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My heart’s too full for words… The line between genius and idiot is very fine… You have my full support, my dearest genius and idiot…
이래서 천재와 바보는 종이 한장 차이라고… 천재이자, 바보인 기막힌 당신을 응원합니다…

Actor Jang Keun Suk always impresses us, people being with him and brings joy, energy and questions. Thank you. – The statement posted on MySpace in 2007. His heart never changes then and now. He always loves his eels…
장근석이라는 배우와 늘 함께 하는 사람들 여러분은늘 나에게 감동과 기쁨과 에너지 그리고 풀어야 할 숙제를 주네요 고맙습니다 – 2007년 미니홈피 시절의 글 그때나 지금이나 한결같은 마음 장어사랑 쭉…

His pain was too severe to say that he’s become what he is now because he had experienced such pain… He exclaims proudly to those who condemned him unconditionally, “That’s made in Korea…” Laugh..! Korean Actor Jang Keun Suk..!!!
그런 아픔이 있었기에, 지금의 장근석이 있다라고 말하기에는 너무 큰 아픔이였다… 그를 무조건 내몰았던 그들에게, 그는 당당히 외친다. 메인드 인 코리아라고… 웃어라..! 대한민국 배우 장근석..!!!

Those who don’t know Jean-Luc Godard might wonder why he brought up “New York” in Paris. Those who haven’t watched “A bout de souffle” might wonder why he said a strange word “New York Herald Tribune”. He was just attacked for no good reason, like a witch-hunt. It reminds us again. Leave now if you want to! Come with us if you want to!

Here we go! Photos at that time – 1, 2, 3
한번 가볼까! 그 시절 사진 – 1, 2, 3

Photos at that time – 4 ㅡ Here’s U.S.A.
Guen-chan arrived U.S. via Spain and Germany! I was in Paris! It was a lot of fun to broadcast together…
그 시절 사진 – 4 ㅡ 여기는 미쿡! 스페인, 독일을 지나 근짱은 미국으로! 나는 파리로! 같이 방송하며 진짜 웃겼…

Photos at that time – 5 ㅡ Germany
그 시절 사진 – 5 ㅡ 독일

Photos at that time – 6 ㅡ Spain
Shuttle bus for tourists. You can ride on it over and over. Guen-chan rode on it, and I rode on it with Guen-chan’s ticket…
그 시절 사진 – 6 ㅡ 스페인 ㅡ 관광순환버스, 몇 번이고 탈 수 있다. 근짱이 타고 난 티켓을 받아서 나도 기어이 타고 말았다는…

Photos at that time – 7
그 시절 사진 – 7

Photos at that time – 8 ㅡ Paris
그 시절 사진 – 8 ㅡ 파리

Photos at that time – 9 ㅡ My first impression is… a funny boy! And then, I was surprised to find how well-versed he was about photos, books, music and art and wondered “What is this boy!?”… then, I’ve had a feeling to protect his talent…
그 시절 사진 – 9 ㅡ 첫 인상은… 유쾌한 아이! 그리고는… 사진, 책, 음악 미술에도 조예가 깊어서 ‘뭐야, 얘는!’ 하며 놀랐었던 기억이… ㅡ 지켜줘야겠다,라는 생각

The broadcast of “Sanma-no-manma” was just over in the Kanto area! Searching チャングンソク (Jang Keun Suk), I found a lot of good reputation! そだㅡね(So-da-ne) (>_<) 방금 관동지방 산마노만마 방송이 끝났다! チャングンソク 검색해보니 기쁜 말들이 가득하다 そだㅡね (>_<) twitter_618

7 thoughts on “[14.07.2012] Tree-J staff twitter”

  1. I am glad he is working with staff who truly wants to protect his dreams and who truly cares for him. It says a lot about JKS great character if all the people around him stay by his sides for so many years. He wasn’t rich or famous when he set up his own company, but people who trust him and love him choose to go with him.

    Really thank you to all the staff and managers, especially those who have been with him during his ups and downs.

  2. Yeahhh,,I’m proud w his staff too,,,
    I believe cos jang geun suk realy nice person,,,,
    We love JANG GEUN SUK,,,a multi- talented actor w great personalities!!!!!!!!

  3. He is lucky to have staff that love him so much and his staff are blessed to have a boss that are caring and so precious.

  4. Thanks Kaori for these translations… I dont know who’s luckier…. The staff who having such a great n one-in-a-million boss or Sukkie for having such loyal & wonderful staff…

    • Farina, I love your analysis too ^_^ somehow our master is an eel too and like what many had said before, people who work with him becomes his eels too..
      Kaori chan.. thanks for sharing these heart warming series of tweets between Sukkie & staff… I really love their relationship!!!

  5. Awwww…..so happy that JKS staffs love him and understand him. Working for JKS is not easy job for sure because he demands PERFECTION out of everyone who works for him, including himself, and also receiving feeling of proud and rewarding when he shows them love and appreciation in returns. Based on his past tweets between him and his staffs, Sukkie seems to treat all his staffs like friends and family.

    Thank you JKS managers and staffs for believing in him, work with him and supporting him thru ups and downs. BiG thanks to Mama and Papa Jang for raising him up to be kind, strong minded and independent man.


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