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UPDATE: added Tree-J staff twitter

Those who on DCinside (a.k.a. DC galler) attacked me about UMF… Why can’t I just have fun? Why you complain about me? Do Korean only get high with foreign renowned DJ music? Why you insult Made in Korea music without even listening to it?? I’m wondering why….. Please try it once.. T_T UMF로 나 까는 갤러들아….그냥 즐기면 안됨? 왜 자꾸 시비검? 한국사람들이 무조건 해외 유명DJ들 음악에만 신나야함? 왜 Made in Korea는 듣지도 않고 무시하려고 함?? 의문…..들어나 봐 달라구요..ㅠㅠ 
tenshi_akuma’s note: DCinside is a Korean electronic bulletin board service.

I’ll just show you what we are.
보여줄게 그냥

Don’t you have confidence about Made in Korea music? Surely Tieso is a brilliant artist (DJ), why you’re too scared even to clap for Korean artists who play their own music? 
Made in Korea에 자신 없습니까? Tiesto는 훌륭한 아티스트지만 한국 아티스트가 자기들이 만든 음악 플레이하겠다는데 박수쳐주실 용기도 없습니까?

You should go to U.S. or Europe and live there.. if you can’t have confidence about your own culture…
넌 그냥 미국기서 살어 유럽가서 살든가..문화적 자신감도 없는 분아…
tenshi_akuma’s note: This tweet is a reply of the comment posted by a DC galler. The post was deleted already. In my opinion, this DC galler didn’t seem to be his anti. The person was worried about TeamH was not professional enough to have a special stage at UMF. The person described TeamH as an amateur. The person explained the worry showing an example a band, one of the members is a son of Korean artist, appeared on a music program but failed because of their immature performance. I don’t think the person didn’t intend to hurt Team H, but had a prejudice against their performance can’t be good enough. I think this is a problem. The person can assess after the performance, not now.

Where is made in Korea?

It would be better if people eventually know why they are “special” on that day, through their performance.
결국 그 날, 그 무대에서는 왜 ‘스페셜’이었는지 알게 될 걸

This photo was shot when they were making Gotta getcha.
사진은 Gotta getcha 만들던 시절

Ahh. I drank too much last night, I found myself in a strange place… Ahh, help me please…. Where am I and who am I…? Ah… I love you, mom. 
아..어제 술 와방먹고 또 이상한데 꽃혔네..아..사람살려…난누구 여긴 어디?…아..엄마 사랑해요…

Wow! awesome!! But.. I feel like I’m going to vomit soon, but I’m struggling not to over and over.. How much did I drink yesterday T_T ?
아오 씐나!!!! 근데 토 나올뻔한거 몇번 참고 있음..술을얼마나 먹은거야 어제 ㅠ

It’s out!! Zikzin series part2!! Zikzin bracelet!!!!!
나왔다!! 직진 시리즈 두번 째!! Zikzin팔찌!!!!

Despite of my murderous schedule, we’re holding Suni’s birthday party.. What the world is this?
아놔 바빠죽겠는데 수니 생일파티가 왠말이라고라..



I’d like to be a dog if I could be born again.. Hallyu star’s dog… 
다음생에는 개로 태어나야 겠어요.. 한류스타의 개로…

You’ll see this dog was born under a really lucky star.
이거참 개팔자 상팔자

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  1. Criticism is a sign of respect when a critic is done properly and fundamented should be taken in consideration by the person who receives it is a sign of maturity helps to improve the work, when a person is public is subject to good and bad opinions but that is what make a person grow, Just my personal opinion

    • Kikoin, I agree with you. I am not sure how the original message was worded, but if it was worded respectfully and expressed concern, then the intent was not to offend, but rather help. It should be taken as such, hand extended out with help. He could have just provided some links and offered the viewers to compare and listen.

      He is probably very tired from such an intense schedule. Our brains need to rest too to replenish serotonin, he does not seem to have much time to rest. Over reacting and becoming upset may be just some side effects of his hectic schedule. A lot of performing artists have waves of depressive mood after intense performance. It seems like he is always on the go, so intense reaction is understandable.

