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“@siwon407: With my muse Jamiroquai and Mr.stylish @asiaprince_jks 🙂 it was such a great time! http://pic.twitter.com/PqAzG2k5”ㅡwhy notttt~~^^
tenshi_akuma’s note: According to news, Sukkie and Jay Kay (Jamiroquai) first met at the reception for “Le Mans 24 Hour Race” held in France in June, 2007. At that time, Jay Kay promised Sukkie that Jamiroquai would go to Korea for their concert and then he would invite Sukkie there. And Jay Kay kept his promise. When Jamiroquai visited Korea for the first their concert, he invited Sukkie. Sukkie didn’t expect this invitation actually, so he was very excited to attend the show. Below is the video in those days. Unfortunately no English subs… The photo above was taken yesterday and it was Jamiroquai’s 2nd concert in Korea. As you know, Jamiroquai also attended SUMMER SONIC held in Japan.

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  1. Wowww….thank you Mr. Jamiroquai for keeping promise to our Sukkie. I’m soo happy seeing him reacquainted with World star like Jamiroquai.

    Thanks Kaori chan for the background story.

  2. Thanks,Tenshi I never saw this vid before,he looks very handson and the way that he talk sounds sweet, thanks to this group for make Sukkie happy.

    • Esther, I would like to share a story also behind the Audi Party few years’ back.. this was a story I heard from an eel in BaiduSukbar (China).. it is one touching story which touches the heart… In one Audi Party when Sukkie was invited as guest.. there was an accident when the seating platform for the VIPs collapsed (if I’m not wrong, it is after the event), the rest of the guests left the scene even some saw the accident and only Sukkie stayed back to help up the Audi staffs.. as it was late into the night.. many were tired.. Sukkie drove away and came back with coffee for all the Audi staffs.. because of this incident, many of the Audi staffs become eels and the Audi management always remember Sukkie every year when they hold the event… Sukkie is really a kind soul, he don’t show any air even he is a superstar.. and he really made people working or around him his eels naturally ^_^

      • Thank you QQ for remind me again about this event and Kaori Chan for posting the link again ^__^ I feel so touch reading this again… He’s so sincere n care about people around him… People who work with him must be very happy n grateful ^__^

      • QQ & Kaori-chan, thanks for sharing the article again. This story is always on my mind. Sukkie was only 21 years old at the time, for him to do that is so amazing. It comes naturally to him, it’s not something someone taught him. It is because he has a great heart, he is sensitive and considerate. What makes it more amazing is that he’s a celebrity but didn’t care about his status. He would help anyone in despair. I hope eels will always remember this side of him whenever they have any doubt about his sincerity as a person.

      • Hi sis QQ..we all knew how generous he is..that’s why we love him so much right? WE PROUD OF PRINCE JANG KEUN SUK..WE PROUD AS HIS EELs 🙂

  3. Ah,beautiful story,thanks to both of you for sharing,i knew he is very kind the most recently Top star news write an article about the incident of people from the back pushing people from the front thru the stage in Team H Tokyo,anybody can t calm them,Sukkie notice that and stop the presentation ,said something about it and the people calm down inmediatly, that gest impress the male audience in fact, because the girls were already impress by his charms. Talking about charms, it is true that he and BB were playing taken they shirt off in there? Shhh,don t tell Farina,please.kkkkk.

  4. Thanks QQ and Esther for sharing these great part of Sukkie!hope he happy forever and i really love to his smile•••••


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