[07.08.2012] Tree-J & staff twitter

Actor Jang Keun Suk and his lovely pet Suni dressed in matching clothes held a birthday party for Actor Jang. We’ll share the details on Princejks. com staff blog^^ See you soon.
배우 장근석의 사랑스런 애완견 순이와 커플로 옷을 맞춰입고, 장배우 생일 축하 파티를 했습니다. 자세한 이야기는 프린스JKS닷컴 스텝블로그에서 알려드릴게요^^ 조만간 스텝블로그에서 만나뵙겠습니다.

Our boss reached here at 3pm and until now, he has given us operational instructions! Your passion is too fervent! kkkkkk
3시부터 오셔서 지금까지! 업무지시하고 가신 사장님! 당신의 열정에 더워죽겠숴! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

14 thoughts on “[07.08.2012] Tree-J & staff twitter”

  1. I love it when he is giving instructions to his staff. Boss Jang, i want to work for you. I don’t mind working overtime for free.

  2. If I have the opportunity to be part of his staff and he wearing clothes like that, I dont follow his operational instruction,i only seat staring and smiling at him,then he fire me in the first day of work for been lazy,he is very strict boss,he will say,Esther,Esther, I say ahh,what ,you are fire,he point the exit door with his finger,out,get lost.kkkkk I dont have signal in the movil phone, so I puch the submti botton a lot.kkkkkk

    • haha. i can imagine it!
      when he point the exit door, you still busy capture with camera phone and post his photos to twitter…. with the titles “he is still so cute when he do this” kkkk

  3. Please,dont see my grammatical errors,remember I am not writing english person, I understand and talk the language well,but when I write I dont know how to use the corrector in my phone or my computer, plus,i am short temperet person,like jks,so I try to write fast and tada,errors included and letters left ,but my englihs writing is better since I writing here in this site.thanks.

    • Dear Esther,
      Grammar is not important at all as long as you can communicate. I always love reading your comments.. 🙂 What counts the most here is that we’ve made friends with people from different countries all over the world who have the same purpose in supporting and news updating on our favourite artist:JKS. I’m not from English-speaking community either.. ^__^

  4. a real leader huh? It seems that the prince lives what he portrays on tv. Great.1Just great! As spiderman would say: “With great powers comes great responsibilities.” and who is he? THE ASIAN PRINCE!

  5. Work attire suits him so well! He looks so mature and professional. One more side of him I’ve fallen in love with!

  6. I tried to open the blog to see the pictures but i am not allowed, seems i have to pay a subscription to see them, anyone knows about it?

  7. Thanks lulamz , you are so cute and cajuputte i laugh with your comment , in the photo, Sukkie is reading one of my comments and called me to tell me he enjoy my comments too . kkkkkkk . Ha, i am daydreaming like Tenshi with the Sukkie alarm, but she have night dreams too ,because if i don t misunderstand, she have one big pillow of him in or near her bed, so lucky girl.


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