[14.08.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS, staff & friend twitter

Triangular-shaped mouth Ms. Zo Sun Hi hates. kk
조선희 님이 시러하는 세모 입 ㄲㄲ

The Busan city!

My Friend Hyunduk expands his business to Busan.. Fighting!! In this way, let’s start S+ tour today~~~
내 친구 현덕이의 부산진출.. 화이팅이다!! 그런 의미에서 오늘은 s+투어 시작~~~

I want to buy this, but it isn’t my size T_T
나 이거 사고 싶은데 사이즈가 안맞아 ㅠㅠㅠ

If I have a daughter……., I won’t raise her to have my characteristics. kkk But I’ll consider to adapt her to Asia Princess.. kk
내가 딸을 낳게 된다면…….저말 나같은 성격으로안키울거여 ㅋㅋㅋ 그러나 아시아 프린세스는 고려해보지.. ㅋㅋ

Give me a call after 15 years….. Promise!
넌 15년 뒤에 오빠한테 저나해…..꼭

Here is something like CRI SHOW. They have everything. Kyaha
근데 여기 뭔가 크리쇼 같애 없는게 없어 꺄핰

Staff A: For mankind, I want you to have a lot of children without fail!! At least, one daughter and one son!! I want to see both!!
JKS: By the way, how can I have a baby??
“@codeinconnu: @AsiaPrince_JKS 인류를 위해서라도 애기는 꼭 많이 낳길 바래!! 딸 하나 아들 하나는 필수임!! 둘 다 보고싶단 말야!!”ㅡ근데 애기는 어떻게 만드는거야??

Staff B: Try to love someone!
“@AsiaPrince_JKS: “@codeinconnu: @AsiaPrince_JKS 인류를 위해서라도 애기는 꼭 많이 낳길 바래!! 딸 하나 아들 하나는 필수임!! 둘 다 보고싶단 말야!!”ㅡ근데 애기는 어떻게 만드는거야??”ㅡ연애를 해보세요!

Staff A: If you pray every night, a crane will bring you a baby wrapped with a cloth.. *cough
“@codeinconnu: @AsiaPrince_JKS 인류를 위해서라도 애기는 꼭 많이 낳길 바래!! 딸 하나 아들 하나는 필수임!! 둘 다 보고싶단 말야!!”ㅡ근데 애기는 어떻게 만드는거야??”ㅡ 밤마다 기도하면 두루미가 보자기에 싼 아이를..쿨럭

Baker Guen-chan~~~ I’m thinking to work part-time for Cola Mercato
제빵왕 근짱~~~ 나 꼴라에서 아르바이트 계획구상중..

Paintings……. should be stared with eager curiosity!!!!
그림은…….뚫어져라 쳐다봐야 제 맛!!!!

As I refrain from drinking alcohol, non-alcohol mojito satisfies me..!! Today I’m having a relaxed time in Busan~
술은 끊었으니 무알콜 모히토로 만족..!! 오늘은 부산에서 한량 놀이중~

When will Mason and Guen-chan meet again?? Mason is at “S+ Garosu-gil”, and Guen-chan is at “S+ Haeundae-gu, Busan”. It’s a twist of fate in real-time ^^
메이슨과 근짱은 언제쯤 만날수 있을까요??ㅋ 메이슨은 ‘에스플러스 가로수’,,근짱은 ‘에스플러스 부산 해운대’,,운명의 장난과도 같은 실시간^^
tenshi_akuma’s note: Mason appeared on Movie “Baby and I” with Jang Keun Suk.

How far will they satisfy me..?? Colamercato #1490-3, JUNG DONG, HAEUNDAE GU, BUSAN
대체 어디까지 날 만족시킬것인가.. Colamercato Busan 부산시 해운대구 중동 1490-3

This is the address and direction about “S+ Haeundae-gu, Busan”~~^^ GOGO to HAEUNDAE GU this weekend!
에스플러스 해운대점 주소와 약도입니다~~^^이번주말 해운대로 GOGO!

12 thoughts on “[14.08.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS, staff & friend twitter”

  1. Oh, how lucky his children would be to have such a sweet, loving, hard-working, successful, fun, and super handsome man like that as their father. The other one who would be just as lucky would be his wife! …(sighing)…I began to daydream…again!

  2. Aigoooooo Cing chayyyy,,,,sooo funny!!!!! He put hanger on his lipsss,,,,I laugh so hard!!
    Uri Prince want to get merried Lol!!!!
    Ok I hope u get merried soon Oppa!!!

  3. I love this tweeters,are so cute,he want to be a dad,remembered Mason when saw the baby clothes,i know he will be a good dad,but he have to wait five years,tree to become the worlld prince and stay secure in this position and two for serving in the korean army,he have to serve for two years,its mandatory,he no serve yet,right? when he went to Thailand,he said he was meditating about his past and made decisions about his future,maybe his thinking about that. I hope they permit him use the computer and mobile phone to send twitters and the camera for making videos and send to us,because right now I dont know how will be my life withoutt see hiim .

