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Uh.. As I’ve had a meeting since morning, I’m getting a fever and dying..
아..아침부터 회의하고나니 열분이 터져 죽겠다..

Today my car finally arrives!! Breakfast looks normal……………….which was actually prepared by my aunt -_- My mother is cutting rolled eggs as if she were owner.. What?.. What..?
오늘 드디어 차 나오는 날!! 아침밥상 이상 무……………….라고하기엔 뭔가 저건 이모가 차린 밥상인데-_- 엄마가 계란말이 자르면서 생색낸다..뭐지…뭐지..

My mother does this at Lotte Duty Free shop.. and I go to work out.. My father is at office.. Well.. the key question is who is going to intercept the car first!! First of all, MJ and Young Deuk already stand by with my belongings.. Who is the final winner!!?? Dongdong!!
엄마는 롯데면세점에서 이러고 있고..난 운동하러가는 길..아빠는 회사고..자..이제 셋중에 누가가장먼저 차를 인터셉트하느냐가 관건!! 일단 mj랑 영득이가 내 짐 들고 스텐바이중이고..과연 최후의 승자는!!뚜둥!

I want to kill my baby-like-chubby belly…
죽여버리고 싶다 아가배…

Wow!! Happy hours for Chinese lesson!!!
와오!!! 씐나는중국어 시간!!!

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  1. Yummyyy !! 😛 i love how his mother is always supporting him (: …. GOSSHHH how sexy during exercise ! .. Always busy <3
    by the way is that his handprint sculpture O_O WOOW !!!! <3

  2. Oh … That’ good he’ taking up Chinese lesson now hope that he’ll catch up fast . All the best Sukkie n good luck to you.

  3. Translation of his Chinese lesson….
    A: Do you think I am handsome?
    B: Of course oppa is handsome.
    A: Do you want to drink coffee with me?
    B: Ok, ok.
    A: Why do you like me?
    B: Because you look handsome and kind.

    His lovable narcissistic personality is evident even in his Chinese lessons!

    • Hahaha… OMG… I can’t stop laughing… Our prince is so hillarious, his narcisistic makes me love him more… Thank you sis, for sharing the translation and makes me laugh… ^____^

    • LOL..the chinese script is very narcissistic and cheesy….. i bet kang mugyul wont like that script…. hahaha… prince, u always make me smile…..

  4. LOL! Sukkie is expecting a bad breakfast but it turned out fine & norma.. home sweet home for Sukkie… after the past 2 days hilarious family drama over the new car! ^_^ Hope to see him with his new car soon… gosh! I told my dad today about his new car & he also surprised and smile at his unique choice!
    Wow.. is that Sukkie’s Chinese handwriting? If it is.. really nice handwriting!

  5. Look, “because” was written in English..^_^ .

    .That’s right Prince,work hard learning Chinese,because your Eels are doing the same thing..

  6. I like and adore you JKS because you are always a great wonderful person *___^
    Always full of surprises..really a handsome kind young man ^____^
    Of course your mum and aunt love you more than anyone of uS 😉

  7. Are personalized license plate for automobile available in Korea?
    Perhaps Sukkie can get one that says ” 프린스”(prince) for his new car.

  8. Although the last sentence in Chinese is wrong…he is forgiven.. he is Jang Keun Suk after all !!!!! Jiayou Zhang Gen Shuo aka jang keun suk !!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh, is july 7 in korea, the day of the jks concert, almost all the sites for sukkie in the internet are in silent , shut down mode, but I am in hyper wating crazy mode,what should I do? The concert is in the the night, well I am going to the beach , maybe there I calm down, sukkie is very busy,hes not follow me there, I hope,later I write what happend.


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