11 thoughts on “I miss "YAB" Video 1: Still As Ever Instrumental (A.N.JELL) MV”

  1. Last night I also start watched YAB again, of cause not siting there comfortable, I has to ironing kids’ uniform, occusually sat down to enjoy JKS’ excellent acting skill. So I happyly enjoy his drama and ironing for 4 hrs.

  2. SIGH!!!!!! I miss this!! JGS please, hurry another drama!

    I know most people prefer JGS as MG because he’s so much more likable, but my fav is HTK! Such a hard character to play but he did it perfectly and PSH is so cute as a boy.

  3. MY fave among his works…i fell inlove with him because of YAB. Great story and great castings. The ANJELLs are the best. MSON cannot toppled YAB…in popularity, in chemistry, in everything. Tae Kyung, Minam/Mi Nyu, Jeremy and Shinwoo a.k.a
    Keun Suk , Shin Hye, Hongki, and Yong Wa are amongs the brightest star in Asia and other parts of the worlds after YAB. Amazing how these Anjells are still friends and in contact until now. They had a lot of fun during filming, that’s why they became really close. Sukkie did a lot of drama and films but it’s only in YAB casts that he bacame attached. Sukkie also told recently in interview that YAB is his fave drama and its special to him. HOPE THE ANJELLS REUNITE IN THE COMING 2ND YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF YAB. I heard some plans are already in the works (wish its true). And Hong sisters WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YAB 2ND SEASON.


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