5 thoughts on “[vid] 2012-08-09 Fancam JKS at Immigration in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport.”

  1. For all Chinese eels who waited for Sukkie.. cheer up!!! hope you have a good time tomorrow at the Press Conference with Sukkie and also Cri show on coming Sat! ^_^
    Zikzin to both Sukkie & eels!!!

  2. Understandably it’s disappointing to fans who have waited the whole day but failed to see him … but what’s equally disappointing is that some of these (new?) fans are blaming JKS for not considering them (i.e. letting them down) by going through the airport’s VIP exit channel and not seeing/greeting them …. excuse me? Did you all see how fierce the airport security is? So JKS should have defied the airport security’s instruction to use the VIP channel i.e. he should have broken the law in China? No foreigners in their right mind would want to break China law in China! The Chinese police don’t care whether it is a star or not!

    This “airport arrival” has become quite an issue of contention amongst Chinese eels today… Though the majority of JKS’ loyal eels are able to understand the situation and take his side against the angry fans….

    • I can understand their disappointment. But this is not the first time the staff force celebrities to use VIP exit channel. I remember Big Bang did the same but i don’t recall people blaming them.

      I was very upset and angry to know that these new fans are blaming him. Sometimes i just cannot understand their way of thinking. They obviously do not know the man they claim they love.He even apologize in weibo. What do they still want him to do?

  3. Yes, I heard due to the typhoon, they actually added lots of securities and guards today to the airport to keep on order. A whole bus of them.

    Under this situation, you have to follow what the authority tells you. No matter who you are.

    It was just bad timing and unfortunate situation. Hope those eels will ease their mind and don’t just simply blame him. We should feel lucky that he finally landed safely and the Cri Show can go on as scheduled. Let’s just feel lucky that Haikui finally turned to tropical storm and not deadly typhoon.

    Even that, we have to think Jang Keun Suk is the star who is the person I have seen does his most to his fans. None of any star I know would do things like him for fans. He loves eels and bonds with eels.

    As a fan, we shouldn’t be greedy to ask more and more. Be a mature and good fans to him and he will pay back to his fans with his great work and his great personality. That’s him. I never doubt that.


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