[07.07.2012] Tree-J & jksjapan twitter

The official members, please come and take your gift! This is only given at CRI SHOW in Seoul^^ It includes Jang Keun Suk’s private life video CD! The content must not be published^^
정회원 선물 받으러 오세요! 이 선물은 서울 크리쇼에서만 드린답니다^^ 장근석의 프라이빗한 일상이 담겨있는 영상CD! 이 안에 내용은 공개불가 입니다^^

Wonderful lunch boxes were given by CRI-J! Actor Jang said that it was very delicious^^ Thank you!
크리제이에서 멋진 도시락을 보내주셨어요! 장배우가 맛있다고 전해달라고 하네요^^ 감사합니다!

Jason, a representative of HS media, was here. Please enjoy today’s CRI SHOW^^
HS미디어 제이슨 대표님이 오셨습니다. 오늘 크리쇼를 즐겨주세요^^

CRI-J is planning to an interesting and meaningful donation “926” event^^ We really appreciate eels participating such a good activity!
크리제이에서 926이벤트라는 재미있고 뜻깊은 기부 이벤트를 하네요^^ 좋은 일에 참여해주시는 장어분들께 정말 감사드립니다!
tenshi_akuma’s note: I guess “926” means his birthday (Sep. 26th) by the solar calendar.

Prince at press conference

<2012 Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour CRI SHOW 2 in Seoul> The show was over safely. We really appreciate eels enjoying 2 hours and a half together. Actor Jang Keun Suk to World Prince, Zikzin!!!
<2012 장근석 아시아투어 더 크리쇼2 인 서울> 공연 무사히 잘 끝났습니다. 2시간 30분동안 함께 뛰며 즐긴 장어분들께 감사드립니다. 배우 장근석이 월드프린스로 직진!!!

6 thoughts on “[07.07.2012] Tree-J & jksjapan twitter”

    • Yes, but he did cheer himself up and transformed into Prince. Poor Sukkie…, but he’s truly respectable. can’t help but hug him. tightly..

    • Kaenop, zikzin is a term which has been used by Sukkie very often recently.. it means “Go Go”.. a word of encouragement like “keep moving on & fighting on”

  1. Q: How can I get my membership here at USA ,what i have to do.

    I like to have one of those cd private life.

    A month ago I dont even know who JKS was; I was watching tv and change the channel to korean drama and I saw him on the snow on the LOVE RAIN DRAMA and love it .
    since then I don’ t stop watching the videos on you tube .

    Q why itunes USA has the songs but not for sale : can you tell me ???

    I had to import his music from Japan very expensive but it’s fine.

    now I’m Love him my prince Jang keun Suk.

    • hi luna-girl,

      Welcome to the eel pond~!
      (JKS fans’ are known as eels)

      For his official fanclub registration, you need to wait until December for his company Tree-J to issue a notice on the annual registration process.

      I’m not sure about the iTunes part ….


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