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Good night:)
tenshi_akuma’s note: This was taken between takes of MV “Stay”.

When physically exhausted or our heart hurt, it’s natural for us to think too much. When it comes to him, he always thinks “the first time” and “sincerity”. Then, he takes a step forward.
몸이 지칠 때, 마음이 다칠 때도, 생각이 많아질 때도 물론 있다. 사람이니까 그럴 때면 항상 ‘처음’과 ‘진심’을 생각한다 그리고 다시 한 걸음 앞으로

That makes actors cling to the notion of keeping them mysterious…
이래서 배우들이 신비주의를 고집하는거네 …

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  1. I hope he is feeling ok. It makes me sad knowing that he is feeling so upset that he wants to shut down his app. I love that he is willing to tell us his feelings, his emotions. He is not perfect, but as his eels, we should show our support and not reprimand him in a harsh way.

    Some fans want a perfect idol, i want an idol who is real and has emotions just like us. I want him to be able to tell us when he is unhappy, angry or happy. However, if he gets hurt telling us his true feelings, then i rather he stay mysterious like the rest of the Korean actors.

      • I heard he explained it in the official website with a message…I tried signing up a couple of months ago but couldn’t…I want to know what he said too…

      • Hey Annie and Ava…….

        Please dun be down….. 🙂 we have other EELS here to support one another…….

        In summary :-
        Our Prince just needs a break for a while….. he’s been having a really tight and hectic schedule and as he mentioned in his KBS Documentary that “if someone would sell time in the market a 10 cents per second, he will extend 1 month into 62 days”.

        As an EEL, we should respect his decisions and just support him for taking this break for now and once he is fully recharged I am sure “HE’LL BE BACK”.

        With a much more energetic SELF…. (^-^)

        Happy we shall ….. for as long as our Prince knows we EELs care about him he will definitely be really happy to know.

        He loves his EELs too much and his EEls are the ones that gives him the energy to continue what he does best…!!!!

        Sooo please just have faith and endure this period with our Prince’s decision…

      • there is no need to explain the reason for everything, because real eels do not need it!! anti-fans will not believe anyway.. 😉 there’s a saying.. one take a rest to walk a greater distance!! beware that he will be back to conquer the world real fast.. can we handle that? ;););) in the mean time while he’s taking a break, hibernating for a better fight.. All of us should take a step back and catch your breath too, and prepare to walk a greater distance with him when’s he back.. for good or for bad, we will be there.. with him! eels who love him, stay through with him..

  2. So serene while asleep.. Love u jang keun suk..keep spreadin love
    and happiness..u will get that back..<3<3<3 B-)B-). :-*:-*:-*

    • Hi, Mindy
      No one know the reason why but him.
      But if you believe him, pls keep believe him. He may take some rest, and we are also take some rest.
      He love his eels, so do not worried, just wait and support him

    • there’s a saying.. one take a rest to walk a greater distance!! beware that he will be back to conquer the world real fast.. can we handle that? ;););) in the mean time.. eels should take a break and prepare to walk a greater distance with him when’s he back.. for good or for bad, we will be there.. with him! eels who love him, stay through with him..

    • Hi Esther! I read your post there. I would also add to your comment: Maybe his intention to post a photo holding hand with a girl, is to have a hint to his eels that he is in a relationship with someone. Hope everyone must be happy for it. With so much pressure in his work, he needs someone to talk to at end of a very tiring work aside from his family.I remembered watching his video while having vacation in Hawaii and he kept on mentioning how he wished to have a girlfriend.For me an authentic eel must understood what is borderline of a his life as an artist and his personal life.

    • Esther, I left a comment. I’m afraid it sounds harsh to you. But I’m sure you’ll understand my sincerity. Thank you.

  3. Celebrities should also have their private life withoug interference from their fans. Sukkkie will eventually have a girlfriend (wife) so eels should not over-react if he announces that he has a girlfriend. Eels CANNOT be his girlfriend or wife.
    So those eels who are jealous n want Sukkie to remain single, please wake up !!!

    • I’m speechless,,,,,
      What am I going to do without sukki???
      I’ll always support him no matter what,,,
      But I think I’ll just crying for hold night,,if sukki really get merried!!
      I’m happy for u sukki,,,

      • Calm down MrSukki90…….. 🙂 all the EELs are here for each other….

        Yes totally agree with you sis Farina…..

