[16.08.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

Credit: Jang Keun Suk weibo /Sukbar weibo

English Translation: Sarah YE

Jang Keun Suk: Chinese eels ah….. Japanese eels and Korean eels, I just made a few jokes, now they told me bye Cri, TT, ahh, sad.. TTTTTTTTT… go to club? heehee, who knows Shanghai M2’s phone number please raise your hand. Now I will head out with bears…
中国鳗鱼们啊~~~日本鳗鱼们和韩国鳗鱼们 我就开了几次玩笑她们就跟我说bye cri了 TT 啊 伤心TTTTTT。。。。。去club啊?嘻嘻 知道上海M2电话号码的人举手~ 现在要和熊们出发啦~
@张根硕:중국장어들아~~~ 일본장어들랑 한국장어들이 내가 장난몇번 쳤다고 빠이크리 랜다 ㅠㅠㅠ 아 슬퍼 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ ….. 클럽이나갈까 ? 킈킈 샹하이 m2전화번호 아는 사람~ 곰 들이랑 지금 출발하려고~~ #WeicoLomo#
Note: M2 is famous night club in Shanghai, Teams H played there in 2011 after Cri Show.
The link was from PrinceJKS Youtube Channel that Team H played at M2 in 2011 after Cri Show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqthSaf-UPg&feature=plcp

11 thoughts on “[16.08.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

  1. Ow! So serious with your training? But there is already a big improvement in your body shape… your muscles are so great and sexy. My niece did not like it now coz you have muscles not like before hahaahahah. BTW what happened to your hair? Honestly you need haircut hehehehehe.

  2. I don’t get it. What did he joke about that caused some of his Eels lo leave him (saying “bye cri” to him).
    Was it because he said he wanted to go to a club?

  3. Klay klay, i read it was about one photo that he posted in his APP and and some eels get jealous , oh girls please he feel lonely, he needs a woman shoulder to cry and be with him in goods and bad moments, i alredy trying to accept that , no more jealously,please.

    • Thank you for the note, Esther. I didn’t see the picture. Was it of a girl? Regardless, it’s sad how apologetic he has to be regarding his personal life (specifically, his love life). It’s like he’s always walking on eggshells when it comes to this matter. Like he’s scared to upset his fans if he shows any type of emotion to a female (whomever she might be).

      He is in all his right to fall in love, to date, or to hang out with girl-friends. He is just as human as the rest of us and we all have the need to love and be loved. We all need someone special in our lives.
      Most guys, by the time they reach 25 years of age (just like JKS), they’ve had several relationships already. It seems like our beloved JKS cannot even look at a girl without getting fire for it. So terrible. It must be super stressful for him not to be able to fully express his emotions. He seems like he’s very romantic and would be the best boyfriend. He looks so lonely and so eager to fall in love…if only he could have enough free time and privacy to go out there and find the person who will make him happy.

  4. Kley kley, no face,no body in the photo,only two hands holding, he and a girl and fans,not true eels, leaved him for that. He said is was a joke later,but maybe he wanted to test or preparing us for the future,when he will have a real girfriend,he gave us clues. Remember the flowers with the ring,he said in a tweet I feel lonely,wearing a wig saying,this is jks girlfriend,visited a baby store ,talking about his ideal girl in many recent interviews , thats means he want to be in love or like a girl and forced to hiding it,because the eels. We have to face the true,he never be our boyfriend or husband,only in our imagination and our dreams,so be more understanding about it,please.

    • thanks for your information Esther, I believe that this “girl”..is ….”Y…a”…now oppa sukki looks so lovely….and he looks sad too, for to be so war from her (by the hard work who have both).
      now..now…He loves flowers, bear, chocolate, number “7”, rain, candles, kimchi stew…and more curiosities that… she loves too.
      I think that oppa Sukkie is fell in love of ……”Y…a”.
      He do stop of drink..and do stop looking at all women…because??..because!!….because, He fell in love one girl!…one!….Y…a.
      I wish You the biggest happiness in your life whit your girlfriend.
      He’s a man whit profound feelings..please…We support a our oppa sukki.
      please Esther, you can upload these pics…please.
      thank you very much,

    • I love all your comments,
      I wanted to ask you a question: in the photo where Sukki out holding hands with a girl … are they wearing similar simple bracelets black? both?…..
      if so, whether it is the girl who is in love …. that is Yoona.
      Your have to see photos of Yoona 120615_ in the state in Jamsil baseball and at pictures 120708 Yoona at the airport.
      .. then compared with photos of Prince Sukki 121003_jgs in the Seoul airport and at pictures of JGS 120912_ subway station.
      They are wearing the same black bracelets … both.
      There are more photos that show their relationship, but looking at the pictures of the dates on which I mentioned.
      real zikzin and zhikzin and shikshin ♥


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