      JKS seems to have a sore spot about how Korean culture is perceived overseas. It is understandable that he wants to do a good job at presenting his country. And he already does with his roles. In my opinion, he is one rare actor with rare ability to play very different characters. I am an incredibly picky viewer, those words do not come easy for me. I would say, he is one of the most varied and most talented international actors today.

      • You said it all, Lowtide!

        I believe that JKS wants to promote Korean music in his own way. If I were on his situation I will feel bad too that instead a fellow Korean support him, they are so skeptical about. JKS is so stressed-out nowadays because of his hectic schedule. I hope he can rest for a month and recharge..

      • Lowtide, I agree a lot about what you said. He is multi-talented and I think he also like to challenge different things in different area. He is such a hard work. At the same time, he is type A person, very sensitive on critics.

      • Lowtide, thanks for your interest in my comment but would like to explain you my point of view about this fact, the fact is that he wrote he was attacked by someone in a forum and added the link, so obviously the quick response to that were tons of people attacking that thread, i dont know if the person was a fan of him or not but everybody has the right to express their opinion if done with respect, and we do not criticize anything we dont care or admire so a critic is always done to someone we care and like an advice, as if you were a friend.

        I dont know if JKS is capable to do everything to perfection, like singing or being an astronaut, i just like his acting skills but when you are a public figure and start a project to the public, the public has the right to make opinions about it, even if are good or bad.

        Now a mature person takes the good and removes the bad and even a tired person with a tired brain still is mature, maturity does not dissappear with a tight schedule. Now the DJ project he is planning to take overseas is not the same Korea than US, so a perfect english might be required, also good quality of voice, music with a certain level, an image appropiate to a western culture, etc . So it is perfectly understandable at least a small critic when such a project is presented to the audience.
        Now imagine the person who did the critic was a fan like you and me? how would you feel that your artist sends you tons of people against you?. Now imagine the person who did the critic was not a fan which i am not saying a hater, well this person also has the right to express his opinion.

        Finally i hope i am not being attacked here for expressing what i think as in my culture we enhance to express ourselves i am not blinded for love for him, just admire his acting skills, i dont even care his personal life so i do not have to look for excuses for his behaviour because i do not know him i am not in love with him and do not expect to marry him, just like his acting skills. I also have not met someone who is capable of doing everything in life so a normal critic a mature person with a congruent behaviour can handle easily. Throwing the lions to a person who makes a critic i dont think its the right thing to do in life. Again Just my Opinion in fact i dont expect anyone here to share it

      • Kikoin,
        Thank you for your explanation. I was not sure what actually happened in that thread. I do feel sorry for the person, who was attacked in that thread. However, I personally anticipate any kind of reaction when I write even mildly critical comment. By no means, I am saying that what was done was morally good, or even acceptable, if it happened in the way you are describing it. I also think that it was not an intended consequence, he was just sharing, what was happening. Just the choice of words may not have been good, if he did not use the word “attacked” reaction might have been different.

        I do admire his acting skills a lot. I would not call myself a fanatical fan of his. I tend to accept people with their flaws. In fact, if a public figure is good at what he\she does professionally, I care very little about their personality or private life (as long as they did not break any laws).

        As far as reactions and maturity when one’s brain is tired. You would be so surprised the kinds of stuff people do, when they are overworked, especially when they do not sleep enough. I also think he confuses his fans with his friends with whom he can share secrets, ask for advice, help and such.

