7 thoughts on “[Pics] “Love Rain” press conference in Japan_20120724 (3) HD”

  1. The most beautiful couple….Sukkie n Yoona
    Picture 11th, 12th show Sukkie wearing the couple ring from LoveRain.Wow, he still can’t get out of his Joon character after the end of LR shooting.

  2. amazing amazing couple…they are so perfect together.
    I love this couple♥
    princess Yoona is the prettier and elegant actress idol.
    prince JKS is the most handsome and elegant actor.
    they look so happy together♥…I fell in love ♥YOONSUKKI♥..TRUE LOVE.
    omg..my oppa sukki wearing ring couple….omg…true love.
    thanks …I love your pics…all.pic..I love you.

  3. woooooooooooooooow!..fantastic….ring couple..ring couple…wooooooow!..I’m so so so so happy…mi opps sukki wearing ring couple…oooooooh…he’s so sweet and lovely.
    yeah!..Ilove love love this couple ♥Yoonsukki♥


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