ALWAYS CLOSE TO YOU,but IF you don’t come back to me,there is not TOMORROW for me,i’m become CRAZY,CRAZY,CRAZY and BREATHLESS,please don’t say GOODBYE or BYE, BYE,BYE,TO ME,I WILL PROMISE YOU not leave you,you are FULL OF SUNSHINE,MY PRECIOUS,YOU ARE MY SUPER STAR,don’t LET ME CRY for you in this RAIN{is really raining here}CAN’T STOP missing you,so please come back saying in english,PUT YOUR HANDS UP and PA, PA,PA{part of GOTTA GETCHA}and dancing like you dance in Sommer Sonic Tokyo,{so hot} and all your pain will desapear and your eels ,especially in this site, that love you too much will be saying’ Our prayers are heared,WE CAN{COULD} MAKE IT, MY FRIENDS.

    • Awww…Esther, in a time of turmoil like this in the eels’kingdom, you manage to make me giggle and put a smile on my face with your wonderful CREATIVITIES comment. Thank you.

    • I LOVE IT, Esther!! Thanks for that! We all need a little pick-me-up right now. Your creativity amazes me! 🙂

      By the way, I heard that the storm in the Caribbean was really bad. I see you’re using the internet so I’m guessing it didn’t hit that hard where you live…and I’m glad! XOXO

    • Esther, thank you! You make things lighter, you’re always jolly. i love reading your comments, its always comical. I envy that talent because i cannot be that comical in writing neither in real conversation, sigh.
      I love these bLog, even if im a silent reader(because im shy in commenting) i feel the love and support you give to each other through bad and good times.
      I hope u can welcome me here.
      I hope I can find as many eels sister as I can.
      Thank you again Esther for the song you brighten up my day!
      And thank you also to Apharel(for these wonderful blog) and Tenshi(for the translations). And I miss reading Farina’s comment(I enjoy also her comments,funny and naughty sometimes(peace!). and also to QQ(argh sorry i cannot remember her name the youtube queen)thank you!
      Godbless you all.
      Hope are Prince is well today because he has an autograph signing.
      keep smiling girls.. bye, till next time.

    • hi ms. esther!sorry for feeling close to you, but i can’t help but to smile reading your comments.. LOL you really are very creative..thnks for cheering us all.

  19. Jackie,
    You have to take what people write in those comments with a grain of salt. Another words – never take such comments as hard facts.
    Everything I wrote is my personal opinion. Just something I deduced by observation.
    I may be wrong, I may be very wrong. In any case I do not want to do JKS any injustice by pretending I really know what is going on.

    He was popular before,but his popularity increases exponentially, he does have to go to the army in another 2-3 years. So, he may think he needs to do as much now as he can, while he has the opportunity. That is also something he himself said in one of the interviews.
    He also mentioned in interviews that critical words stay with him for a long time and affect him a lot. NO! I did not mean that it makes him sick. I just meant, that when someone is exhausted he\she reacts more to negative things around them (such as criticism).
    He was a child model since the age of 5, he participated in many modeling jobs + TV dramas. His TV career started at the age of 10. Look it up on wiki, it is all there.
    So I GUESSED, that:
    He had to learn many things as a grown up and work as hard as a grown up, but there might have been experiences (positive and negative) that he missed, because he was not around a lot of peers.
    If you want to learn more watch his documentary about concerts in Japan, he says many of those things himself.

  20. Jackie,
    Yes, I do think that many creative people are more emotional than normal people. There are a lot of examples of musicians, artists, singers from history that tend to prove that point. Can I pinpoint any psychological research on the topic – not really. Do I know whether JKS belong to this type – NO! But something tells me he does.

    One actor (not Korean) even said something about many actors having this very flexible and fluid personalities, that preclude them from regular jobs. I would also imagine that to act at the level JKS acts one has to almost make oneself to live through an experience. To cry when acting a person needs to activate exactly the same areas of the brain as when one lives through an experience, same goes for all other emotions.

    • Lowtide, may it be true or not..but every time I read your comments here, I always learn some thing from you.

      P.S Thank you for always housing your logical, educational and insightful thoughts about our beloved JKS here, in this blog.

    • Very cool, ok his personality sounds very interesting, and I forgot to thank you for your comments, I am starting to understand why he has a lot of fans.

