5 thoughts on “[Video] JKS departs Seoul for Osaka_20120817”

  1. ooooh… I love his smile…hahaha … the airport official also record him with her mobile phone!
    Suk…you’ll be succeed tomorrow, i know it! fighting!!!

  2. i love the way he greats his fans. he is always calm and always says hello to eveyone who comes to see him, this is why he is the asia prince who has a very unique character from other celebs love you sukkie

    • Yeah, finally the media started getting interested in his comings and goings. Still in September on Knee Drop Guru show they were laughing that in Japan each media gives reports every hour when Sukkie comes to Japan and that in Korea no one is interested if he comes or goes. I think it’s the first time that so many journalists came to the airport when he’s leaving. Good good good 🙂

      • more to come! they need to start thinking of closing up an area for his arrival/departure just like in Japan!! condone of the area, for his grand departure/arrival 😉 towards world prince.. go go!

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