[22.08.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

tenshi_akuma’s note: This is a message board for Perfume who is a popular Japanese techno girls group. Jang Keun Suk and Perfume appeared together on TV program “MUSIC JAPAN”. This message board was placed at TOWER RECORDS in Shibuya. JKS left his message as follows; “おれさまがきた!がんばれ!(I’m here! Fighting!)–> ぐんちゃんです(I’m Guen-chan)”.

He’s not here any more…?

There are new-born male fans who say something like “Geun-chan, you’re great!” “Safety first!!” and “I enjoyed your stage!”
グンちゃん最高! 安全第一‼ 先見たよっ!て言うってくれる男性ファンが出来た

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  1. Male fans, Welcome to eels Kingdom..!! Whoever you are, don’t be afraid, don’t be ashamed of being eels because JKS is a proven wonderful and talented artist, a worthy person for our devotion. You won’t regret being his fans.

    I’m sooo happy knowing Sukkie starts to have more and more eels fan now. Yeahhh…to be prince of the world, he needs to attract to all genders and all type of people. Jyo..Zikzin!!!

  2. awww.. we have enough room for male eels!! welcome them to the pond.. dont be blinded by his good / beautiful looks.. more importantly.. we appreciate his personality inside out and you will realize that his attitude, wisdom, his true self outshine everything!! we are eels not because of how good looking he is.. more importantly we love him for who he is..

  3. Many people take one look at Sukkie’s and don’t like him. Never judge a book by its cover! If they make a bit of effort to look carefully at Sukkie, they will find a very talented, hardworking and sincere young man, a person so young but able to think outside of the box and demand highly of himself. He is experienced model, radio DJ, MC, actor. He has started to venture into singing. He has dabbled in film directing and has plans to do much more. He is very serious when he’s working. He is down to earth, those who have worked with him only have good words about him. He has great work ethics and great leadership skills. He started his own company when he’s only 21. Not only he is a multi-talented artiste, he is an entrepreneur. He is involved in almost everything in his company including planning, designing, producing, etc. Amongst all that, he has a playful nature which he doesn’t hide! He gives us a lot of joy. I hope he will never change. I look forward to more of his excellent work.

  4. Yess..WELCOME to EELS WORLD my Brothers 🙂 you dont have to worried at all..Prince World Jang Keun Suk is the person who you need to know more n more..as an actor,singer,DJ,director,script writer,n many more coz he so talented guy :)n especially he really become a wisdom n nice character if you know him better n better..then you’ll realized that he was one n only K-Star who really love his fans(EELS) no matter what..so down to earth even he’s so famous entire world, we must support him n respect him of course..again..WELCOME my BROTHERS..enjoy the EELS WORLD n keep love,respect,n support our WORLD PRINCE JANG KEUN SUK 4ever..ZIKZIN!

  5. Hi, anyone know what is happening to Jang Keun Suk, he suddenly close his JKS message on his official application and seem withdrawn from his twitter and blog.
    I guess somebody use his comment to attack him. That is why his agent, tree-J refrain him from making public comment. I am not very sure about this but from my reading and gathering of various news , this is my conclusion. Hope somebody can share if you know what is happening. Thanks alot


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