[News] Extra was published in SUMMER SONIC / Osaka

“from Asia to the world”
The most powerful two (Team H) created enchanted clubbing air

Team H abruptly changed the hot atmosphere of SUMMER SONIC into clubbing air. Team H is a unit formed by a famous Hallyu star Jang Keun Suk and his partner on music Big Brother. They made a long-awaited debut in Japan this March. Their trendy tunes have succeeded to get many supports from music fans.

They appeared on stage with the first tune “We are..” Then, while performing “Can’t Stop”, Big Brother showed us his superb DJ-ing. Continuously, they performed “NO HUMAN SMELL” and “SHAKE IT”. Their great chemistry fascinated the audience. During the talk session, Jang Keun Suk said, “Put your health first!” with a Kansai accent. At the same time, he declared to expand their business field to the world. The last song was their masterpiece “GOTTA GETCHA”. The repeated phrases make the stage and the audience unified and the audience reached its peak. Applause filled the venue and Team H bounced to them. Their fresh smile and cool performance have addictive charms. Team H created great impact on the audience and left the venue with their Team H flag proudly.

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