        As far as what is required to project in US I have to respectfully disagree with you. He would fit right in UMF. Actually, he should do better than many. If you take a closer look at most DJ’s and singers today, you might find out that the music is not on that high level, they use a lot of presets, their voices are improved by the sound technicians in every was possible. JKS’s voice is very unique and very good, although he does not always handle it well when singing live onstage and moving at the same time. But! Have you heard Coldplay live (different style, but good illustration)?
        Perfect English? Why? He is understandable, he could clear up some quirks in pronunciation, so he does not mispronounce words. Maybe it is time English native speakers became a bit more tolerant and accepting towards other languages. I am actually very turned off when everyone now tries to sing in English. During Eurovision competition almost every non-English speaking country presented a song in English. I personally find it appalling. With all the richness of the languages and cultures, 80% was in English. Something is not right with this picture. Korean sounds incredible in songs. If people want to understand the lyrics, then the methods used in operas could be adopted (projecting subs on top of the stage backdrop).

        Image appropriate for a western culture? He is not applying for a job in the bank, neither he is going to sing at the country music festival. How is his image worse than a giant computer Mouse head? JKS has great stage presence, this is one of the most important things in live shows. They will do very well, in fact, they will be able to gather their own crowd.

    • Kikoin, actually TeamH is not a recent project but has been there for many years in Hanyang University events. I understand their performance is very well received in university. So far, the 2 LoungeH albums are in Korean & Japanese and it seems like for UMF, it is DJ music and not a requirement for particular language.
      I believe that if critics are positive, most matured person will take in positively especially Sukkie is well known to handle critics in his own positive & forward (Zikzin) looking way.
      Recently there is world class electronic DJ performance here in S’pore recently which I saw on TV and I believe TeamH is well qualified for that based on the performance I have seen so far.

      • Hi to you both, thanks again for your comments, honestly i was expecting a rain of attacks considering how some fans could be, honestly i am not an expert in music industry and have not heard him in team h and neither are you so might be useless to explain why in America the language and image are the basic requirements and we can spend a whole week saying why you like his music so much, and also pointless because here in america electronic music is not even popular so no matter if he is the best of the best, in US we hear a different kind of music, so back to the main subject basicly was the fact he tweeted he was attacked by someone in a forum and added the link, imagine how many people that follows him, thew to the throat of this person for saying he does not like his music or considering him not qualified enough or anything he wanted to express.

        Now i ask you guys, do you think its normal that the artist you admire do something like this to a fan or to a not fan? Personally and i mean Personally i am deeply dissapointed by this action as a person but still like his acting so i should not care his personal life or actions either and i will not follow him anymore in a personal way.

        I will wait until until he makes acts again and watch itand my decision is based in the fact that i cannot deal with his actions in his life, as a fan i am done, thanks and kind regards.

    • Kikoin,
      Your words are very emotional and full of disappointment. I hope you would not transfer those emotions to the participants of this conversation.

      I also wish you would not speak for the entire America. There is a very large segment of very young people who love electronic music in America (yes, I know them personally). I guess my references to deadmau5 were not understood, but that is OK. Please, do not assume that other participants of this conversation do not know or heard what they are talking about.

      I am trying to defend him not because I like his music so much, or I am “blindly in love” as you said about his fans. I am not even a huge fan of his. He did attract my attention as a creative person with many talents, young, very hard working with very difficult public image at the same time. I attempt to bring some understanding to the challenges that a creative person, especially the one who works that hard,goes through. I just think that most of the criticism he receives on the Internet is uncalled for. Somehow people assume that if someone is good at something his\her EQ (emotional intelligence) and social skills should be at that level. In fact, in very talented people exactly the opposite is true. Especially the ones who lived in one type of surrounding their formative years. Geniuses make a lot of social faux pas, it is a given. Judging by the shear quality and amount of his work he is a borderline genius.

      Would it be better if he reacted more maturely and indifferently? Absolutely.
      Could he be forgiven for this type of reaction? Under the circumstances, he could.
      Would it be better for him not to read all the stuff that are written about him? It would.

      What happened was probably just a faux pas, and not an intended mean action to destroy that person. Until the same pattern is repeated again I would not jump to any conclusions.

      It would be good for his public image to apologize to this person, though.
      We all have flaws, immaturity and polarizing personality seems to be his. Could he be forgiven for that. In my book, yes, why not?

