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To respond to your request for showing Guen-chan’s manicure on MUSIC JAPAN, I’ll share the photo taken by Cherry who’s in charge of shooting. Guen-chan is reading the scenario of MJ!
Music Japan에서 근짱의 네일아트를 보여주세요- 라는 리퀘스트에- 촬영담당 채리짱이 찍은 사진을 받아서 올립니다- MJ대본을 보는 근짱!

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  1. I have been his fans for about two years, and today I am asking, “Is he gay?” LOL! He never show an attitude of a gay. But he’s just too fashionable for being guy!

    • pyori_j, actually Sukkie is a well known “fashion terrorist” as Kaori chan has mentioned as many fashion designers love him as he is dared to wear those clothing that are only worn on by fashion models & not many male artistes dare to wear.. actually many eels love his fashionable style for different occasion & of course, he looks even great even in the usual suit.. my mum in his 70s said Sukkie looks nice & handsome in outfit (she is an eel fan too as both of us have seen him in person!)
      To answer your question which many have asked.. Sukkie is not gay at all, in fact, if you have seen the variety show & interview & JKS documentary.. you will notice he is the most manly & wonderful personality for his age… that is why he is so loved by many women from all ages (my mum & me are good examples… including Kaori chan & her mum ^_^)

      • QQeyes007, I agree with you! I love his dress sense. Granted, sometimes what he wears may not be as suitable but you have to give him points for daring to take the risks and experiment with different styles. And I think no matter what he wears, he still exudes that boyish charm. <3

      • I love his daring nature when it comes to clothes, or anything for that matter. I must admit though that there are times when they are just too feminine, but I greatly admire him for always being able to pull it off. He looks great in anything! But I love him most in very casual clothes and moments ‘coz it shows his personality. Come to think of it, he actually dresses quite simply when not in the limelight.

  2. Hi, i saw a video from Arirang World title :Top seven stars viewers want as their stylist. Sukkie make the list, check it out. Its from Kore,thats counts so much.


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