    • He wasn’t free from obligation of military service? He was the only child in his family. I think if a person is the only son in his family so he will be free from compulsory military service

    • Esther, where U read all those news about Sukkie ‘mediating about his past and future plans” ?
      I love his personalities, as he seriously plans about his future in every aspect, including his dream of becoming a dad by age of 33. So his future children should inherit his traits, being able to have fun and also being serious when it comes to work. So, Sukkie, let your kids inherit ur traits as we eels are attracted to you becos of your awesome personalities.

  4. In the tweet from August 3, 2012, he is with Ronal Mc Donal he said ‘”Spending my trainig time in Thailandia…, i wish to be more modest before the world, i will reflect, learn and make efforts”‘, for me when you said that days before your BD means that you were meditating about your past and future, i read four articles in google and one video in you tube that said all man from 18 to 30, change to 36 last year are obligated to go to the mandatory service, dont found exceptions , only if your living other country for more than six month you can reject that, but you not allow to go to Korea for six more months, you can go to jail if you dont serve. Even man with poor eye sight have to go, so he is 26 in korea, if he wants to have babys at 33 and mary at 30 he have to go before that age, so he have four or five years minus the time take to him transform totally in world prince. If he dont want to stay as a flower boy, kkkk ,he should be in love next year .

  5. I do love this twitter and set of pics of JKS.. I can’t do anything but smile while reading them for here you can find the Real JKS…as Kley Kley decribed him so well in the first comment ^^

  6. I can really say that JKS has a broad sense of taste especially when it comes to food, music etc.. And whenever he recommends something, it always become a sure hit. 🙂

    By the way, I love his wristwatch.. Do you know what brand is it? 🙂

  7. OMG! Sukkie you are funny with that hanger hanged on your lips. You made my day.
    Wow dreaming of having a son and a daughter? Wish it would happen in the next 6 years to come. I’m sure you will become a good dad and husband.

  8. I just read a bunch of articles about the compulsory military service in South Korea and it truly bites! It doesn’t spare anyone regardless if the person is an only child or not.
    The government is pretty tough on this area and because a lot of people believe that artists are given some sort of special treatment or more chances to be exempt from serving, the laws have been made tougher.

    I was hoping to find something that would allow me to believe Jang Keun Suk didn’t have to serve but, sadly, I didn’t. He is going to have to go.

    Although it might be considered an honor to serve ones country, I believe that serving in the military should be a choice made solely and willingly by the individual.

    I don’t know Jang Keun Suk’s thoughts and feelings on the matter – he is after all a “made in Korea” guy so he might want to go to the military with a smile on his face – but he has such ambition and such great dreams that it’s VERY hard for me to fathom him going away from the spotlight, which he adores, for two whole years! The mere thought of that hurts my heart tremendously and to the point of breaking. It makes me miss him so much already 🙁

    What is our pretty boy going to do there anyway? Sure he’s looking more fit than ever and I’m sure he would have no problem keeping up with the tough and rigorous training but…I just can’t picture him roughing it in a boot camp…out there in the wild…when he’s such a refined and classy guy who prefers to walk down the Champs-Élysées in Paris, carrying a bottle of wine and a news paper in his hands and shouting “New York Herald Tribune” like they did in the old movies (which by the way, how often do you find a young man like him who likes old movies? Not very often for sure).
    Surely, Jang Keun Suk can do ANYTHING he puts his mind to but to ME, personally, it will be a great sadness to see him go. Having him out of my sight for that long might be too detrimental to my health.

    Has anyone seen “Wolf’s Rain,” the Japanese anime? You know, the flower girl who loves and needs to bask under the moonlight? Well Jang Keun Suk reminds me of her. Not that he is girly or anything!! (by far I think that JKS is a super manly man! So sexy and hot to the point of dangerous!) But, he reminds me of this flower girl character because she NEEDS to bask under the moonlight to remain alive and likewise, Jang Keun Suk (whether a Leo or a Libra) loves and needs attention in order to continue moving forward. He thrives in the spotlight and craves being the center of attention – it’s just who he was born and made to be. The minute he doesn’t get that, I’m so scared that he would wither like a flower with no sun. The perfect example and proof of what I’m trying to say is US, his Eels. He says we feed him and give him strength to go on. He needs our love and attention and how are we supposed to give him that if we don’t see him. We too need to see him to be strong and continue supporting him. This is a give and take – win-win – situation. He keeps himself visible in the spotlight and we keep loving and supporting him. We need each other.
    I’m sorry that I’m getting so passionate about this subject!!! It’s just that I refuse to let the thought of not seeing him set in my head. I know it’s not going to happen next year and maybe not even the year after that but still…it will happen someday and I cannot bear to imagine a life without our bright star shining gloriously where I we can see him.

    While I don’t want to get depressed thinking of these sad things, I have to reassure myself as one of his most faithful fans. I will try my best to continue giving him my undivided attention and my most heartfelt support. Until the moment when our separation comes, I will support him. And even when he is no longer visible, I will have to try my best to shine brightly for him as a proof that he is my row model.

    While the moon reflects the sun light, the sun shines brightly on its own. During his absence, I have to make sure I prepare to be the moon who will be reflecting the bright light I’ve accumulated from Jang Keun Suk throughout the years as he is surely the sun of my life.


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