        We shall all take this opportunity to also take a breather and give ourselves some time to rest ……. we have been making Our Dear PRINCE JANG KEUN SUK work his butt off lately (lol!) and he has not gotten much rest since like forever in 2012…… right after Love Rain then its his preparation for Cri Show II with the occasional appearance for variety shows, talk shows, advertisement shoots, magazine shoots, Love Rain press Conferences and “TEAM H” appearences for Summer Sonic and UMF. Wow even talking about it made me feel exhausted on behalf of him and to know that he has done sooo much in just the mere 3-4 months….. its amazing…..!!!

        And those little short breaks to Paris and Phuket did not do him justice….. ahahahahah 🙂 That’s just my opinion.

        Lets all give each other time and let him rejuvenate and come back to us with a BRAND NEW physically with a more buffed up) HIM… ekkekeek

        Lets continue to support and love him unconditionally and move forward with him.

        JYO ZIKZIN……..!!!!!!

  4. In this time of confusion, please just trust and support Jang Keun Suk for the joys tgat he has given us so far. Everybody should just step back and not throw accusations and speculations which may unintentionally be harmful for him.

    He will be back sooner if all of us show our unwithering love and support. Smile all and Sukkie will smile with us with pride!

  5. Hey sukkie all fans don’t think alike except the fact that unites us fans is all coz of u….we’ll try our level best to understand you and make other fans understand that you love us all……and we will draw a line between ur personal and professional life…!!!!! Love you sukkie..!!!!

  6. I am totally believe and trust Sukkie on his decision to temporary close his Apps. I am sad not able to see his “nyaa”..and crazy posts and messages for while….but I am a loyal good eel so I understand he needs to take some needed rest. I will be waiting for him.

    Sometimes, one in a while, people need to be alone, retreat or step back to reflect on oneself and make a better future plans in a much more calm and undisturbed setting.

    In all the years, I have been followed Sukkie….he had never, not even one time, before done things without some thoughts and deliberations or without reasons.

    Please eels, be patient with him and trust him and support him like you always did. JKS will be back with more charged strong energies and positive mind set. When he decide to come back (I never doubt about this), we, eels, will be waiting for him and be united with a stronger forth and bond, together go Zikzin to the world!!

  7. Life is full of challenge..

    Our Suk is a brave man… He can definitely go through it.. As he passes through the storm, it will make him stronger & braver than before..

    Life is like a roller coaster ride. It has its ups & downs. So lets take this as a challenge not only to Suk but all eels…

    We must be confidence that Suk can make it & we can make it…

    Always remember this : Use our smile to change the world. Do not let the world change our smile ^_^

  8. I will wait for him to tell me (and all of us)… what is in his heart and his mind.

    I think Jason Mraz can tell JKS better than me… “I Won’t Give Up”:

    “I won’t give up on us, even if the skies get rough, I’m giving you all my love…I’m still looking up…”

  9. He just needs some alone time like we all do ^___^ and when he comes back, be prepared for an energy blasting Prince! all recharged, ready to come play with us again! and its not for long for sure, he loves us too much to be away too long! its good to miss him sometimes dont you think? JKS i miss you already!!!!!

  10. Yes, take a big break. then come back with smile as usual. we’ll wait for you no matter what, even we miss you so much, we’ll wait patiently! 🙂

  11. i so love the pic above he loos so sweet i only want to say that we as eels should always stay together and trust and believe in our master eel and that he would never stay away from us for too long and that he just needs a break so he can focus on what he is doing soon we will have news from him or his staff so lets stay together to give our master eel power and love kisses to all and love you all you guys have made me feel like i belong here

  12. No matter what is the reason of this sad sitiuation (whether it is girlfrined, or depression or smth esle) hope, number of real eels won’t decrease…We SHOULD believe to our Prince. If he wants pause – just be patient and follow him…I hope, everyone here, so worrying abt him…and I think, JKS knows it…we’ll wait as long, as it’s needed…untill Our Prince will awaken and send us next Happy msg )))Untill it, let’s sleep with him too and when time comes just let’s hold each’s hand and support him!!! Love ya girlzzz!!! xoxo

  13. We will always support him and wait for him patiently! I wish I could see him on every social networking site and app I’m on, but he is only one guy with a busy schedule and alot of things he wants to do like we all do. I hope eels will understand his heart, he is human like us all, and continue to support him also! World Prince hwaiting! Eels in America love you~ ^_^♥♥

  14. I think it’s great that all eels unite for our prince! Especially in his time of need, we just need to be there for him, waiting quietly and without a stir in the eels pond :p that said, remember what he always says:

    Jang Keun Suk, we are all staring really hard at you and straight into your eyes. We will all wait patiently for you so take the time you need. Rest well and come back to recharge the pool of eels!!

