14 thoughts on “[Video] JKS’ message for Cri Show 2 in Taipei”

  1. Thank you for the translation Aphrael ^____^ … Love his message,especially when he said ‘please clap’… I can’t stop smiling ^^ Ahhh… I can’t wait to watch his Cri Show in Thailand… Wanna meet him so badly…

  2. Thanks, Ivy, i like Jangkeunsuk forever team so much, This is the way that i saw you, Tenshi, the soft subber,is sweet and calm , ,you , the hard subber are very strong and commited girl. Both very devoted to Sikkie. THANKS for that, without you girls i never know him that much.Claps, please.

  3. Hi Esther,,allow me to explain it a bit to you and I hope these information will help you distinguished our lovely EEL’s (Admins of JKSForever Blog)..

    Ivy or Aphrael77 – Singaporean Eel ( Chinese- English Transalator,Hard/soft -Subber,etc)
    – she’s the CEO (owner) of JKSForever Blog

    Tenshi or Kaori Chan – Japanese Eel (Japanese-English Translator,Hard/Soft Subber,etc)

    Sarah – Chinese Eel (Chinese – English Translator,subber,etc)

    Support team:

    Sasha – Malaysian Eel ( Korean-English Translator ) of JKSForever ,ECI,twitter,etc..

    Farina – Singaporean Eel and President of ECI (facebook page of JKSforever)

    ECI Admins and Members – are from 40 Countries around the World!!

    EEL’s from different country works hand-in-hand in translating JKS videos,interviews,CF’s, etc..Chinese EELs usually translate JKS interview into Chinese- and JKSForever team – translate it into English..

    Tenshi – translates Japanese Interviews of Sukkie into English..

    My apologies to our Admins for taking the opportunity and gave Esther a bit of your information..This is my way of thanking you, you deserved all the credits..^_^

    JKS & EELs Zikzin!!!

    • Charlotte,

      WOW~!! I’m amazed … and thanks for the wonderful introduction.

      Except that Sasha may not be happy at being classified under Support Team because she’s not …. maybe we can call her freelance translator? 🙂

      And Farina, our President of ECI, is not under Support Team either!
      well, u know, just our esteemed President when she’s not being P-eely…. 😉

    • Charlotte.. thanks for very detail introduction of our dear eels admin sister here.. I was first attracted to his blog site when I see so many translation from Chinese to Eng in other site with cr : aphrael77 and it never occurs to me this was a lady from S’pore with so much dedication and really bilingual.. and a busy working lady too.. and when I come to this site, I realise there are so many eels from different country like Kaori chan..and then I met Farina in ECI, the real interactive eels community.. like a melting pot and small small world.. and then Sarah & other eels sisters residing in as far as US, who later also being invited to join as admin though she is a super working mum (like Farina).. not to mention Sasha, though she is “freelance translator” but I really appreciate she is always promptly translating when we need her.. there are so many kind, resourceful & passionate eels (including playful baby eels) in the pond that I can’t finish naming.. like Zizy sis from India who did the beautiful vid despite she is also busy as a kind & dedicated doctor ^_^

  4. THANKS, Charlotte I m very amazed too because I visited this site for one year and two months and I have fear to ask about that, I think Kaori Chan was another girl, kkk and the boss, but its Ivy, thats the reason for see her strong,kkkk.i know Farina from the ECI,i read about her in that, but I dont know about Sacha,sorry,from now I love you both of you too. And the other member too, I have a lot of to give.

  5. Thanks to Charlotte for information of lovely EELs/admins of this blog. I am quite new here(first visited this blog while LR was on-air last March) but really appreciate their effort in subbing all news, interviews, twitters etc.of JKS..so I can keep up with all that!


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