      • Lowtide,

        I certain things of life there are things that cannot be deffended and this is one of them. I understand that you consider him an almost genious and i respect your opinion but i do not have to share it, for me he is just an actor, he is just a person.

        Let me explain you clearly, when a person is as popular as him this can be used as a powerful weapon, used it in a positive way. he can do charity which he has done and very good, he can raise funds etc.

        Now when he uses this powerful weapon for a negative thing, you can tweet someone attacked you and add the link and inmediately all your followers will eat alive this person, if he was capable to do this against someone through internet, which apparently this person did not get any physical harm, just deleted the thread but imagine what would happen if he had tweeted the person´s name and address. We would be speaking of someone injured or worst.

        So not even an apology is required for this fact, its absolutely irresponsible and inmature was the softest of the words i could find, i absolutely do not support this action no matter what.

        Everyone in this forum is free to agree or not with my opinion and old enough to not be influenced by one person´s opinion and very personal opinion i remark.
        i do understand that being young and human like all of us we are subject to commit mistakes but the difference is that he can use his popularity in a positive or negative way and at this moment of his life is very powerful, also his staff and councelours should check what he is tweeting so no harm could be done.

        If i have decided i am done as his fan is my personal decision but also would be good if he could accept critics as they are, critics as i said in my first post is a sign of respect to someone we admire and not an attack if done it with respect and fundamented, I have decided not to follow him anymore in a personal way but as an actor i can still follow his work. Thanks for letting me write this without any personal attacks it shows your respect to others, kind regards.

  2. Remember that Sukkie was very sensitive this past days for the concerts and the Herald Tribune issue Team H is a profesional artist from the moment they recorded , not one but two cds , the first one won two awards for high sellings and the second was very popular too and before that they played in clubs since they begining in the university so they are not amateurs. Its very painful for a person that worked so hard for the respect of the people accept the critics but this will be good too, because now they will be working more hard to demostrate they are excellent DJs, i think they are because i dont liked this kind of music and thanks to them i like now, so Team H, FIGHTING.

  3. As I see it, he is just using all the possible options he has to prove his worth as a singer and a performer and he is really serious about it. UMF is a worldwide event showcasing renowned artists and performers and it is an honor to be invited. Becoming World Prince is not impossible if he can pull this through,

  4. As he said at CRI SHOW2 press conference in Korea, he was not well-known as a singer in Korea. It’s his intention. So a lot of Korean don’t know Team H is well-praised in other countries as DJ team. Not only JKS but Big Brother is performing as a solo artist. But I understand such worries occur naturally. As Tree-J staff and BB tweeted, the only Team H can do is show their best performance to the audience, not as JKS, but as Team H. I really wish all the audience will enjoy their performance at UMF and become their big fan!

    • Kaori chan, I have the same thoughts as you as TeamH is only performed during Cri show or TeamH events at Hanyang University.. so general public has not seen their performance yet but I believe they will be impressed with their electrifying performance like we do once they have seen that on the stage of UMF.
      I always recall last year when Sukkie & BB performed on China’s Global China Music Awards in Chengdu.. when I saw that on cable TV live, their performance was really electrifying and the stage presence is so good that even the China organiser commented that.
      Sharing here their performance in GCMA last year.. Sukkie again brought in the rain when he performed in the open air stage ^_^

  5. Hi, I have been a reading this blog for a while now. I want to first say thank you to all that have contributed to this page. For an international fan, this blog is a must read everyday! Thank you!!
    After reading the comments in this thread, I felt that I had to post my thoughts. Suk is probably not the most mature person, but he definitely is not immature by far. Criticism, either constructive or not, comes with the territory when you are a public figure. Suk is well aware of this given his history in the entertainment industry. But I believe Suk was trying to convey his frustrations in situations where criticisms are handed out BEFORE the actual event or act itself. I don’t know what was said exactly on the original post, but it sounds like Team H was “pre-judged” to be amateurs. Give it a chance and support your own countrymen is the message Suk was trying to say.