      • Jackie,
        Thank you for your kind words. Every time I go into one of those extra-long blabbers, I promise not to write too much, but I did not really keep this promise, not even once :).
        Personally, I find JKS a very fascinating person. His photos do not have the same effect on me as they do on many people here, so I am one of those cool-headed adjummas ;). But I am so amazed at having an opportunity to watch the life of this very bright and unusual creative kid envelop in front of us. It is like reading the most fascinating historical biography, when blank pages are being filled up right in front of one’s eyes.

        I think he is one of the best international actors now. But he has some pretty unusual traits that set him apart from many very talented actors, make him a fascinating character in modern history.

        1. He truly has a mentality of a trailblazer (a person who would want naturally to do things differently,not in the old fashioned way) I think he is somewhat of cultural trailblazer in Korea, at the same time he probably done more for improving the perception of Korea in Japan than many politicians and diplomats. It looks like he does think about his mission a lot. That part is particularly fascinating for me. If you have not read about his response to a lawsuit against You are my pet – read it. He is a pretty progressive thinker,which is double amazing at that young age.

        2. He is very wise for his age as far as his career plans go. He seems to think and work for his future. But at the same time he can be very childish.

        3. Incredibly hardworking (to a fault sometimes), wants to encourage other people to do their best. Appears very genuine.

        4. He is not afraid to appear “not perfect” and have faults. He is very brave in so many things he does, not afraid to go against the accepted public opinion.

        What happens to him after he return from the army, we will just have to see. Something tells me, he will not be just idle property owner. He will come up with something to do for sure. Will he act? Who knows, some actors return very successfully to their pre-army career. Others do not, they may not want to, or may not have the same opportunity.

  21. Thanks Lowtide, really sounds interesting. I had no idea he started to work as a child, he probably had a different childhood, dont mean bad but different. If I had known that negative comments stay with him longer I would have been very careful with my words about his English. So if he goes to the army then his career is over or can he return to keep working? I will watch his documentary. I thought he was a DJ with a very fun life for the tweets I read. I guess his life is interesting, is he married? love makes us feel much better, when I am in love I see everything in pink, lol

    • Jackie,
      Yes, you are right!
      You would want to be very careful with such words as “very” and especially “bad”, regardless of who you are going to address. Unless you are going to hit below the belt and the person really deserves it. Another one to avoid would be “always”, “every time”, especially when you characterize a person. Words are very powerful,one has to keep it in mind. It is good you learned this in a friendly way from this blog.
      An easy way to test something would be “would I want people to say that about me this way”. 😉

      • Yes you are right too, we can learn things from people we have not ever met and I learned that good thing, I will start watching for this documentary and his films so I can understand a little more. I looked for the response of the lawsuit, did not find it but for what I read some people did not like the theme of the film, but in my perception they were being too hard with their opinions, I mean it´s just a film, so why are they so angry? Just dont get it.

        Anyway the way you describe him, shows that you really respect him and admire him a lot, very inspiring. I started following his tweeter after, I saw his picture when he was in China, maybe some of you remember that picture, he was in a restaurant, wearing a big sweater and sandals, maybe in the morning and his hair like a palm tree, lol, he looked like if he had a huge party the night before.
        I thought this guy looks like hell, he looks like me the morning after a huge party, like a vampire afraid of the light, lol.

        So I liked that so much, being so natural, really funny too, so almost everyday he tweets something funny or weird and I like that a lot.

  22. Kailey, Klay, Klay,thanks, i feel sad and worry too,but i try to be busy for don’t think in Sukkie health. The storm will pass in midnight,but its far from the north area when i live, so we only expect rain,not strong winds,thank God.Oh my gosh,you see,Lowtide is very smart and now she is giving tips to Jackie for knowing Sukkie,so sweet of her,because Jackie is a new eel,this things only happen in jksforever,one girl, no frecuent visitor, commented that she was impress with the way we treat each other, with love and respect,very warm,you have to be proud Ivy and jks team work.FIGHTING.

  23. Anonymous,i don’t like call you like that,so pick up a nick nime,Shyny will be perfect for you,you liked? maybe you don’t believe it, but in this blog a lot of girls are shy too, including me,only writing i feel secure and like you i wait one year to comment in this blog,so welcome twin,kkkkk.Thanks for the beautiful things you said to me.Ah,Farina was commenting a lot this days,very funny comments,search them.Answer me ,please,i am going to sleep before midnight{USA western time,becuse if not i lost my cindirella style and i have to wake up early to see if Sukkie feel better tomorrow.

    • Are you searching for gold nuggets or something? Kkkkkkk!!!

