[04.08.2012] Tree-J twitter

UMF KOREA Special Guest, TEAM H formed by Jang Keun Suk & Big Brother! Please look forward to their cool performance today! We are Team H!
UMF KOREA 스페셜 게스트 장근석 & 빅브라더의 TEAM H! 오늘 두사람의 멋진 무대 많이 기대해주세요! We are Team H!

Team H, Jang Keun Suk & Big Brother, made a crazed stage! We appreciate all enjoyed the moment together ^^
열광의 무대를 만들어준 장근석 & 빅브라더의 TEAM H! 함께 즐겨주신 모든분들 감사드립니다^^

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  1. He is very smart, used simple clothes and no make up, no way the people critizice them for that, only focus in their music. Claps and cogratulations.

    • True! Besides, they said it was 90 degrees in Seoul and 100% humidity! There is no makeup on earth that can withstand that kind of heat!! JKS looks beautiful makeupless! (not really a word but…) He was awesome! Go Team H!!

  2. Girls, how many time we have to wait to see the complete {40 minutes} presentation on UMF? It is too much? If we have to wait i want a make a statement:

    Wanted dead or alive{but better alive} :A girl who attended the Team H UMF presentation in Korea. { if you dont speak english , write in hangul, the girls in this site are experts translaters and the best}

    For: Write a fan account of the Team H presentation.

    Where? In jangkeunsukforever{ with the autorization of Ivy, of course}

    When: You have 24 hours, the count begins right now. kkkkkkkkk

    Recompense: The gratitude and love of all the eel around the world.

    Please, we will be wating for you, thanks


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