[03.08.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo “Phuket Diary”

Credit: Jang Keun Suk weibo

I have a complete Phuket Story, shall I write Phuket Diary for you? This one can not compare with any previous diaries.
我有完整的普吉岛故事 要给你们写普吉岛日记吗?和之前的日记不可比!!
@张根硕 : 나한테 완전 푸켓 이야기가 있는데 푸켓 다이어리 써줄까? 지금까지의 다이어리와는 비교불가!!

Because of a 550 baht wig, we have laughed for 18 hours… are you looking forward to it? hahahahha
因为一个550泰铢的假发 笑了18小时…很期待吧?哈哈哈哈哈哈
@张根硕 : 550밧트 짜리 가발하나로 18시간 째 웃고 있음…기대 되지? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Now start Phuket Diary ….!! For a few days, we stayed in the hotel only did work out. Now we decide to go out to the town looking for women!! But…
那么现在开始普吉日记~~~!!几天没出宾馆都只在做运动的我们 决定到市内搜寻女人!!!但是…
@张根硕 : 자 그럼 지금부터 푸켓 다이어리 시작~~~!! 몇일동안 빌리에서 안나가고 운동만 했던 우리는 시내에 나가 여자사냥을 하기로 결정!!! 그런데…

On the street we found a 550 baht wig, now let’s do the Rock Paper Scissors
在街上偶然发现了550泰铢的假发!! 剪刀石头布游戏开始了…..
@张根硕 : 길거리에서 우연히 550밧트 짜리 가발을 발견!! 가위바위보 게임이시작되는

First winner!!! This kid names is Kim Piaoliang (Kim Beauty) … hahahaha
@张根硕 : 일단 한마리 당첨!!!! 저 아이 이름은 김예쁨이라고 해~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Next winner, pig!!! but…. I don’t want to say like this, his face bothers me, don’t you think so -_-
下一个中奖的是猪!!!但是….真的不想说这样的话的 长的真让人烦心 不是吗-_-
@张根硕 : 다음은 돼지 당첨!!! 근데….진짜 이런말 안하려고 했는데 진짜 짜증나게 생기

go way, don’t follow me… your face is bothering me….. so who is next…..
@张根硕 : 꺼지라까 자꾸 쫒아다녀…짜증나게 생겨가지고…자..그렇다면 다음 타겟은…..

Don’t follow me, pig!!!!!
不要再跟了 猪!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@张根硕 : 따라오지말라고 돼지야!!!!!!!!!

What happen to this guy, I brought him here for figure training… he has desire to make joke.
@张根硕 : 이 사람은 뭐야..운동배우려고 데려왔더니..개그욕심부리네…

Finally is my turn….. ok…. introduce my girlfriend to you…
@张根硕 : 드디어 내 차례인가…좋아…내 여자친구를 소개하지…

Hello, I’m Oppa Jang Keun Suk’s girlfriend.
@张根硕 : 안녕? 저는근석이 오빠 여자친구에요~~

Do you know where is my oppa? wuwu T_T
@张根硕 : 우리오빠 어디 갔는지 알아요?? 흐규ㅠ

So shining and bright
@张根硕 : 너무 반짝반짝 눈이 부셔~~~

ah, while we are talking!!! Kim Piaoliang (Kim Beauty) send a attack!
啊 说话的瞬间!!金漂亮反击!!!
@张根硕 : 앗 말씀드리는 순간!!!김예쁨이의 반격!!!

We just can’t let you go that easy. Jang Meili (Jang Beauty), haha
实在是不能直接放你走啊 张漂亮 哈哈
@张根硕 : 도저리 그냥 보낼 수 없꾸나 장예쁨 ㅋㅋ #WeicoLomo#

24 thoughts on “[03.08.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo “Phuket Diary””

  1. This is why we love him to bits! He knows how to have fun with his fans in whatever ways he can think of….

  2. Jang Meiling is too cute to be recognized that it’s Sukkie himself. Who has the confidence to stand beside Jang Meiling?? I don’t… -_-; even if I’m a real woman…

  3. ohh… your handsome face is almost perfect that sometimes, it could be mistakenly identified as a girl’s. How come it doesn’t seem that way when you wear that wig and act as a girl? Though your buddies look worse( sorry no offense meant.. just an honest opinion), i think that’s better than when you dressed and made up heavily as a woman in one of your live performance in Japan. Ah that’s the worst… if I am one of your relatives or someone close to you, I could ask you to fire your make up artists …ha ha ha just kidding. Your still the best Prince Jang! Peace to your staffs, i don.t mean any harm. They work hard too.

  4. Really make me laugh with this series of photos.. omg.. his manager, agent & even the trainer (which I least expect to wear the wig due to his profession! ^_^ he is now influenced by Sukkie’s playfulness or newly discovered talent of the trainer! LOL!) Anyone near Sukkie can’t escape having fun I guess!

  5. Omg!!! So hilarious ….

    Sukkie…yr girlfriend is yepuda.
    Guensama ….bravo to you..piao liang kkkkk

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sukkie !!

  6. Aigoo… i love this Phuket diary… this really cant be compared to all the previous he did…

    this is full of fun & laughter…

    I cant help but keep giggling by myself in office ready it…

    Thanks for sharing ^^


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