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Today is the last day of applying for the group purchase of the recipe book. Those who want to see his cooking, go to JKS official fan cafe, CRI-J!
요리책 공구 오늘까지에요. 근짱의 요리하는 모습을 보고픈 분들은 장근석 공식팬카페 크리제이로!

Oh! As I was going to upload his cute photo, it was just uploaded!
Guen-chan seems to enjoy cooking! In fact, he did cook everything! He’s really a good cook!!
It’s the last day for group purchase. Let’s get together ^^
엇! 사진 이쁜거 올릴라했는데, 올라가버린 ㅡㅠ 요리를 즐겁게 하는 근짱! 진짜, 근짱이 다 만들었다는거 레알 트루! 정말 요리까지 잘하기 있냐!! 마지막날 요리책 공구 잘들 챙기세요^^

Let’s have a cup of coffee.
다들 즐점후, 커피 한잔도.

그나저나, 요리책 오늘까지임요. 한국말이 아니지만~ 생각보다 잘 나왔음요~ 항상 생각보다 잘 나오는거 레알!! 오늘 지나고는 더 신청안받아요~ 인생도/ 공구도 타이밍!

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  1. my name is marilou mabale im from the philippines im number 1 fans of jang jeun suk i also watching all drama series, movie of jeun suk.
    please take care of your health and i wiss you to you that you have coming a lot of drama, movies and new song.


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