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English translation: tenshi_akuma

I’d like to improve myself so that people may say “Jang Keun Suk is my goal”

Jang Keun Suk is not a person who doesn’t lock himself in. Even between takes, he goes out from his waiting room to the studio, and enjoys chatting with a much elder cameraman in a natural manner. Looking at the covers of AERA back number, he said, “Ah, it’s Takeshi-san!”

Takeshi-san is Takeshi Kitano. He says he is a big fan of him. “As I’ve studied how to direct at university, he is a role model. I admire his talent which enables to express his view of the world in a two-hours movie. For example, Movie ‘OUTRAGE’ describes Yakuza’s black world funnily. I accidentally thought ‘Yakuza’s life looks interesting’ while watching.”

His latest drama “Love Rain” is currently being broadcast on Fuji-TV networks. It was directed by Yoon Suk Ho of “Winter Sonata” so that you’ll imagine how pure this romance is. Jang Keun Suk plays In Ha who lives his youth in 1970s for this early episodes. After episode five, he plays In Ha’s son, Jun. “At first, I wasn’t confident to act well because I haven’t experienced 1970s. But I decided to play the role because I felt obligated to a person in 20s should try anything.”

He visited Furano, Hokkaido for the shooting. He was shot with a heroine whom Jun would fall in love with later, with diamond dust in the background. “I’ve always been to big cities in Japan. So it’s new for me such a quiet city, Furano. The residents were waiting at 6 am for seeing the shooting. Besides, they provided us delicious meals. Thanks to their warmness, I could bear the cold.”

He doesn’t stay in his actor’s shell. He has started music career as a singer. Last month he started his third Asian tour. He has concerts held in Osaka and Nagoya in September and Fukuoka in October. Tickets were all sold out instantly. An additional concert is confirmed to be held at Saitama Super Arena in November.

“I don’t like to be described as a Hallyu star. Then, Actor? Singer? No. I want to live as Jang Keun Suk that isn’t fallen into any categories.”

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  1. I want so sing a song for you!!

    ” I don’t remember what day it was
    I didn’t notice what time it was
    All I know in fact, I fell in love with you
    Every Day’s a new day in love with you..

    With each day comes a new day of loving you
    And if all my dreams come true
    I’ll be spending time with you”

    ** Hope you find true happiness & peace in everything that you do<we'll always be here to support you and cheer your name^^

  2. You don’t want to be categorized. This is good coz you have your own big corner and enjoys fame that no one else may share with you! You are a good man Sukkie so I really love you!

  3. You’re the only one Jang Keun Suk!!! And I’m sure this name will be known and inspire more and more people in the world.

  4. you have achieved this goal Sukkie… young stars when being interviewed now say I want to be like Jang Keun Suk.. a person who excels in everything he does. keep moving forward!

  5. You choose to be versatile. Thats good for you. You will go places I am sure for thinking positively. Don’t worry we will be supporting you all the way. AJA! Zikzin!

  6. It’s good not to comfortable in your place but keep improve your self. That’s a mature thought and dilligent intelligent person. Zikzin JKS !!! May you find the true happiness in your life and keep moving forward.

  7. He is so intelligent & such a level headed young man. He’s got so much energy & drive. It is good but I do hope he slows down a bit. He is still very young and it’s not necessary to burn himself out. I’m glad that he is now in a position to choose whatever he wants to do. Keep up the good work Sukkie!

    • He is very intelligent indeed. His wit and confidence is really awesome, and I think its one of the reasons why many of his countrymen are so mislead of their biased thoughts about him.

  8. Sukkie is one of a kind and he is right that he should be known as Jang Keun Suk and not fall into any categories because he is unique! 🙂 I love how he is comfortable chatting with the staff and he’s not like any other artists that don’t care about their staff. His heart is really big and he cares for everyone in the set or anyone that he is with. Same as he cares for all the eels that he has right now 🙂 <3


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