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  1. WOW this is fast. Thanks so much Aphrael for the fan account. Agreed with you that only the true fan should attend this show. Anyway glad that you enjoy his show and I wish I can go there to watch his show also (maybe next year). I love your fan account at least I know how it felt to be there even if I’m not there. Thanks for being our ears and eyes through this fan account. We can connect your story with the picture we see. Love so much. A million thank you. (^_^)

  2. Superb account Ivy! Almost felt as if i was there with you 😉

    … as for those ‘irritating’ concert goers ard you… ha ha… u’ll frequently encounter such in SG to – even SSO concerts (and IL DIVO ).. reason: they probably got some complimentary tix from sponsors … and since they are no fans nor able to appreciate the music , they either make unnecessary noise (imagine eating fr a noisy plastic bag in a classical concert?) or leaving in the middle of the performance!

  3. Thank you so much, you’re detailed account is very much appreciated. It makes me mad seeing those empty seats, when there are so many who would want to see JKS and couldn’t get tickets.

  4. aphrael,

    thanks so much for sharing your experiences (including observations) in the Cri Show..it isn’t a spoiler for me, rather, another reason to pursue to watch Cri Show in BKK!!

    thanks so much, and the gift is a precious one!

  5. Youre super fast!! I ♥ that diary!!!

    Ahhh… Wish WE can fill those empty seats…..we would have given him all the support &cheer that he deserves!!

  6. Thanks for sharing. Great account. I feel bad for him to know that people who do not appreciate the show got hold on to the tickets. So many fans could not get the tickets in Seoul. I heard that Heechul and Yoona and some chocoball members went. So happy that Heechul went, he gave up his Wonder Girls concert ( he is a fan of one of the girls ) and chose to show support for his good friend.

    From the setup, it looked really spectacular. He sure put in a lot of money to make sure his fans enjoys the show. I am sure, if he spent less on everything, fans are still going to flock to see him and he will earn more, but that is not his style. Really love him for that.

    This year theme seems so much better. His outfits and hairstyle are all so nice. I like the fact that he sings a lot of his new songs. Makes him more like a singer now.

    I really like the gift. But why no one tells him the mistake. 3rd, not 3th. But still, this gift is beautiful.

  7. Thank you, aphrael, for the first hand account! Looks like Cri Show 2 is bigger and better than Cri Show 1 – with more experience under his belt and a bigger production budget. And a really well thought out theme! Really wish I can be there to support him.

    The non-fans were really ungracious. I agree with you – there will always be antis as long as someone is in the public spotlight but they should behave courteously as an audience.

    The gifts look fab! And I’ve never liked the color purple or even the leopard print so much until Sukkie!

    I’m planning to go to his Taiwan or BKK concert. Hope I can get the tickets! *fingers crossed*

  8. Hi Aphrael,
    Thank you so much for the fan account! I was at the show too and I really enjoyed the show. I can tell you one of the reasons why some of the seats were empty. I know at least three fans who had bought two seats for each of them , so naturally each fan would take the seat that had better view of the stage than the other one.. Well, how did this happen? The fans who had more than one seat per person were super fans of JKS . They probably were the one who had bought the back rows on the third floor first and they were not happy with the location of their first seat, so they tried by any means to find a ticket on the ground floor, and they succeeded in doing so. I heard from my friends that the ground floor tickets with much better views were released by Koreans only a few days ahead of the show and those tickets were sold to foreign fans. My observation was that there were indeed quite a number of foreign fans on the ground floor. I was lucky enough to sit on the Y section ( seats located on the second half of the ground floor) and next to me were a group of 5 to 6 fans from China and I also spotted some Japanese fans dressed in Kimonos seating on the ground floor seats too. As we all know that only the seats on the 2nd and 3rd floor ( in the M zone) were reserved for foreign fans, how come some foreign fans could sit on the ground floor? I think smart fans like you already figure out the answer.

  9. Sis Ivy, thanks so so very much for your honest Fan Account. Reading your fan account give me mix feeling of joy and irritation as you described yourself with the non-fans’ reaction and actions. I am a believer in showing respect to those people who work hard in their crafts and who can perform or do something extraordinary, especially things that I can never do. I AM SO HAPPY knowing with its needed some rooms for improvement; JKS’s first 2012 CRI Show was a successful one. I wish someday I can see JKS in person and experience his live show. * dreaming dreaming *
    Sometime, Reality is a brutal truth; it’s pierced my heart and pained my soul. It’s so impossible to please or appeal to everyone or make everyone like you. I don’t know how other people think or feel when they went to see concerts not as fans of the artiste. Based on my own experiences, I went to several mini shows or concerts of the artiste whom I am not a fan of or even remotely not like that person….(went bcoz of friend invitation). Surprising, I’d always enjoyed the moments, it was HARD for me to show my disrespectful or boredom behavior to the show (or specifically to the Artiste) or show any distained feelings when all other people around me are so EXECITED and having so much FUN. Seeing people having FUN and happiness is a contagious, believe me!!! Afterward, I might complain to my friends ….like.. please don’t invite me to watch this show with you again…….etc….kekekeke

    It’s the same concept or feeling I have while watching Dramas or Movies of other stars, other than my star is playing in them…. I have enjoyed them all. Some of my all time favorite Dramas or movies are not my STAR’s movies or dramas. (Of course the movie or drama I don’t like, I don’t even bother watching it at all).

  10. Thanks for sharing, Ivy. How i wished we were there to fill up the empty seats.

    By reading your experience makes me even more excited about the upcoming BKK Crishow, really hope we can get the tickets.

    Those OFC gifts are really great! I hate myself for missing the deadline for the trf of funds. Gonna make it for the next in-take.


  12. thanks for the sharing and photos it was great ; i wish I was there .

