[ENG-SUB] Sanma-no-manma_20120729 (digest & unseen footage)

UPDATE: added hard-subbed version
Credits: SUKNationHK2nd
English translation: tenshi_akuma

Soft-subbed version

Here is the full-version video link.
tenshi_akuma’s note: At the beginning of the show, Sukkie introduced “The iPhone Lens Dial”. It was a present from his U.S. eel.

Hard-subbed version

11 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Sanma-no-manma_20120729 (digest & unseen footage)”

  1. Thank you for a morning surprise ; Oh!!!!!!!! PRINCE you make my day, so sweet and funny

    With all my heart I LOVE PRICE.

    thank you for the sub.

    • I can copy and paste in the same part of previous full-version 🙂
      So it took a little time compared with my usual subbing.

  2. LOLLL…..I’m laughing like crazy person……so funny!!! All my daily stress from work is gone after watching this Video clip.

    Thanks Kaori chan for subbing.

    • Karolina, the vid here is using soft-sub (not hard subbing), so you need to click the CC button at the bottom of the vid in order to view it.. note soft-sub only works on PC/Notebook and Smartphone (android OS), it does not work on iphone…

  3. omg!! laughed my heart out with this vid! he is so care-free! i wonder why just in a year’s worth his face has matured so much. still so beautiful!


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