[11.07.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS & friend twitter

A truly manly man (a man in a million) is heading down to Paris!!!
파리 상남자 출격!!!

While shopping for clothes at a department store, girls fans recognized me!!! I took a photo with them. Girls, don’t cry T_T
백화점에서 옷을 사던중 나를 알아본 소녀팬들과!!! 울지마 아이들아 ㅠㅠㅠ

Voila!! Real fans appear!! I love you girls!!!
레알 소녀팬들의 등장 뚜둥!!! Je vous aime les filles!!!

Here again!! I was recognized!!! She shouted shyly “Thank you” in Korean language and trotted off.. Is this an effect of cultural contents..? Power of Made in Korea
여기서 또 나를!!알아보고!!! 한국말로 고맙습니다 라고 수줍게 외치고 총총걸음으로 사라졌다..이게 바로 문화콘텐츠의 효과인가.. Power of Made in Korea

Hello. I name myself the Eiffel Tower~~ Now I’ve almost made a breakthrough of the final barrier. The only thing I have to complete is to head down to the Champs-Elysees with a newspaper in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other… Ttudung!!
안녕 난 에펠탑이라고 해~~ 이제 마지막관문은 한손에는 신문지와 다른 한손에는 와인병을 든채 샹제리제 거리로 나서는 일만 남았다… 뚜둥!!

Cloudy Paris is more like Paris~~ Although it’s abnormal temperature, it’s good for shooting~~
흐린 빠리가 더 빠리같으이~~ 이상기온이라지만 사진엔 더없이 좋은~~

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  1. i hope you enjoy your trip vacation, even you look good in your picture but i see in your eyes that your so sad why?

  2. Can’t wait for the photo of Sukkie at Champs-Elysees, holding a copy of ‘NY Herald Tribune’ and wine. His tweet on ‘breaking thru the final barrier’ shows how much he was emotionally affected by the incident back then.
    This trip will prove to those who criticised him that he is definitely not a ’empty gesture’ but someone with talent and substance !!!

  3. Thank you very much. Now I’m downloading Knee Drop Guru. I remembered that at a moment I found that show but required some time for downloading ( which I havent at that time), and then forgotten. Actually I discovered JKS early this year, so I am more to learn about him, even if I watched almost all of his movies, dramas, entertainments moments. Thanks again, have a good day all of you … Sukkie lovers…


    It’s off the topic, will all the eels of JKS vote for him daily in the 2012 Seoul International Drama Award? Currently he is in the third place trailing far behind of Park Yoo Chun by a huge margin. The Seoul International Drama Award was a very prestigious award and last year Park Yoo Chun’s fans managed to keep a wide margin right from the beginning and they were able to keep the lead till the end, so NO MORE DELAY, please hurry and vote daily for JKS! Thank you!

      • Hi QQeyes007 , thank you for providing the link to show your opinion about the SDA, however, it’s an INTERNATIONAL award and even here in Hong Kong , news of this award is published in local newspaper already. So I really doubt if this event cannot be considered as an important one!

      • Breenda 1a, my personal feeling is that many international stars who didn’t get the awards via voting, they are in fact much more popular (look around the international stars we can many because they are loved by many people around the world)
        If you have took part last year in the SDA voting & Yahoo voting, you will understand why many Chinese eels are not voting for these kind of event anymore… Sukkie got the highest votes but did not get the SDA awards, it is really not a transparent event and a waste of time especially unlimited votes. Many would rather see Sukkie standing on the stage of Baeksang film festival or KBS drama awards end of the year.. and may be in future an Oscar awards which is his dream ^_^ we will support him all the way for this.
        We would like to see him appearing on stage again like below… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZYh4stdEUU&feature=related
        But again, this is any eels can continue to vote for the SDA but it is just my personal preference as I would rather spend time to organise like the rice donation which we did for Sukkie during Love Rain press conference.. it is more meaningful for Sukkie & many eels…for a good cause

  5. I’m so happy to know that he is on Paris!! 🙂
    I’m working near the Eiffel Tower…but infortunatly I couldn’t see him ^^.

    Anyway I’m hopping he enjoy his stay in France, he have more and more fans here.
    I think these twitter pictures are really cool, thanks for the translation girls :)!

  6. Hi, Anjellsmiles you dont wait no more, run to see the photo of Sukkie in Paris with wine and the New York Herald Tribune in The Champs Elysees in his twitter . Good revenge.kkkkk


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