11 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS departs Seoul for Osaka_20120817”

  1. WOW….so many beautiful pictures of him today…..love his physique now…he looks very fit and toned….especially in that V neck top!!!!

  2. I love his top today. Very nice. I don’t understand why they always put so much makeup on him. I know he has fair complexion in the past, but since he is already tanned, why the need to make his face so white. He looks sexy with his tanned skin. The BB cream and power is too white and it is making his face too white as compared to his neck and other part of his body.

  3. I saw all the photos carefuly and thats what i saw:

    He don t have rings today.
    The shirt is long in the front and short in the back.
    A lot of korean media are there {good for him}
    Al lot of photographer too.
    One of the airport official took photos of him.
    His legs don t look skinny anymore.
    The bag is beautiful.
    The glasses are cool.
    His hear macth with the headphones and the clock
    The chain is diferent from the last one he used.
    He have four moles in his chest.


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