[27 Feb – News] Korean, Chinese & Japan fans queued overnight for JKS autograph

Asian fans queued overnight at actor Jang Keun Suk’s fan meeting

On 24 Feb at 4.30 pm, Jang Keun Suk met 100 fans at Codes Combine shop located in the vicinity of Hong Ik University.

For this event, only the first 100 fans according to their order of arrival can get the autograph, and there were already more than 100 fans who gathered on 23 Feb night, causing some disturbance which was soon under control.

Fans from Korean, Japan, China and Taiwan were all women and during the autograph, made some requests which JKS fulfilled. Some fans also went down on their knees in order to see eye-to-eye with JKS, and JKS joined both hands together with fans as a form of greeting.

After completing the fan autograph session, JKS went to KBS 2TV to record a commentary for “Marry me Mary” DVD. JKS has left for Japan on 26 Feb to shoot the music video for his single and to prepare for “You’re My Pet” press conference on 3 March.

Credits: http://news.nate.com/view/20110227n08036
Translation: Aphrael77


Translator’s notes:

First, this news article has been delayed several hours in its posting because I was “having fun” (i.e. torturing myself) practising my Korean by trying to understand the article. This means that there may be some inaccuracies in the translation and definitely some details left out, although I am quite sure about the information in the last paragraph since the news has been released by Suk Baidu Bar as well.

Please accept my apologies in advance for any unintentional inaccuracy.

p.s. I am so looking forward to JKS’ music video. I can’t wait for his album to be released on 23 March! JKS, fighting!


장근석, 팬사인회에 한중일 팬들 밤샘 불사

배우 장근석이 연 팬미팅에 아시아 팬들이 밤샘을 불사했다.
장근석이 24일 오후 4시30분 서울 홍익대 인근 코데스 컴바인 매장에서 100명의 팬들과 만났다. 선착순 100명을 대상으로 진행된 이번 팬 사인회에 참석하기 위해 팬들은 23일밤 모여들어 한동안 소동이 벌어졌다. 이번 행사를 진행한 한 관계자는 “23일밤 이미 100명 넘게 팬들이 모여들어 수습을 하느라 진땀을 뺐다”고 혀를 내둘렀다.

한국은 물론이고 일본 중국 대만에서 온 여성팬들이 장근석에게 사인을 받으며 안부를 물었다. 팬들은 무릎을 꿇고 장근석과 눈높이를 맞추며 애정을 드러냈다. 팬들은 장근석의 얼굴이 새겨진 플래카드를 들고 와 선물하기도 했다. 장근석은 팬들과 다정히 대화를 나누며 양손을 맞잡고 일일이 인사를 했다.

장근석은 이날 팬사인회를 마친 뒤 KBS 2TV “매리는 외박중”의 DVD 코멘터리를 위해 이동했다. 장근석은 26일 일본으로 출국해 일본에서 발매하는 싱글용 뮤직비디오를 찍고 3월3일 김하늘과 함께 영화 제작보고회에 나선다.


6 thoughts on “[27 Feb – News] Korean, Chinese & Japan fans queued overnight for JKS autograph”

  1. i don’t quite understand….how come the fans have to get down on their knees to see eye-to-eye with JKS? where was he standing?

    thanks for the translation though! 🙂

    • He was sitting at the table as can be seen from those videos.
      so if fans stand, maybe they cannot see his face very clearly because he’s facing down while signing the autograph.
      so some fans prefer to kneel down and look up into his mesmerizing eyes …… 🙂

      • oh yeahhh, didn’t occur to me :p

        lol but if it were me, i’d be doing it to catch a glimpse of his heartbreaking smile! hahaha

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