[Video] BS Fuji Prime Navi “Love Rain”

I just translated his speech part. You can hear his Japanese dubbed voice. What do you think?

Credits: jangkeunsukmania

Text translation: tenshi_akuma (only his speech part, 0:47~)
Hello, everyone! I’m Jang Keun Suk. This drama includes two different ways of expressing love. I’m sure even young people like me can experience the same feeling as our parents’ generation. Above all, the highlight of this drama is my appearance. Please look forward to it!

7 thoughts on “[Video] BS Fuji Prime Navi “Love Rain””

    • Btw, the dubbed voice, can’t compare to his original voice. He has very deep and manly voice which really nice to hear.

      And I don’t like any dubbed voice, I just prefer original voice and subbed.

      • This dubbing artist usually provides the voice of good-looking artists such as Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean. But no one can replace by Sukkie’s deep and sexy voice! Honestly, Yoona’s dubbed voice isn’t suitable than Sukkie’s. OK, I’ll enjoy them as another Love Rain. lol.

  1. OMG.i missed them so much seeing them togther again is so great . by the way how is love rain doing in japan ? How about the ratings there ?i heard that there is an undisplayed parts in the japanese version is it true??

  2. Totally agree with all that Sukkie’s voice is soooo nice that it can’t be replaced.

    Love Rain has replaced YAB as my no.1 drama from Sukkie as I feel that his acting skills has improved tremendously compared to that in YAB. He even put on weight to play the role of Inha as I somewhere in Baidu.


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