      In all honesty, im as worried abt sukkie as the rest of you but speculation will only give me more grey hair and i’m trying very hard to hold on to my youth lol!! Looking at things positively, at least we learn more about each other and how to support not only Sukkie in his time of need, but more importantly we show others that being peace-loving EELS is the very essence of our pride. Make Sukkie PROUD of US as we are proud of him! Jyo Zikzin!!

    • Esther ah you’re the sweetest, you give me another nickname.. you can call me beLLa(my other nickname) from now on, if you dont want taThs as may name ehehe.. ah we are twin now(you’re my twin sister in these blog), coz same like you i visited these blog around july 2011 so happy 1st anniv to me and prince( i feel ive known him half my life because of these blog).. sorry for answering you late, were in different timezone.. it’s our eid vacation that’s why i can stay till up late but starting tomorrow back to work again.. i can visit after work.. thank you for being nice,, so warm..

  24. Sad to read Sukkie is not well. May be he is trying to do too many things in too little time. As u you all said may be a proper rest and timely food will cure him soon. He should also try getting into meditation and yoga to keep his mind free from tension and worries which are common problems when one is in Sukkie’s position. There are many actors (I know of many Indian actors as I am Indian) who are about 20-25 years older than Sukkie and keeping themselves fantastically fit by treating their body as a holy place and treating it with care and devotion. You care for your body and it will care for you later on. Anyway, I feel I have said too much, sorry. As always I will pray for Sukkie’s recovery.

  25. I’m sure that he will recover soon. Prince is a strong person and he will come back even stronger than before 🙂 We love you, Prince!

  26. It really heartbreaking to learn that prince is now sick and in pain! oh gosh.. Please pray for him, pray that he will get really well soon..

  27. Ohh GOG ..what is going with our prince ?? As he is working too hard with such a tight schedule it can happen very often .Pl be health as I ever mention that health and parents are the most important than others ..Come on Geun Suk ..

  28. what happened?? please give us more information what happened to him?? we are very worried!! please please please.. let us know.. my heart is beating so fast! i cant be calm on this..

  29. I hope he gets better. He definitely needs a good rest. Physically and emotionally, it is a tough month for him. Sad that all these things happen during this month which he should be enjoying his birthday.

    I am glad that most eels are very supportive. But good thing is tmr we will finally get to see him. I want to see his smile.

    I guess most eels really want to see how he is coping, so a lot of them already starting queuing outside codes combine outlet yesterday even though the autograph signing session is tmr.

  30. Hi all beloved eels…nice reading all your PRECIOUS comments and everything about Sukkie! I believe he definitely knows his eels worrying about him and he will have speed recovery in any way! From this blog, day by day i understand more and more about him, especially what Lowtide had mentioned about Sukkie. I really do not how to express my opinions about him until i read Lowtide’s comments. My friends around asking why i admire him so much..hmmm…is really unexplainable…i tell them he is special, not only from his drama and i start to understand him more after watching his documentaries and BTS…he is so natural, so true and never hide his bad points…i just love all his inside out.
    Besides, i will be going to watch his concert in Taiwan on 1 Sep. Anyone of you joining as i heard that there are still plenty of tickets which have not sell out due to the high price. Eeels, we cannot let our Prince seeing so many empty seats left, please support our Prince…
    For those who interested in buying ticket, please visit http://www.walkieticket.com/
    Thanks all and have a great weekend ahead


  31. I remembered he had a car accident a couple months ago, when shooting love rain. Sometimes some injury that you don’t feel immediately would be painful until some move. Just hope this is not the case. I had such experience and luckily l found a good chiropractor. And sometimes some pain will remind you to cherish your health. Hope he will be fine and I’ll see the prince soon in Cri show.

  32. Girls,have hope and faith,he will be fine soon,i am happy because the storm gone and I have internet,no sign of Sukkie yet,but interact with all of you console me,like Farina said,he want his eels to be happy,so smile(sorry,i dont know to put the happy face,imagine that I put it here____.I saw the huge line in front of Codes Combine too, make me feel happy because his people ,the koreans are begining to accept him,good news. I wandering if they are going sleeping here like in USA,when a huge movie begins the people stay acamping in there, the case? Well,the two forced days free of work for the storm are gone,i am going to work now,wait the lunch time already to conected again,its call adiction.Bye.

  33. taTHS,the name i did not want to call you was anonymous,i visit this site for the firt time in May, 2011, but my first comment was in June of the same year,so we are fraternal twins now,kkkk.Thanks for answered me and so kind words and Jackie too.Take care.


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