    I hope next year come to America to see the show.

    congrats PRINCE : )

  13. Wow, Ivy you went to Seoul???!!!! How come no organising of “group tour”? Or was there one but I missed it?

    Anyway, it’s great to read your first hand account of the Cri Show 2. It’s really quite amazing to sing, dance and perform virtually non-stop for 2 1/2 hours based on one person alone. Keun Suk truly has talent in music and he did have plans to make it a career just as he had said so many times in the past earlier interviews.

    The days of being able to see him really up close (plain and simple without all the special effects) like we did at the Singapore YST Conservatory are probably long gone. His Cri Show nowadays are more like full scale concerts and are mega sized. I kinda miss the simple, clean cut, handsome Keun Suk.

    • SUL, it was a super last minute decision made one day after all the tickets were announced sold out, but another eel was very kind to get one ticket for me, so I went. We cannot buy tickets so readily (anyway all sold out), so I don’t have the resources to organise any “group tour”. And I thought with your family commitments, it’ll be hard for you to get away at such short notice, so I didn’t ask you, sorry!

      His concert was a success and very entertaining too, even if I didn’t understand a single word. And yes, as JKS’ success and popularity grow, it’ll be hard to return to the days of a simple fan-meeting, though JKS always has something up his sleeve, maybe just like the spontaneous beach concerts he gave in Busan last year, he’ll continue to surprise us ^^

  14. thanks so much for the FM! i miss your updates here! im imagining that video you have described him looking as a vampire.. i definitely can picture him as one!

  15. thank you friend…i am happy that sukkie’s show is a big success….and the pictures is great…wish i was there too…to join you in your happiness seeing sukkie perform live….again thank you for sharing this with us…mwaaH!

  16. Wow~~~ I want those official goods~~ I want to watch CriShow if ever they will not sell tickets that much cost~~ Well.. I need to start saving money now~ keke~ Thanks for the fast update~~ 😀 Love it much 🙂

    Jang Keun Suk is our WorldPrince ^^

  17. Oh, i wait two days with patient for this fan account, thank you Ivy , the concert was spectacular based on your words and the photos. There are not security guards for takes this irrespecful people out?

  18. Thnx IVy. I always enjoy your writing whether it be FA or comments. And thanks to Breenda for the explanation why some seats may be empty. Another reason may be foreign fans who bouoght tickets but couldn’t go. As to those rude ppl, they deserve a wack in their heads. Regardless of whether I like a performance or not, I never show disrespect for the performers, no perfomer deserves that. If I was there, I’d turn around and give those rude people a stern look!

  19. Thank you so much for sharing your story aphrael.
    I’m so glad that he sings in very fit stamina. I hope the concert when smoothly in every countries. I really look forward the cri show 2 dvd, It must be worth buying dvd.
    I wish I could be there and see his performance by my self..
    And The gifts looks amazing.. I really want that leopard print diary!!!

  20. what?? 20 billion won? OMG! that’s a huge money.

    thanks for sharing this to us. really had a great time reading time.

    fascinated over the photos. i love it!!!!

  21. Thanks Aphrael for the FA. I think his live singing is really improved a lot as what I heard from other fans who attended show. Glad it went well and you enjoyed. I hope all other his shows for the Cri Show Tour later this year would be also a big success. I have the confidence for that.

    Sukkie is on his way to be the World Prince. Zikzin!!!

  22. it seems I have to wait a long time in order to get the original dvd .. * sigh really can not wait to watch the show ..
    thank you for sharing your stories with us sis, this makes us more proud and really appreciate uri prince, also makes us love him more and more.

  23. Thanks Ivy for sharing your experience with us. For those of us who are not able to go, this is so precious 🙂

  24. Thanks for sharing Ivy, you don’t know how much I really appreciate it considering the fact that I cannot afford to go to any of his shows this year. It was like almost being there, but depressing since I just became his fan and am now saving up and making sure I see him next time and tell him that I came from another part of the world that he has not visited yet.

  25. Hey Aphreal,

    Thank you sooo much for capturing the entire moment of what happened at the concert………i could imagine what a lovely time all the fans had.

    I felt really bad to read about those Hooligans whom i had to deal with during the entire time…..

    I am truly surprise given Korean’s are supposed to be quite erm respectful kinda culture behaving sooo terribly……… i suppose our prince is hurt from those behaviours from which he probably noticed while he was either on or off stage i presume…..

    Wish those who really yearn to go could have filled up those seats instead of leaving them empty……. sigh……….

    Lets hope the Japanese, Chinese and the South East Asian Fans will all cheer him up in the coming ones….. 🙂

    Thank you once again for your diary…… love it !!!!!!

  26. I was at this concert too. 070712. I remember I was in Jeju and Seoul for my holiday and stumpled upon his Cri Show on the day i was flying to Seoul. I was frantic and asked, surfed the web on how I can get tickets for the show that night. Thank God I did get tickets in the end. It was a show so sincere and it touched my heart dearly. I was a new eel. I knew nothing about his solo albums or Team H when I attended this concert. But I was enjoying every single moment of it. I did not understand Korean and there was no subtitles on the screen. But just listening to his voice was a nice feeling, a feeling of sincerity, coming from a young man who worked hard with his team for this. Now i own all his albums and they are frequently played in my car as I drive. And sometimes i speed because of your music. JKS… are you going to pay for my ticket if i get one??? (just kidding)

    My only complain is … WHY CAN’T I SHOOT AT THE CRI SHOW? I wanna take nice pictures of your concert. I wanna post them so more people know about your CRI SHOW. I feel I do not have anything to remember by after the concert. When i searched the web, all i find are blur, underexposed of you. I wanna capture the best expressions you had – smiles, tears, sweat.
    Can we at least apply for permission to shoot professionally at your concert? I really hope this can be done some day.


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