  15. Once he give up twitting and then he returned with wonderful twits 😉 this is just a break and i believe this will make eels and our boss more strong. Loyal eels will be there but just fans, new comers can leave. i am ok with that. i always want more eels but if these eels will make everything complex, i am not sure. There are some not written rules for being an eel. Maybe there should be a list 🙂 so new comers can learn. There is enough antis so we don’t need fans who behave like anti fan. While waiting for sukkie’s return, we should be a GOOD eel 😉
    i always think that eels are special and different from other fan clubs. We support, PROTECT, love (unconditionally) jang keun suk. We don’t try to change suk. We believe him, his heart, his decisions.
    We don’t have to know all reasons and cause-effect relationships. Eels have to believe in jang keun suk.
    Don’t do gossip and spread rumors while waiting for keun suk. Lets talk about his works and successes 🙂
    Keep supporting suk till the end. As the address of the site 🙂 jks forever 😉
    i love that giant kid! His childish heart <3

  16. Just want to share this…

    “When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.”
    – Unknown Author

    Your eels will always be there for you, not in front of you, not behind you…. but BESIDES you… “we can make it”…. zikzin….

  17. I hope all eels will understand and patiently wait until Sukkie is ready to come back. We know he will never ever do anything to hurt his eels. He just loves them too much. Even if he did close his messaging in the app, look at the brighter side, it is only temporary. And if for anything, he cared enough to advise his eels before he did it. That, to me, shows his courtesy, thoughtfulness, and professionalism. We all must know him by now, whatever it is, he has a very good reason for doing it. He is a very reasonable and level-headed man. We just have to trust and believe in him like we have always done. And in times of adversities, we should all the more be united and stronger for our Prince. We can’t only be with him when times are good, we also have to be with him when times get rough. The most important thing is that we’re in it together. Such is the bond between JKS and his eels – that special bond that he worked so hard for to achieve and protect. I hope nothing will ever ruin it.

  18. there is no need to explain the reason for everything, because real eels do not need it!! anti-fans / cockroaches / pest will not believe anyway right? there’s a saying.. one take a rest to walk a greater distance!! beware that he will be back to conquer the world real fast.. can we handle that? ;););) in the mean time while he’s taking a break, hibernating for a better fight.. All of us should take a step back and catch your breath too, embrace and take care of ourselves and prepare to walk a greater distance with him when’s he back.. for good or for bad, we will be there.. with him! eels who love him, stay through with him..

  19. I just want to share my own thoughts and I do not intend to hurt or offend anyone. I have never supported an artist before. This is the first time I have seriously supported an artist and his name is Jang Keun Suk. I have grown to highly respect JKS because he is very unique. I have never come across a star that would personally share glimpses of his own personal life on Twitter or Weibo (unfortunately there are some people that do not know their limits and think that because they supported him that they now have a right to dictate what JKS can or cannot do). I have never really come across someone who would spend time with their supporters even when truly exhausted. I have never come across someone who can do a concert, but at the same time reach out to his fans during a show as if he would address you personally. I AM SOOOO THANKFUL AND FEEL VERY LUCKY THAT JKS has come to exist on this Earth.

    I just want to leave an eye opener or a strong reminder to those people who want to follow him day and night. PLEASE REMEMBER OR RESEARCH ON THE INTERNET ON LADY DIANA SPENCER. She separated from Prince Charles of England. Do you guys remember how she died? SHE WAS WITH HER BOYFRIEND DODIE AL-FAYED. They were driving one night and a reporter wanted to get fresh news from them so he chased them. They drove at such a high speed and got into an accident, causing both their deaths. IF YOU WANT SUKKIE’S LIFE AND WORK TO CONTINUE, please please refrain from what you are doing and learn to respect Sukkie. I myself fear everyday for Sukkie and hope and pray that he does not end up like Princess Diana. So please reconsider your acts because it will not only affect saesang fans, but will affect the entire Eel kingdom.

    I am also sure with JKS taking a break a lot of supporters have come to realize that JKS is only human and has feelings too. I hope some have come to know now what it is to respect someone’s privacy especially when you are a public figure.

    As for JKS i know he will come out of this positively … he just needs his rest with all his activities happening back to back it can be emotionally and physically draining. Just so no one worries, JKS can show that he is ok by smiling, but deep inside he may be feeling something we cant even think of. We can allow him to rest…and hope that he comes back to us soon.

    I personally feel something missing now in my life because the funny guy has gone to rest temporarily. I hope the people will realize that once JKS warns us of something, we must listen so he does not have to disappear like the way he did again. We must also learn to control what we say or want to share because sometimes it can hurt the people we truly support or care for.


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