    Some may think adding the link was inappropriate or created ‘attacks’ to the blogger, but by blogging on the web, you are making yourself open to criticism whether you are a celebrity or not. If it is out on the web, be prepare to accept the consequences. Good or Bad. I did not find anything wrong with Suk’s reply or actions. He is a very passionate patriotic person, but we all know that.. 🙂

    I feel like I need to put in this disclaimer: My comments above are not meant to be retaliatory or critical in any way, shape, or form!!!

  6. I’m so loving to read this thread, so much thoughts and good words. This blog is open to any kind opinion as long as it comes from heart. Even if Sukkie really read these (I’m dreaming) I would imagine that he won’t only to hear people to sing the praise songs to him everyday. Sincere words give good suggestions.

    Thanks everyone for your contribution.


  7. I apologize for a very long post.I just wanted to share some info, to those who are interested. As well as add on the subject of UMF (Ultra Music Festival) selection and the concern of this blogger.
    It is pretty clear that this blogger may know something about electronic music, but he may not know much about festivals like UMF, especially the selection process.
    The selection of participants for this type of event is not a joke and is NOT done randomly. It is usually a several rounds decision by a committee of very knowledgeable people from the industry. Even to get on a list is a big deal. They sell very expensive tickets for those UMF events ($500 US), so they have to invite the DJ’s or groups who are able to attract the crowds.

    Another words, the blogger was questioning the decision of professionals from the industry. Lets put aside the fact that he did not even listen to TeamH music. To issue a random unsubstantiated remark like that does not show much (to put it mildly) respect for the readers and not much confidence in the decision of professionals for the festival that is run every year for over a decade. Of course he is entitled to his\her opinion, but other people are just as free to evaluate his opinion.

    It is unfortunate that LoungeH music is not well known in Korea, but regardless of that the professionals are able to tell the amateurs apart from someone who can gather a crowd and bring in a revenue. Therefore it would have been wise of the blogger to assume that he might not know something, or might not have heard some music that attracted attention of the selection committee.

    A LITTLE ABOUT UMF (for those who may not want to google :))
    The festival runs for 3 days, each day there are about 25-30 performers. There are usually a couple of international star performers of the highest rank every day, in addition to invited guests and well established performers who comprise the largest bulk of the performers.
    In 2013 year they are going to have around 80-100 performers (the list is not out yet).
    Just want to mention a few I listen to:
    Avicii (one of my most favorites. If you never heard his stuff and want to get an idea, listen to Levels, easily found on youtube),
    Tiesto (mentioning him, because I can not help but smile at that name, it almost sound like “dough” in Russian)
    Knife party (Australian remixers, very fresh and unusual for remixes. Want to hear something unusual, listen to Centipede)

    From what I understand Swedish House Mafia may not participate in 2013, although the list of participants for 2013 is not announced and tickets are not on sale yet (they will become available sometime in the fall).

    I can not really blame the blogger for not knowing much about DJ music of Lounge H, or Team H music is not widely promoted. Maybe TeamH or JKS can make a separate place for TeamH DJ music, where people can listen to it. Because most of the confusion is associated with other JKS’s singing projects, OSTs or concerts. I searched on youtube for TeamH, nothing of substance comes up.
    There is a lot of confusion with names too, there is LoungeH, there is TeamH. The difference between those is clear to the ones who really follow JKS and his work, but what about just average mildly interested people. For them the effort needs to be made to differentiate DJ music he does from the rest of the singing he does. It is in the group’s best interest to make this info clear and easy for the average viewers.
    It might help:
    – name it clearly (finally decide on the name!!)
    – “wrap it nicely” (even a sound file with a photo image and team logo would do)
    – put it out for an easy access for people to listen (maybe separate youtube channel with previews, even if things are duplicated from JKS channel)
    – make an effort to differentiate verbally between different singing activities
    Another words, JKS – is a brand, lots of info.
    DJ music of TeamH is NOT A RECOGNIZABLE BRAND with an EASY ACCESS TO INFORMATION. That could be easily changed with not a lot of time and effort.

    • I think it’s quite confirm that they are called Team H, lounge H is just the name of the music event they organized. Surely they might have done a better job to promote Team H, who doesn’t want to. Well I think team H started out as a pet project, it was even objected by mommy Jang initially ( part of Tree J owner). Well suk insisted on it and it turn out pretty well despite all the other things that are going around. Being selected by UMF is something I believed made him pretty nervous yet proud at the same time. He wanted to proof this team so much and at the same time desperate for support, especially from his Korean fellow. But to his dismay, he got critique instead, even before performing. Despite his many years of facing such treatment, he still fail to keep his cool this time proves how much of a blow to him it is. He seems to despise the act of his own people not having faith in Korea music. Though his words might seems harsh but don’t think that it’s a big a deal nor does it shows how wrong he is, just probably not the most gentleman words.

      • Thank you Anonymous for the details about Team H, I understand a bit better why their work was not widely promoted. I do understand and empathize with his emotions and feelings. It is this was hardly worth his effort, time and nervous energy.

    • Lowtide,
      Thank you so much for sharing the information about the UMF selection process and for clarifying something we might not know.

      I don’t know much about electro-music. My only experience listening to this type of music is thru JKS and BB. Therefore, I’m not qualified to give opinion if Team H is good or bad…. I’m not a fan of fast beats and loud sound type of music much…..but when I watched the TEAM H Show on Nico Nico Live, I LOVE IT. The show was electrifying. Even though, I might not like the music much….but I love watching BB and JKS’ performance on stage. Well, I’m a super fan, I’m entitled to be super biased too…kekeke

      Honestly, as a fan, I’m happy that JKS Team H got invited to join the UMFWorld Stage, it’s an honor…really. At the same time, I’m also worrying for them too becoz this will be their first performance at the world stage level, and not many people know Team H music to top it off…..and the What if…..is driving me nuts. I want them to perform at their BEST and pray for thier successful performance. Of course, I wish the attendees would like Team H performance too, but if they don’t like it; it’s still be OK, at least Team H had been given a chance and opportunity to perform at this level. Everyone has the right to choose his or her own favorites. Everyone is also entitled to give his/her “LIKE or Dislike” opinion on things if it’s done in a respectful way and manner.

      • KaileyCA,
        Do not worry! If they are chosen and decide to perform there, they are bound to get a crowd. It might be a huge crowd, it might be a good size crowd. I have been to events like that (not to UMF, though). Usually every stage attracts a crowd,some people leave, some people stay, it is a normal thing for any performer at such a venue. There is not a single group or a singer who is able to please absolutely all the viewers, but all of them get good share of attention.
        The crowds are usually ready to listen, so unless the performer falls asleep on stage, the performance will be well received by a good number of people. Besides, JKS will be able to attract his own following there. There is not much to worry about, really.
        If Team H stays there for the entire time (3 days) they will have a blast at the festival not just as performers, but as regular audience members.
        Will there be critical comments? Well… If international level stars like Skrillex and others are constantly criticized for this and that, then every performer is bound to get some criticism for something. It is normal, it is expected, nothing to loose sleep over. Criticism is a sign of attention, attention is good.

      • Lowtide,
        Thank you so much for your reassurance and comforting words. Yeah…agree!! I don’t mind some criticism and also expect to read those criticism. Hope they will critic in an objective and professional manner. If it’s good critic, BRAVO to Team H. If it’s bad critic is still OK, it only means JKS and Team H must work harder to improve their crafts.

  8. i like ur comment Kookielover..at first..when i read kikoin comment, i can accept her comment because i really think that im not a bias..i try to be realistic.i loves suk but i still cant say that he’s perfect.no human is perfect..no matter what suk does..i always judge him whether its rite or wrong..n i believed many people wil do that including suk.

    anyway..this is my first comment..sorry for my bad english.

    Peace v


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